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TEST INDEX 1996 -2011 Fifteen years of machinery tests in profi international

TEST INDEX 1996 -2011 · 2018-04-22 · Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 110 Mk3 77kW/105hp tt 05/02 Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 120 80kW/109hp lt 02/08 Deutz-Fahr Agrofarm 100 66kW/90hp di 12/08 Deutz-Fahr

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Text of TEST INDEX 1996 -2011 · 2018-04-22 · Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 110 Mk3 77kW/105hp tt 05/02 Deutz-Fahr...

  • TEST INDEX 1996 -2011

    Fifteen years of machinery tests inprofi international

  • profi 1996/2011 3 www.profi.com

    Dear Reader!

    There’s never a dull moment in farm machinery testing. We’re now up to around 12,000 published profi international pages, featuring countless tractor tests, practical tests, driving impressions, used machinery reviews, technical and machinery management articles, as well as industrynews from around the world. As with our previous ten-year index, though, this booklet only lists tractor tests (tt), long-term tests (lt), practical tests (pt), driving impressions (di) and used machinery (um) articles, because these are the items most commonly request-ed by readers when contacting us for equipment purchasing advice. Simply look up the machine/model in question, make a note of the issue date, and then rummage through your back copies to pick out

    the appropriate magazine. Of course, not every reader will have a complete 15-year back-catalogue. So, where this is the case, why not take advantage of our online archive service? Head to www.profi.com, click through ‘Machine Tests’ and then on to ‘Archive’ – to access a comprehensive collection of past profi wisdom. There’s a charge for non-subscriber downloads, but for profi sub-scribers it’s absolutely free. While on the website, make sure you take advantage of the other services on offer such as the video library, buyers’ guides and forums. As you’ll no doubt now be aware, this little booklet acts as the pass-port to a continent of farm machinery knowledge. We hope you have a safe journey.

    The profi international team


  • profi 1996/2011 4 www.profi.com


    Tractors up to 50kW/68hp

    Manufacturer Model Output Section Issue

    All makes Power measurement/PowerMix All outputs tt 03/04

    All makes Updated test explained All outputs tt 04/06

    All makes Powermix test updated All outputs tt 05/08

    Case IH 3200/4200 38kW/52hp-66kW/90hp um 10/00Case IH CX-series 39kW/53hp-75kW/102hp um 03/02Kubota M and ME 48kW/66hp-79kW/108hp um 06/11MF 362 46kW/62hp tt 05/97

  • profi 1996/2011 5 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011MF 4200 38kW/52hp-81kW/110hp di 07/97

    MF 4300 40kW/52hp-81kW/110hp di 02/02

    MF 4200 38kW/52hp-81kW/110hp um 12/02

    New Holland L/35 44kW/60hp-70kW/95hp di 09/96

    New Holland L/35 44kW/60hp-70kW/95hp um 09/00

    New Holland TL/TL-A 48kW/65hp-74kW/100hp um 01/11

    Valmet 305-905 39kW/53hp-81kW/110hp um 11/09

    Tractors from 51kW/68hp-65kW/88hp

    Manufacturer Model Output Section Issue

    Case IH C-70 52kW/70hp di 07/96

    Case IH CX80 62kW/84hp tt 11/98

    Case IH JX90U 65kW/88hp tt 04/04

    Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 90 65kW/88hp tt 05/03

    Doppstadt Trac 80 53kW/72hp di 08/01

    Fendt 380 GTA Systems 59kW/80hp um 11/97

    Fendt Farmer 300C 55kW/75hp-74kW/100hp di 03/02

    Fiat 80-90 59kW/80hp um 04/98

    Ford 6610 60kW/82hp um 03/96

    John Deere 2040 53kW/71hp um 10/96

    John Deere 3300 X 55kW/75hp tt 11/96

    John Deere 5500 59kW/80hp tt 06/00

    John Deere 6020 59kW/80hp-118kW/160hp di 10/01

    John Deere 5020 52kW/72hp-65kW/88hp di 05/03

    John Deere 6020 update 59kW/80hp-118kW/160hp di 02/04

    John Deere 6010 59kW/80hp-103kW/140hp um 07/04

    John Deere 5820 65kW/88hp tt 03/05

    John Deere 6020 59kW/80hp-118kW/160hp um 03/06

    Lamborghini R2.86 Stop & Go 61kW/83hp tt 7-8/08

  • profi 1996/2011 6 www.profi.com


    Landini Vision 80 57kW/78hp di 11/04McCormick CX 54kW/73hp-75kW/102hp um 01/06MF 390/390T 59kW/80hp-66kW/90hp um 09/98MF 6100-series 59kW/80hp-96kW/130hp um 12/00MF 6200/8200 63kW/85hp-193kW/260hp di 04/01MF 6200 63kW/85hp-100kW/135hp um 11/04MF 5400-series 53kW/72hp-99kW/135hp um 12/10New Holland L85/6635 63kW/85hp tt 12/97New Holland TN90F 65kW/88hp di 01/98New Holland TN75S 53kW/72hp tt 01/00New Holland TS 59kW/80hp-85kW/115hp um 11/03New Holland TN75 DA 56kW/76hp di 11/04Renault Ares 63kW/85hp-121kW/165hp di 05/97Renault Cergos 340 63kW/85hp tt 07/99SAME Dorado 70 52kW/70hp tt 10/97SAME Explorer 80 59kW/80hp um 05/98Valtra 700 51kW/70hp tt 10/98Zetor 8540 59kW/80hp tt 06/98

    Zetor 7341 Super and 8441 Proxima 62kW/84hp-65kW/88hp um 06/06

    Tractors from 66kW/90hp-80kW/109hp

    Manufacturer Model Output Section IssueBelarus 952 66kW/90hp di 06/03Case IH 955 66kW/90hp um 05/96Case IH CX90 66kW/90hp di 02/98Case IH Maxxum 66kW/90hp-92kW/125hp um 02/98Case IH Maxxum MX100C 76kW/102hp lt 10/00Case IH CS94 69kW/94hp tt 08/01Case IH MXU Maxxum 74kW/100hp-100kW/136hp di 03/04

