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Tetra Pak ® A1 0800 Tetra Fino Aseptic

Tetra Pak A1 0800 Tetra Fino Aseptic - Microsofttpcomprod.blob.core.windows.net/.../documents/tetra... · Tetra Pak A1 for Tetra Fino Aseptic is a filling machine for producing this

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Tetra Pak® A1 0800Tetra Fino Aseptic


We commiT To mAking Food sAFe And AvAilAble, everyWhereTetra Pak A1 for Tetra Fino Aseptic is a filling machine for producing this

simple and highly cost-competitive package. The Tetra Pak A1 puts our

aseptic filling technology at your disposal, enabling you to produce the

Tetra Fino Aseptic package safely, with easy availability, everywhere.


World leAder in AsePTic TechnologyA pioneer in aseptic food since 1961, Tetra Pak has unrivalled experience and expertise in aseptic technology. Our aseptic systems deliver superior production of content quality and our researchers are continuously making new breakthroughs in the field.

Food sAFeTyTetra Pak develops technologies, processes and packages that keep the filled contents safe and hygienic without the need for refrigeration or pre-servatives. Moreover, the Tetra Fino Aseptic packages are designed for am-bient distribution protecting the filled content.

AvAilAble everyWhereThe Tetra Fino Aseptic packaging system enables producers to reach geo-graphically remote markets and consumers. The economical nature of the Tetra Pak A1 for TFA and the packaged products’ long shelf life under am-bient storage conditions both contribute to making it widely available.


simPliciTy And convenience meeT economic And environmenTAl PerFormAnce

loW invesTmenT cosT Per cAPAciTy

loW running cosTs

invesTmenT secured Through volume conversion

WAsTe reduced To A minimum

loW invesTmenT cosT Per cAPAciTy – quick PAybAck Time

Running a Tetra Pak A1 for TFA line means bottom-line benefits for producers. The overall investment cost of this line relative to capacity and quality is highly competitive. The low operating requirements provide an added advantage, as do the machine’s production capabilities, which can reach 10,500 (TFA 200 ml) packages/hour (depending on the size of package being produced).

loW running cosTs – simPle And reliAble

Running costs of the Tetra Pak A1 for TFA are kept low thanks to the fact that only one operator with basic training is needed to run the machine. The operator panel is convenient and reflects advanced ergonomic design. Start-up, operation and maintenance of themachine are all straight-forward and trouble-free. Quick access to vital machine parts makes routine maintenance simple. Easy maintenance means mini-mal downtime, which in turn leads to lower costs, more dependable deliveries to customers, better customer relations and more stable revenues.


invesTmenT secured Through volume conversion

With package sizes of 100 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml, and adapted design giving broader scope in the choice of printed designs, the Tetra Fino Aseptic is a powerful tool for the marketer. It’s important to be able to respond to changing circumstances and pay-back investments by fully utilising machine capacity.Standard Tetra Pak parts and rational engineering facilitate rapid volume conversions among the four sizes as production requirements change. Conver-sion can be carried out by two technicians in approxi-mately eight hours, thus making your investment inthe Tetra Pak A1 for TFA secure.

WAsTe reduced To A minimum

Tetra Pak was founded on a very simple idea: a pack-age should save more than it costs. This way of think-ing has seen the company through many advances in both products and processes. The Tetra Pak A1 for TFA is designed to minimize material and energy use – a top priority in this age of rising energy costs – and we are continually striving to improve environmental performance.


mAximising sysTem PerFormAnce:mAinTAin mArgins

Most of today’s food and beverage manufacturers operate in an environment of heavily rising competi-tion, which makes defending margins a continuouschallenge and consequently, a top strategic priority. Tetra Pak provides the means for producers to main-tain margins through continuous efforts to reduce per-unit operating cost. The goal is to achieve the lowest possible running costs without compromising on safety or quality. We call this Maximising System Performance.