  • profi 1996/2011 7 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Case IH CS100 72kW/97hp di 06/07Case IH MXU/Maxxum 74kW/100hp-104kW/141hp um 01/08Claas Celtis 456 RX 74kW/100hp tt 12/04Claas Ares 500, 600, 800 66kW/90hp-143kW/194hp um 04/09Claas Axos 340 CX 74kW/99hp di 06/09Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 4.95 70kW/95hp tt 03/96Deutz-Fahr Agroplus 100 73kW/99hp tt 05/98Deutz-Fahr Agroplus 95 68kW/94hp tt 05/99Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 110 Mk3 77kW/105hp tt 05/02Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 120 80kW/109hp lt 02/08Deutz-Fahr Agrofarm 100 66kW/90hp di 12/08Deutz-Fahr Agrofarm TTV 430 75kW/102hp di 03/11Fendt Farmer 410 Vario 74kW/100hp di 05/00Fendt Farmer 309 C 74kW/100hp tt 10/02Fendt 211 Vario 74kW/100hp tt 05/11John Deere 6400 70kW/95hp um 12/96John Deere 6410 SE 77kW/105hp tt 03/99John Deere 6030 74kW/100hp-114kW/155hp um 12/09Kubota M105S 77kW/105hp di 07/05Kubota M9540 71kW/95hp di 06/09Landini Mythos DT100 72kW/97hp di 07/01Landini Mythos DT100 72kW/97hp tt 06/02Landini Powerfarm DT105 73kW/99hp di 06/05Landini Powerfarm 95 67kW/92hp tt 11/08McCormick CX95 XtraShift 66kW/90hp tt 07/04Mercedes-Benz Unimog 70kW/95hp-159kW/214hp um 01/97Mercedes-Benz MB-trac 900 66kW/90hp um 06/98MF 3080 74kW/100hp um 11/96MF 6150 70kW/95hp tt 02/97MF 4255 70kW/95hp tt 02/98

  • profi 1996/2011 8 www.profi.com


    MF 4355 70kW/95hp tt 01/03MF 5445 66kW/90hp di 12/03MF 5445 66kW/90hp tt 05/05MF Dyna-6 66kW/90hp-107kW/145hp di 06/05MF 6400 68kW/92hp-117kW/159hp um 10/09MF 5445 70kW/95hp tt 06/10MF 5440 73kW/99hp di 7-8/11New Holland M/60 74kW/100hp-119kW/160hp di 03/96New Holland 7740 SLE 70kW/95hp tt 08/97New Holland 7635, M100 and TS110 74kW/100hp tt 02/99New Holland 7840 74kW/100hp um 06/99New Holland TM 78kW/105hp-120kW/160hp di 12/99New Holland TS110 74kW/100hp lt 03/03New Holland TS-A 74kW/100hp-100kW/136hp di 10/03New Holland TS-A Fast Steer 74kW/100hp-100kW/136hp di 01/04New Holland TL100A 74kW/100hp di 01/05New Holland TM 78kW/105hp-114kW/155hp um 7-8/08New Holland NH2 78kW/104hp di 06/09Renault Ares 610-696 74kW/100hp-99kW/134hp um 02/04SAME Silver 90 66kW/90hp tt 08/96SAME Explorer 95 67kW/91hp di 12/05

    Selection 12 tractor cabs in comparison I 74kW/100hp tt 07/98

    Selection 12 tractor cabs in comparison II 74kW/100hp tt 08/98

    Selection Second-hand tractors 74kW/100hp um 03/99

    Selection Cab suspension concepts 74kW/100hp di 11/99

    Selection Comparing linkages 74kW/100hp tt 02/01

    Valtra 6550 HiTech 74kW/100hp tt 11/99

  • profi 1996/2011 9 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Valtra HiTech 6350 66kW/90hp tt 12/01Zetor 10641 77kW/105hp di 12/02Zetor Forterra 9641 73kW/99hp lt 09/07

    Tractors from 81kW/110hp-100kW/136hp

    Manufacturer Model Output Section IssueAGCO RT120 100kW/135hp tt 11/05Case IH 1255 XL 92kW/125hp um 06/97Case IH Maxxum MX135 99kW/135hp di 08/97Case IH Maxxum MX135 99kW/135hp tt 01/98Case IH Maxxum MX135 99kW/135hp lt 06/99Case IH CVX models 88kW/120hp-125kW/170hp di 03/00Case IH MXM 91kW/124hp-142kW/194hp di 08/02Case IH Maxxum MX135 99kW/135hp um 03/03Case IH MXU110 Maxxum 85kW/116hp tt 07/05Case IH MXU110 and 115 X-Line 85kW/116hp tt 05/07Case IH CVX 88kW/120hp-144kW/196hp um 10/10Claas Arion 530 and 620 92kW/125hp-96kW/130hp tt 10/09Claas Arion 430 CIS 81kW/110hp tt 02/11Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 6.20 85kW/115hp di 04/97

    Deutz-Fahr Suspension systems 88kW/120hp di 04/98

    Deutz-Fahr TTV 9 2kW/125hp-110kW/150hp di 07/00Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 120 Mk3 88kW/120hp tt 11/00

    Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 130, 150 and 150.7 93kW/127hp-110kW/150hp um 09/07

    Deutz-Fahr Agrotron K120 ProfiLine 85kW/116hp tt 12/07

    Deutz-Fahr Agrotron K430 ProfiLine 82kW/112hp tt 01/10

    Eltrac E135 prototype 100kW/135hp di 12/99

  • profi 1996/2011 10 www.profi.com


    Fendt Favorit 712 Vario 92kW/125hp tt 12/00Fendt Farmer 411 Vario 81kW/110hp tt 05/01Fendt 712 Vario TMS 92kW/125hp tt 06/05Fendt 312 Vario 81kW/110hp di 09/06Fendt 700 and 800 92kW/125hp-132kW/180hp um 7-8/07Fendt 312 Vario 81kW/110hp tt 01/08Fiat Wi nner F130 96kW/130hp um 07/98Ford Series 30 97kW/132hp-137kW/186hp um 12/01Hydrema MPV 900 90kW/123hp di 07/00JCB Fastrac 1115 85kW/115hp di 04/96JCB Fastrac 1135 Quadtronic 99kW/135hp di 11/96JCB Fastrac 1135 100kW/135hp tt 03/97JCB Fastrac 1135 100kW/135hp di 08/97JCB Fastrac 2000/3000 85kW/115hp-125kW/170hp di 05/98

    JCB Fastrac 100 – pt I 88kW/120hp-111kW/150hp um 10/99JCB Fastrac 100 – pt II 88kW/120hp-111kW/150hp um 11/99JCB Fastrac 2135 Smoothshift 100kW/135hp di 12/00JCB Fastrac 2135 100kW/135hp tt 09/01JCB Fastrac 2000-series 86kW/115hp-127kW/170hp um 11/11John Deere 6810 92kW/125hp di 01/98John Deere 6910 99kW/135hp tt 12/98John Deere 6610 84kW/115hp lt 08/99John Deere 7000 96kW/130hp-125kW/170hp um 05/00John Deere 6610 (50km/hr) 84kW/115hp di 08/00John Deere 6610 AutoPowr 84kW/115hp di 12/00John Deere 6420 S 88kW/120hp tt 11/02John Deere 6430 88kW/120hp di 10/06John Deere 6830 99kW/130hp tt 06/08Kubota M128X 94kW/128hp di 01/09Kubota M128X 94kW/128hp tt 04/09

  • profi 1996/2011 11 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Lamborghini Champion 120 88kW/120hp di 08/99McCormick MTX125 97kW/132hp di 05/02McCormick MTX125 92kW/125hp tt 12/02McCormick MC135 97kW/132hp di 01/04McCormick MC120/MC135 Power6 85kW/115hp-98kW/132hp um 09/09McCormick MC115 91kW/123hp lt 03/11McCormick X60.50 82kW/112hp di 09/11MF Dual Control 99kW/135hp-148kW/200hp di 04/97MF 8110 99kW/135hp di 12/97MF 6290 99kW/135hp di 03/99MF 4270 81kW/110hp lt 03/00MF 6290 99kW/135hp tt 04/00MF 6290 99kW/135hp lt 09/02MF 6400/7400 97kW/130hp-145kW/195hp di 08/03MF 5470 89kW/125hp di 05/06MF 6470 92kW/125hp tt 11/06MF 5465 and 5470 88kW/120hp-92kW/125hp tt 11/07MF 6475 99kW/135hp tt 09/08MF 6470 92kW/125hp lt 12/09Multidrive 4200 86kW/115hp di 04/00Multidrive 4200-6185 84kW/115hp-136kW/185hp um 12/06New Holland TV140 BiDi 100kW/136hp di 11/98New Holland TM 91kW/124hp-142kW/194hp di 08/02New Holland TM 86kW/116hp-124kW/168hp um 09/02New Holland TS135 A 100kW/135hp tt 10/05New Holland TS125 A 92kW/125hp lt 12/06New Holland T6040 Elite 89kW/121hp tt 11/09New Holland T6050 93kW/127hp lt 7-8/11Renault Ares 630 RZ 88kW/120hp tt 11/97SAME Silver 130 94kW/128hp tt 02/06

  • profi 1996/2011 12 www.profi.com


    Selection Power and weight 88kW/120hp tt 03/98Selection Suspension systems 88kW/120hp tt 04/99

    Selection Headland management systems 88kW/120hp tt 02/00

    Selection Tractor cabs 96kW/130hp tt 05/06Selection Deutz cab 96kW/130hp tt 09/06Selection John Deere cab 96kW/130hp tt 09/06Selection MF cab 96kW/130hp tt 10/06Selection New Holland cab 96kW/130hp tt 10/06Valtra 8150 92kW/125hp tt 07/96Valtra 8150 HiTech 92kW/125hp di 06/99Valtra 8350 HiTech 99kW/135hp di 12/99Valtra 8350 HiTech 99kW/135hp tt 08/00Valtra 8150 HiTech 92kW/125hp tt 06/01Valtra T130 92kW/125hp di 12/02Valtra C120 EP 85kW/115hp di 09/04Valtra N101 98kW/133hp di 11/06Valtra N121 HiTech 93kW/126hp tt 04/07Valtra T-series 98kW/133hp-138kW/185hp um 12/08Valtra N121 Advance 93kW/126hp tt 7-8/09Zetor 11741 88kW/120hp di 10/03Zetor Forterra 135 95kW/129hp tt 10/11

    Tractors from 101kW/136hp-130kW/177hp

    Manufacturer Model Output Section IssueCase IH 1455 XL 107kW/145hp tt 07/97Case IH CS150 110kW/150hp di 07/98Case IH Maxxum MX170 122kW/166hp di 10/98Case IH Magnum 7100/7200 114kW/155hp-194kW/264hp um 08/99

    Case IH CS150 and CVX150 107kW/145hp tt 07/02

  • profi 1996/2011 13 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011

  • profi 1996/2011 14 www.profi.com


    Case IH MXM155 114kW/155hp tt 10/04

    Claas Ares 697 ATZ 103kW/140hp di 09/05

    Claas Ares 697 ATZ 103kW/140hp tt 06/06

    Claas Ares 697 ATZ 103kW/140hp lt 06/07

    Claas Arion 640 Cebis 110kW/150hp tt 03/10

    Deutz-Fahr Agrotron TTV 1160 110kW/150hp tt 08/03

    Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 150.7 and 150 107kW/145hp tt 02/07

    Deutz-Fahr Agrotron M 640 ProfiLine 122kW/164hp tt 09/09

    Deutz-Fahr Agrotron M420 and M625 113kW/154hp-120kW/163hp tt 04/11

    Fendt Xylon 524 103kW/140hp tt 05/96

    Fendt 515 C 110kW/150hp tt 04/98

    Fendt Favorit 916 Vario 125kW/170hp tt 09/98

    Fendt Favorit 714 103kW/140hp di 01/99

    Fendt Favorit 716 Vario 118kW/160hp tt 09/99

    Fendt 515 C 110kW/150hp um 01/03

    Fendt 817 Vario TMS 121kW/165hp di 02/03

    Fendt 415 Vario 103kW/140hp tt 05/09

    JCB Fastrac 2150 110kW/148hp tt 01/99

    JCB Fastrac 3185 126kW/170hp tt 12/99

    JCB Fastrac 3190 129kW/170hp di 02/03

    JCB Fastrac 3190 and 3220 126kW/170hp-138kW/185hp um 10/06

    JCB Fastrac 2170 129kW/170hp di 02/08

    John Deere 7710 114kW/155hp tt 09/97

    John Deere 6910 AutoPowr 103kW/140hp tt 11/01

    John Deere 6920 AutoPowr 110kW/150hp tt 02/03

    John Deere 6920S 118kW/160hp lt 07/03

    John Deere 6920 4V-CR engine 118kW/160hp tt 07/03

    John Deere 7810 AutoPowr 129kW/175hp tt 09/03

  • profi 1996/2011 15 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011John Deere 7020 125kW/170hp-147kW/200hp di 11/03John Deere 7010 114kW/155hp-129kW/175hp um 06/05John Deere 7530 AutoPowr 129kW/175hp tt 02/09John Deere 7530 129kW/175hp lt 04/10John Deere 7020/7030 126kW/170hp-162kW/220hp um 7-8/10John Deere 6170R-7280R 125kW170hp-206kW/280hp di 09/11Lamborghini Champion 150 110kW/150hp tt 05/00Landini 7-185 126kW/171hp di 12/10McCormick MTX140 108kW/147hp um 12/04