undersTAnding The enTire PAckAging liFe cycleTo keep any packaging system’s performance at its peak, some critical factors must be considered, in-cluding operating costs, retailer demands, product volumes and diversity, and both upstream and down-stream logistics. Naturally, these factors vary acrossgeographic regions and business segments. Maxim-ising System Performance means understanding the above factors in relation to the entire production sys-tem – people, machines, materials, and maintenance – and the entire life cycle of a packaging line. This understanding then guides decisions that ensure the lowest possible unit cost from the production line.

reducing oPerATing cosTs ThroughouT The liFeTime oF your PAckAging line

exisTing PAckAging linesTetra Pak can help to improve performance by pro-viding training, new technical service products and equipment upgrades.

neW insTAllATionsSelling and delivering line performance – not simply equipment – is Tetra Pak’s unique value proposition. This means working closely with customers to estab-lish common expectations during the pre-contract phase and ensuring that these are met as the project is executed.

FuTure develoPmenTsTetra Pak engineers a higher level of robustness, reliability and usability into each new generation of line equipment. Operating cost and capacity usage studies are carried out in customers’ factories and these provide the data that guides our development efforts.

AlWAys AT your serviceTetra Pak offers worldwide highly skilled technical service and have Technical Training Schools that meet all educational requirements. Our back-up or-ganisation is an integral part of the product offering. We provide permanent regional presence, show lo-cal understanding and use an alert, world covering organisation to ensure our customers get all the help they need.



mAximising sysTem PerFormAnce:



1. Filling mAchine Tetra Pak A1 for TFA creates production efficiencies with capacities of 7,300-11,300 packages per hour, depending on the package size. Packaging material is automatically spliced. A dating unit stamps pack-ages with information to ensure product and con-sumer safety.

2. conveyor Conveyors make an important contribution to im-proving line efficiency. The Tetra Fino Aseptic unit conveyor 24 (UC24) has been specially designed and developed to convey your Tetra Fino Aseptic pack-ages quickly, safely and efficiently.

TeTrA PAk A1 For TFA PAckAging line





PAckAge PorTFoliovolume Package opening capacity

100 ml TFA 100 Straw hole, scissor opening 11300 p/h

200 ml TFA 200 Straw hole, scissor opening 10500 p/h

250 ml TFA 250 Straw hole, scissor opening 9200 p/h

500 ml TFA 500 Scissor opening 7300 p/h

TeTrA PAk A1 For TFA PAckAging line

3. mAnuAl PAcking Manual packing instructions are available for the Tetra Pak A1 for Tetra Fino Aseptic. Cardboard box-es or returnable plastic crates are used to protect the quality, appearance, and integrity of packages through the distribution chain, from filling line to point of sales.


Preserving And Adding vAlue All The WAy To The consumer

exTended coverAge WiTh AmbienT disTribuTion

long shelF liFe eliminATes sTock shorTAges And reduces WAsTe

AsePTic cArTon PAckAge guArAnTees sAFeTy And hygiene


disTribuTion mATTersEffective distribution solutions can minimise product losses , increase profits and help producers to build a stronger brand. More important, bundling filled packages together protects them during transit. The Tetra Pak packaging line for TFA offers several secondary packaging options to ensure safe delivery and provide a strong visual presence.

eAsy To sTore And disPlAyWith a 90 day shelf life and no need for refrigeration, Tetra Fino Aseptic packages make it easy for shops and street vendors to manage their stocks. The distinctively shaped packages take up little space and are ideal for crea-tive merchandising displays. The 100 ml, 200 ml and 250 ml sizes have an optional pre-punched hole for straws, making them easy to drink from.

Pure simPliciTyIn hot and humid areas where refrigeration is non-existent, Tetra Fino Aseptic packages make it possible to drink safe milk throughout the day. They appeal to families and schools looking to serve nutritious drinks with no preserva-tives that are hygienic and safe as well as tasty and affordable.



We reserve the right to introduce design modifications without prior notice, Tetra Pak, , PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD and Tetra Fino are trademarks belonging to the Tetra Pak Group.

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