    MF Trailed Implement Control 107kW/145hp-191kW/260hp di 03/00

    MF 7480 107kW/145hp tt 02/05MF 8200 107kW/145hp-195kW/265hp um 02/06MF 6490 125kW/170hp di 02/07New Holland M160/8560 119kW/160hp tt 12/96New Holland 8560 119kW/160hp lt 10/99New Holland TM150 104kW/141hp tt 03/01New Holland TM165 119kW/160hp lt 01/02New Holland TVT170 126kW/171hp di 12/04New Holland Series 70 126kW/170hp-179kW/240hp um 02/05New Holland TVT170 126kW/171hp tt 03/06New Holland T6080 114kW/155hp di 03/08New Holland T7.210 121kW/165hp di 01/11Renault 155-54 TZ 107kW/145hp tt 09/96Renault Ares 825 122kW/166hp di 12/99Renault Temis 650 Z 108kW/147hp di 09/00Renault Ares 715 RZ 115kW/156hp tt 08/02Renault Ares 696 RZ 103kW/140hp di 01/03SAME Galileo cab 118kW/160hp-148kW/200hp di 04/01

    SAME Iron 165.7 120kW/163hp di 07/05

  • profi 1996/2011 16 www.profi.com


    Selection Gearboxes in comparison 107kW/145hp tt 03/02

    Selection Electronic linkages 103kW/140hp tt 04/03

    Selection Headland management 110kW/150hp tt 05/04

    Valtra 8750 Sigma Power 118kW/160hp tt 06/97

    Valtra M150 108kW/147hp di 05/04

    Valtra T190 128kW/174hp tt 11/04

    Valtra N142 Direct 110kW/150hp tt 06/11

    Tractors over 130kW/177hp

    Manufacturer Model Output Section Issue

    Belarus 3023 221kW/296hp di 10/10Case IH Quadtrac 268kW/360hp di 04/98Case IH Magnum MX270 205kW/279hp di 01/99Case IH Magnum 7220 Pro 140kW/190hp di 07/99Case IH Magnum MX270 205kW/279hp tt 09/00Case IH STX Steiger 324kW/440hp di 12/00Case IH Magnum MX270 205kW/279hp lt 04/02Case IH CVX1190 141kW/192hp di 11/03Case IH MX Magnum 148kW/201hp-205kW/279hp um 12/03Case IH Magnum 310 227kW/309hp di 02/06Case IH Quadtrac STX 500 373kW/500hp di 03/06Case IH MXM190 142kW/194hp tt 7-8/06Case IH Puma 210 157kW/213hp di 09/08Case IH Puma 180 134kW/182hp tt 12/08Case IH Magnum 310 227kW/309hp tt 03/09Case IH Puma 210 and 225 CVX 157kW/213hp-165kW/224hp di 03/09Case IH Quadtrac 485 362kW/485hp di 06/09

    Case IH Puma CVX225 (with ABS) 165kW/224hp di 7-8/10

  • profi 1996/2011 17 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Case IH Magnum 149kW/201hp-250kW/340hp um 09/11Case IH Puma CVX230 167kW/228hp tt 12/11Caterpillar Challenger 45 178kW/242hp tt 10/96Caterpillar Challenger 35/45/55 155kW/210hp-200kW/270hp um 05/01Caterpillar Challenger MT700 175kW/235hp-228kW/306hp di 01/02Challenger MT855 333kW/450hp di 12/02Challenger MT865 355kW/482hp tt 01/05Challenger MT975B 419kW/570hp di 03/07Challenger MT700/MT700B 138kW/185hp-239kW/320hp um 09/08Claas Xerion 2500 184kW/250hp di 07/96Claas Challenger 75E 254kW/340hp di 12/98Claas Xerion 3300 224kW/305hp tt 01/06Claas Xerion 3300 cab 224kW/305hp di 02/06Claas A xion 850 165kW/225hp di 12/06Claas Axion 820 Cmatic 135kW/183hp di 09/08Claas Axion 850 165kW/225hp tt 10/08Claas Axion 830 144kW/196hp lt 09/10Claas Xerion 5000 358kW/487hp di 10/10Claas Axion 820 Cmatic 135kW/183hp tt 11/11Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 260 191kW/260hp di 08/98Deutz-Fahr Agro XXL 440kW/660hp di 02/10Deutz-Fahr Agrotron TTV630 149kW/203hp tt 7-8/10Doppstadt Trac 200 142kW/193hp di 09/02Doppstadt Trac 200 147kW/200hp tt 06/03DTU T860 440kW/600hp di 02/07Fendt Favorit 926 Vario 191kW/260hp tt 01/97Fendt Favorit 926 Vario 199kW/271hp tt 02/02Fendt 930 Vario TMS 221kW/300hp di 02/03Fendt 818 Vario TMS 132kW/180hp tt 01/04Fendt 930 Vario TMS 221kW/300hp tt 09/04

  • profi 1996/2011 18 www.profi.com


    Fendt 900 Vario 132kW/180hp-221kW/300hp um 07/05Fendt 936 Vario 243kW/330hp di 12/05Fendt 927 Vario 176kW/240hp di 04/07Fendt Trisix Vario 368kW/500hp di 02/08Fendt 820 Vario 140kW/190hp tt 04/08Fendt 936 Vario 243kW/330hp tt 01/09Fendt 828 Vario 203kW/276hp di 02/10Fendt 820 Vario Greentec 140kW/190hp tt 04/10Fendt 820 Vario 140kW/190hp lt 12/10Fendt 939 Vario 265kW/330hp di 01/11Fendt 828 Vario 191kW/260hp tt 09/11Fendt 724 Vario 162kW/220hp di 11/11JCB Fastrac 8250 183kW/248hp di 10/05JCB Fastrac 3220 Plus 164kW/220hp tt 12/05JCB Fastrac 8250 183kW-248hp tt 7-8/07JCB Fastrac 7230 162kW/220hp di 01/09JCB Fastrac 3230 Xtra 164kW/220hp di 11/10John Deere 8300 170kW/231hp tt 04/96John Deere 8400T 191kW/260hp di 11/97John Deere 8010 143kW/195hp-198kW/270hp di 01/00John Deere 9300 268kW/360hp di 02/00John Deere 9400T 316kW/425hp di 06/00John Deere 8410 198kW/270hp tt 01/01John Deere 8020 147kW/200hp-217kW/295hp di 04/02John Deere 9020/9020T 206kW/280hp-331kW/450hp di 07/02John Deere 8000/8010-series 137kW/185hp-200kW/270hp um 08/02John Deere 8520 217kW/325hp tt 12/03John Deere 7920 147kW/200hp tt 09/05John Deere 8030 165kW/225hp-243kW/330hp di 10/05John Deere 7830 151kW/205hp di 10/06

  • profi 1996/2011 19 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011John Deere 8530 274kW/373hp tt 10/07John Deere 9630/9630T 386kW/525hp di 11/08John Deere 8345R 254kW/345hp di 02/10John Deere 8360R 265kW/360hp di 12/11McCormick ZTX260 179kW/240hp di 02/05McCormick XTX200 134kW/182hp di 07/05McCormick XTX215 142kW/193hp tt 01/07MF 8160 147kW/200hp tt 06/96MF 8170 169kW/230hp di 06/98MF 8280 191kW/260hp tt 07/01MF 8250 Xtra 147kW/200hp tt 10/03MF 8400 158kW/215hp-213kW/290hp di 10/04MF 6497 147kW/200hp di 09/06MF 8480 213kW/290hp tt 03/07MF 8680 236kW/320hp di 03/09MF 8690 250kW/340hp tt 02/10MF 7499 162kW/220hp di 09/10MF 8600 177hp/240hp-250kW/340hp di 7-8/11Morooka MK -220S 185kW/220hp di 01/00Multidrive 185 134kW/180hp di 04/02New Holland G210 155kW/210hp tt 04/97New Holland 8870 155kW/210hp lt 07/00New Holland 70A 142kW/190hp-179kW/240hp di 12/00New Holland TG285 210kW/283hp di 12/02New Holland TG285 208kW/283hp tt 02/04New Holland TM190 142kW/194hp tt 06/04New Holland TM175 and TM190 130kW/177hp-142kW/194hp um 11/06New Holland T7060 157kW/213hp di 12/06

    New Holland T7040 134kW/182hp tt 06/09

    New Holland T7070 Auto Command 167kW/224hp di 10/09

  • profi 1996/2011 20 www.profi.com


    New Holland T7070 Auto Command 167kW/224hp tt 10/10

    Renault Atles 900 145kW/197hp-184kW/250hp di 06/00

    Renault Atles 935 RZ 177kW/240hp tt 04/01

    Renault Ares 836 143kW/194hp tt 11/03

    SAME Titan APS gearbox (190) 140kW/189hp di 06/97

    SAME Rubin 200 143kW/193hp tt 10/01

    Schlüter Profi Gigant 478kW/650hp di 03/11

    Selection Suspension systems 132kW/180hp-162kW/200hp tt 05/10

    Terrion ATM 5280 195kW/265hp tt 01/11

    Unimog U4 00 131kW/177hp di 09/01

    Valtra S-series 169kW/230hp-191kW/260hp di 12/01

    Valtra S280 206kW/280hp tt 04/05

    Valtra T191 136kW/185hp tt 03/08

    Valtra T202 Direct 140kW/190hp di 03/09

    Valtra T202 Versu 140kW/190hp di 11/09

    Valtra T182 Versu 132kW/180hp tt 11/10

    All-terrain vehicles

    Manufacturer Model Machine Section Issue

    Arctic Cat 400 ATV di 08/99

    Arctic Cat Prowler XT ATV di 05/07

    Bombardier Traxter ATV di 05/00

    Bombardier Outlander ATV di 07/03

    Cectek Gladiator 500 EFI ATV di 10/10

    Diesel Quads Diablo 850 ATV di 7-8/06

    Honda Foreman TRX450 ES ATV di 11/98

    Honda Big Red ATV um 09/99

    Honda TRX350 ES ATV di 08/00

    Honda R ubicon ATV di 08/01

  • profi 1996/2011 21 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Honda Rincon 650 ATV di 09/03

    Honda Fourtrax 420 AT ATV di 04/09

    Honda Fourtrax TRX420FPM ATV di 10/11

    John Deere Gator XUV 855D ATV di 7-8/11

    Kawasaki K VF400 ATV di 07/99

    Kawasaki Mule 2510 Diesel ATV di 11/00

    Kawasaki K VF650 ATV di 03/02

    Kawasaki K VF360 ATV di 08/02

    Kymco MXU500 ATV di 01/08

    Kymco UXV 500 RL ATV di 11/09

    MF 400 AgTV ATV di 03/03

    MF 700 D AgTV ATV di 03/07

    Polaris Diesel ATV di 05/99

    Polaris Magnum 325 HDS ATV di 01/02

    Polaris Diesel ATV um 05/05

    Polaris ATV vs utility vehicle ATV di 03/10

    Selection Seven ATVs in comparison ATV pt 03/00

    Selection Eight ATVs in comparison ATV pt 11/00

    Selection Six ATVs in comparison ATV pt 05/02

    Selection Six entry-level ATVs in comparison ATV pt 1 2/02

    Selection Four utility vehicles ATV pt 02/05

    Selection Six ATVs ATV pt 01/06

    Selection High-capacity ATVs ATV pt 12/06

    Selection Four diesel utility vehicles ATV pt 02/08

    Selection Four petrol utility vehicles ATV pt 03/08

  • profi 1996/2011 22 www.profi.com


    Selection ATV vs utility vehicle ATV pt 01/11Suzuki LT-F500F ATV di 02/00Suzuki Eiger ATV di 07/02Suzuki KingQuad LT-A700X ATV di 04/05Suzuki KingQuad LT-A450X ATV di 05/08Yamaha G rizzly 600 ATV di 02/99Yamaha B ig Bear ATV um 06/00Yamaha Ko diak 400 ATV di 07/00Yamaha Grizzly 550 ATV di 12/09

    Balers, wrappers

    Manufacturer Model Machine Section IssueArcusin MultiPack A14 packer/handler di 12/04Case IH 540 IS big square baler di 09/99Case IH LBX422 big square baler pt 09/06Claas Rollant 46 RC round baler um 10/98Claas Quadrant 2200 RC TA big square baler di 08/99Claas Quadrant 1200 RC big square baler um 08/00Claas Rollant 250 RC baler/wrapper di 01/01Claas Quadrant 2100 RC big square baler di 04/04Claas Quadrant 3400 big square baler di 7-8/07Claas Quadrant 2100/2200 big square baler um 02/10Claas Quadrant 3200 FineCut big square baler pt 09/11Cross Wrap 2000 square bale wrapper di 12/97Göweil G 4020 Q square bale wrapper pt 07/02Greenland RV186 round baler pt 08/96Greenland RF120 round baler um 07/01Grunderco Tawi 500 baler/wrapper di 09/00Hesston 4755 big square baler um 06/02John Deere 550 round baler um 04/97

  • profi 1996/2011 23 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011

  • profi 1996/2011 24 www.profi.com


    Krone KR10-16S round baler um 12/97

    Krone Vario Pack 1800 MultiCut round baler di 10/99

    Krone BiG Pack 127 VFS big square baler pt 08/02

    Krone BiG Pack 1270/MultiBale big square baler di 09/04

    Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP big square baler di 10/07Krone Comprima F155 XC round baler di 04/08Krone Comprima CF155 XC baler/wrapper di 7-8/08Krone Comprima CF155 XC baler/wrapper pt 7-8/09Kverneland UN 7655 square bale wrapper di 03/98Lely Attis HR 16 round bale wrapper di 01/03MF 185 big square baler um 06/02MF 2190 big square baler di 04/08McHale 991 B round bale wrapper pt 10/97McHale 998 square bale wrapper pt 03/01McHale Fusion baler/wrapper di 01/03McHale 991/998/HS2000 wrapper um 03/07McHale Fusion 1 and 2 baler/wrapper um 04/10McHale 991 High-Speed round bale wrapper di 03/11New Holland D1210 big square baler di 03/98New Holland D1010 big square baler pt 06/98New Holland D1000 big square baler um 11/98New Holland 544 CropCutter round baler pt 03/99New Holland BB960 big square baler di 02/00New Holland 640/644/648 round baler um 03/00New Holland BR750 round baler di 07/03New Holland D1010/1210 big square baler um 07/03New Holland BB950A big square baler di 09/05New Holland BB9080 big square baler di 09/09New Holland BR6090 Combi baler/wrapper di 09/09

  • profi 1996/2011 25 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011New Holland BB9070 big square baler pt 11/10Selection John Deere vs Welger round baler pt 08/97Selection Six round balers round baler pt 09/04Selection Six round balers round baler pt 10/04Taarup Bio baler/wrapper di 04/01Tanco Autowrap 1300 EH round bale wrapper di 06/07Tanco 1514 Twin Autowrap round/square wrapper pt 09/08Vicon RF130 round baler di 08/98Vicon LB 12000 big square baler pt 02/99Vicon RF120 round baler um 07/01Vicon RV156/186 round baler um 05/02Vicon LB12200 big square baler di 02/04Vicon LB12200 OC big square baler pt 06/06Vicon RV2190 baler/wrapper di 12/07

    Vicon RF and RV BalePack baler/wrapper um 01/09

    Vicon LB 1270 OC big square baler di 09/09Vicon RV 4216 round baler di 01/11Welger RP12 round baler um 04/96Welger D 6050 big square baler pt 09/98Welger Farmer RP520 round baler di 11/00Welger D 6060 big square baler pt 09/03Welger 730 and 830 conventional baler um 06/09

    Cereal harvesting equipment

    Manufacturer Model Machine Section IssueBiso VX750 combine header di 08/02Biso Ultralight 800 combine header di 12/09Case IH 2188 Axial Flow combine harvester di 06/96Case IH CF80 combine harvester di 01/00

  • profi 1996/2011 26 www.profi.com


    Case IH Axial Flow combine harvester um 02/01Case IH Axial-Flow 2388 combine harvester di 10/03Case IH Axial-Flow AFX8010 combine harvester di 07/04Case IH Axial-Flow 6088 combine harvester di 04/09Case IH AF 9120 combine harvester pt 06/10Case IH AF 8010-8120 combine harvester um 04/11Claas Dominator 108 SL combine harvester um 06/96Claas Lexion combine harvester di 10/96Claas Lexion 440-460 combine harvester pt 03/97Claas Vario combine header di 02/98Claas Lexion 440-460 combine harvester um 07/99Claas Laser Pilot combine steering di 03/00Claas Lexion 470 combine harvester di 12/01

    Claas Lexion 430 Montana combine harvester di 03/03

    Claas Lexion 460/460 Evo combine harvester um 06/03Claas Lexion 500 combine harvester di 12/03Claas Lexion 570 combine harvester pt 07/05Claas Lexion 570 cab combine harvester pt 09/05Claas Lexion 600 combine harvester di 12/05Claas Lexion 580 combine harvester um 02/08Claas Tucano 450 combine harvester di 06/08Claas V 1050 combine header di 06/08Claas Tucano 480 combine harvester di 01/10Claas Avero 240 combine harvester di 01/10Claas V 1200 combine header di 01/10Claas 770 TerraTrac combine harvester di 12/10Deutz-Fahr M35.80 combine harvester um 09/97Deutz-Fahr Topliner 8XL combine harvester di 01/98Deutz-Fahr 5585 HT combine harvester di 11/05

  • profi 1996/2011 27 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Deutz-Fahr 6060 HTS combine harvester pt 7-8/11Fendt 6330 combine harvester di 11/99Fendt 6330 combine harvester pt 09/00John Deere 1177 combine harvester um 08/98John Deere 2266 combine harvester pt 11/98John Deere CTS combine harvester di 02/99John Deere 9880 STS combine harvester di 12/01John Deere CTS combine harvester um 02/03John Deere 1550 CWS combine harvester di 08/03John Deere 9640 WTS combine harvester pt 11/03John Deere 9780i CTS combine harvester di 06/05John Deere 9780i CTS combine harvester pt 7-8/06John Deere T670i HM combine harvester di 7-8/08John Deere STS combine harvester um 11/08John Deere T660i combine harvester pt 06/09John Deere S690 combine harvester di 10/11Laverda M306 combine harvester di 12/04MDW Arcus combine harvester di 12/96MF Powerflow combine header pt 04/98MF Cereon combine harvester di 11/00MF 30/40 series combine harvester um 09/04MF 7274 Cerea AL combine harvester pt 04/05MF 7274 and 7274 Cerea combine harvester um 06/08MF 9895 combine harvester di 7-8/08MF 9895 Fortia combine harvester di 7-8/09MF 7280 and 7282 Centora combine harvester um 02/11MF Delta 9280 combine harvester di 04/11New Holland TX34 combine harvester um 07/96New Holland TC56 combine harvester pt 07/97New Holland TF78 Elektra combine harvester di 10/98

  • profi 1996/2011 28 www.profi.com


    New Holland TX60 combine harvester um 03/01New Holland CX880 combine harvester di 02/02New Holland CR980 combine harvester di 04/03New Holland CX860 combine harvester pt 03/04New Holland CS640 RS combine harvester di 10/04New Holland CX combine harvester um 09/06New Holland CSX7080 combine harvester di 01/07New Holland CR980 combine harvester pt 7-8/07New Holland CR combine harvester um 12/07New Holland CR9070 Elevation combine harvester di 06/08New Holland CR9090 Elevation combine harvester di 04/09New Holland CR9090 Elevation combine harvester di 7-8/09New Holland TC5070 combine harvester di 7-8/09New Holland CX8090 with AdBlue combine harvester di 02/11Opico GT mobile grain drier um 07/02Sampo Rosenlew 3065 combine harvester di 09/02Schumacher 2010 cutter bar di 09/10Selection Selection combine brochures pt 10/99

    Selection Six-walker models compared combine harvester pt 01/01

    Selection Six-walker models compared combine harvester pt 02/01

    Selection Selection combine harvester um 10/01

    Crop planting equipment

    Manufacturer Model Machine Section Issue

    Accord Monopill beet drill um 10/97Accord DA pneumatic drill um 03/98

    Accord M-drill Pro drill di 11/08

    Accord Optima HD e-drive maize drill pt 05/09

  • profi 1996/2011 29 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Accord MSC 3000 drill pt 09/09

    Amazone AD-P 302 drill pt 12/97

    Amazone ED 601K maize drill pt 12/98

    Amazone ED Contour maize drill pt 05/01

    Amazone KE and AD 303 power harrow/drill pt 10/01

    Amazone Cayena 6001 drill di 05/10

    Amazone KE/KG air and mechanical power harrow/drill um 11/10

    APV PS 250 M2 seeder pt 7-8/10

    Becker Aeromat T 6 Z maize drill pt 04/99

    Becker Aeromat Profi-Line 8 DTE maize drill pt 04/10

    Claydon Hybrid drill di 12/09

    Gaspardo ST 300/6 maize drill di 05/01

    Great Plains NTA 1000 direct drill di 04/04

    Horsch DS/D drill di 09/98

    Horsch Pronto 3 drill pt 09/01

    Horsch Maistro 11RC maize drill di 05/05

    Horsch 4 CO drill um 09/05

    Howard Samavator GS300 drill pt 06/99

    Howard CS 3030 drill pt 11/99

    Köckerling Ultima CS 400 drill di 09/11

    Kongskilde Aeromat precision drill um 05/03

    Kuhn Venta TI power harrow/drill pt 11/97

    Kuhn Planter Junior maize drill pt 06/02

    Kuhn Selection power harrow/drill um 09/03

    Kuhn Fastliner 6000 drill di 10/05

    Kuhn Ma xima maize drill pt 05/08

    Kverneland UN3200 potato planter pt 05/96

    Kverneland M SC drill di 11/01

  • profi 1996/2011 30 www.profi.com


    Kverneland NG-S 301/DA-X power harrow/drill di 05/05

    Kverneland MSC drill di 01/06

    Kverneland Accord i-drill Pro drill di 10/07

    Kverneland Accord i-drill Pro drill pt 03/09

    Kverneland Accord DG 12000 drill di 06/10

    Lely Roterra combi power harrow/drill pt 06/96

    Lely 33/45-series power harrow/drill um 02/02

    Lemken Solitair 9/450 K drill di 03/98

    Lemken Zirkon/Solitair power harrow/drill pt 10/00

    Maschio/Gaspardo DC-V/PE300 power harrow/drill pt 02/04

    Moore DP600A Unidrill drill di 05/03

    Pöttinger T errasem C6 drill di 05/10

    Pöttinger Terrasem C6 Artis drill pt 12/10

    Selection Accord, Rabe, Rau drill pt 10/96

    Selection Five sugar beet drills in comparison beet drill pt 05/99

    Selection Five sugar beet drills in comparison beet drill pt 06/99

    Selection Five seed drills in comparison drill pt 10/02

    Selection Five seed drills in comparison drill pt 11/02

    Selection Four maize drills maize drill pt 06/04

    Selection Four maize drills maize drill pt 07/04

    Selection Selection power harrow/drill um 05/09

    Selection Selection power harrow/drill pt 11/11

    Selection Selection power harrow/drill pt 12/11

    Simba Freeflow drill di 03/97

    Simba Freeflow drill um 08/01

    Simba Horsch CO and Sprinter drill um 03/10

  • profi 1996/2011 31 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Standen Big Boy H600 potato planter di 08/01

    Sulky SPI Solo Regu-line drill di 02/01

    Väderstad Rapid 300 P drill di 09/97

    Väderstad R apid drill um 11/00

    Väderstad Rapid RDF and RDA drill um 01/07

    Väderstad Rapid 300S Super XL drill pt 04/07

    Väderstad S pirit 600 drill di 10/08

    Väderstad S pirit 400S drill pt 02/11

    Sprayers and fertiliser/manure spreaders

    Manufacturer Model Machine Section Issue

    Ag-Chem RoGator 1064 self-propelled sprayer di 07/03

    AGCO E-RoGator self-propelled sprayer di 7-8/11

    Agribuggy Tdi 2000 self-propelled sprayer di 11/01

    Agrifac Condor self-propelled sprayer di 04/10

    Alanco Sprayranger 250D self-propelled sprayer di 09/06

    Amazone ZA-M fertiliser spreader pt 05/96

    Amazone ZA-M Ultra 3600 profiS fertiliser spreader di 03/06

    Amazone UX5200 trailed sprayer di 7-8/06

    Amazone UX4200 trailed sprayer pt 11/06

    Amazone ZG-B Ultra Hydro fertiliser spreader pt 03/10

    Amazone Pantera 4001 self-propelled sprayer di 05/11

    Berthoud Major 32 trailed sprayer pt 02/06

    Berthoud Raptor 3240 self-propelled sprayer di 09/10

    Caruelle Olympia 320S trailed sprayer di 10/06

    Case SP3000 self-propelled sprayer di 04/00

    Chafer Mistral self-propelled sprayer di 06/98

    Chafer Mirage self-propelled sprayer di 05/99Chafer Rogator self-propelled sprayer di 06/02

  • profi 1996/2011 32 www.profi.com


    Chafer Mirage II self-propelled sprayer di 01/06Chafer T- and E-series trailed sprayer um 05/07Challenger RoGator 655 self-propelled sprayer di 7-8/10Cleanacres A irtec sprayer system um 01/01Frazier Phantom self-propelled sprayer di 08/98Frazier Agribuggy self-propelled sprayer um 10/02Gem Emerald self-propelled sprayer di 10/97Hardi Mega LHY mounted sprayer pt 11/96Hardi Alpha self-propelled sprayer di 04/99Hardi Commander 2800 trailed sprayer pt 12/03Hardi Alpha Plus self-propelled sprayer di 12/04Hardi Commander 3200 trailed sprayer di 03/07Hardi Commander 4400 trailed sprayer pt 05/07Hardi Commander 4400i trailed sprayer di 02/09Hardi Commander trailed sprayer um 12/11Househam 2500 self-propelled sprayer di 09/02Househam Selection self-propelled sprayer um 08/03John Deere 632 TF trailed sprayer di 11/99John Deere 800-series trailed sprayer di 03/01John Deere 512 mounted sprayer di 03/03John Deere 740i trailed sprayer pt 7-8/09Keenan Orbital Spreader manure spreader di 01/99Kellands Agribuggy 1000 self-propelled sprayer di 07/04Kellands Jacto Uniport 2500 self-propelled sprayer di 7-8/07

    Kellands Agribuggy TDI 2000/2500 self-propelled sprayer um 03/08

    Knight Laser recirculation system di 07/98Knight 1530 self-propelled sprayer di 07/02Knight Selection trailed sprayer um 06/04Knight EU and ES trailed sprayer um 06/10

  • profi 1996/2011 33 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011

  • profi 1996/2011 34 www.profi.com


    Kuhn AGT 6036 fertiliser spreader di 04/05Lemken Sirius 9/1900 mounted sprayer di 06/10Matrot Maestria self-propelled sprayer di 05/01

    Rauch TWS 7000 and Axera-H EMC fertiliser spreader pt 7-8/11

    Samson SP12-16 manure spreader di 01/01Samson 9t and 12t manure spreader um 10/05Sands M Class self-propelled sprayer di 06/01Sands Selection self-propelled sprayer um 01/04Selection All models mounted sprayer um 08/97Selection All models fertiliser spreader pt 04/04Selection All models fertiliser spreader pt 05/04Selection All models fertiliser spreader pt 06/04Spra-Coupe ESP self-propelled sprayer di 09/98Sulky DPX Expert fertiliser spreader pt 08/01Sulky DPA XLT fertiliser spreader di 03/05Sulky DPX Expert fertiliser spreader pt 04/06Tecnoma Galaxy 2424 trailed sprayer pt 12/01West Dual Spreader manure spreader um 07/00

    Cultivation equipment

    Manufacturer Model Machine Section IssueAerway Aerway cultivator di 02/09Alpego Super Craker cultivator di 02/10Amazone Centaur cultivator di 11/01Amazone Pegasus cultivator pt 02/03Amazone Catros 5500 cultivator pt 12/07Amazone Centaur 7001-2 Super cultivator di 11/09Becker O ptimator cultivator pt 05/98

    Dalbo AXH 600 cultivator pt 07/01

  • profi 1996/2011 35 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Dowdeswell 180 Delta Furra plough di 09/96Dowdeswell 250-series plough di 02/99Dowdeswell 100-series plough um 12/98Dowdeswell PH400 power harrow di 10/99Grégoire Besson Discordon DXRV-HD cultivator pt 06/07Grégoire Besson SPMLW9 plough pt 01/08Grégoire Besson Combimix cultivator pt 04/11Grégoire Besson Discordon cultivator um 7-8/11Grimme CS/CW150 Rotapower stone/clod separator di 03/07Güttler Duplex DX30-56 press di 02/01Howard Paraplow HP 1512/5 cultivator pt 10/98John Deere Mulch Tillage cultivator di 10/98Köckerling Precision Cultivator cultivator pt 11/01Kongskilde Delta Flex cultivator di 04/10Kuhn Multi-Master plough pt 03/01Kuhn Multi-Master 110 plough di 01/05Kuhn Optima 301 cultivator pt 12/08Kuhn 112 T Vari-Master plough pt 02/10Kuhn Cultimer 300 cultivator pt 02/11Kverneland Packomat press di 10/00Kverneland PB Variomat 100 plough pt 03/03Kverneland LD series plough um 10/04Kverneland Stubble F cultivator pt 12/05Kverneland PW/RW p lough di 01/10Kverneland LO/EO plough um 10/11Lemken T erradisc 9/300 cultivator pt 09/97Lemken Pac kers press pt 01/99Lemken V ari-EuroPlough 7 plough pt 01/99

    Lemken Al l models plough um 12/99

    Lemken V ari-Titan plough di 04/00

  • profi 1996/2011 36 www.profi.com


    Lemken R ubin cultivator di 06/02

    Lemken T horit 9/600 cultivator di 01/04

    Lemken VariTansanit plough di 06/06

    Lemken VariTansanit 8 plough pt 11/07

    Lemken Karat 9/400 KU cultivator pt 10/10

    Maschio DM4000 power harrow di 02/98

    McConnel Shakaerator cultivator pt 07/05

    McConnel Discaerator cultivator di 04/10

    Overum VF DX 490H plough pt 10/03

    Pöttinger Servo 45 plus plough pt 03/02

    Pöttinger Servo 6.50 plough di 7-8/10

    Rabe Blue Bird GH 3000 cultivator pt 12/99

    Rabe Cormorant plough pt 02/02

    Rabe S peedBird cultivator di 03/10

    Selection All models plough um 08/96

    Selection All models power harrow um 02/97

    Selection Mounted vs semi-mounted plough pt 02/97

    Selection Selection cultivator pt 12/00

    Selection Six disc harrows in comparison cultivator pt 09/02

    Selection Six compact discs cultivator pt 01/05

    Simba Solo 300 cultivator di 09/01

    Simba X-Press cultivator di 11/02

    Simba Solo 300 cultivator pt 01/04

    Simba S olo/Mono cultivator um 03/04

    Simba X-Press cultivator um 11/07

    Simba Solo cultivator um 10/08Simba CultiPress cultivator um 09/10Simba SLD 600 cultivator di 02/11

  • profi 1996/2011 37 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Sumo Trio cultivator um 05/08Väderstad Rexius Twin 1020 press di 12/98Väderstad Carrier cultivator di 07/01Väderstad TopDown cultivator di 09/03Väderstad TopDown 500 cultivator pt 12/04Väderstad Carrier cultivator um 03/05Väderstad Carrier cultivator um 01/10Vicon Rau Sterntiller cultivator di 11/02Vogel & Noot MS 1050 plough pt 01/98Vogel & Noot TerraTop 800 cultivator di 03/10

    Feeding, bedding equipment

    Manufacturer Model Machine Section Issue

    Bomford Sila-Bed feeder/bedder di 01/08

    JF VM12 vertical-auger feeder di 10/04

    JF VM 14-2 SB feeder pt 04/08

    Lely Juno robot pusher di 01/09

    Keenan Easi-Feeder feeder di 01/97

    Keenan 140 Bale Handler feeder di 04/03

    Kuhn SP14 self-propelled feeder di 02/03

    Kuhn Euromix 1 1670 feeder pt 05/10

    Kverneland All models feeder pt 05/00

    Parmiter Castor feeder/bedder di 06/98

    RECO Jeantil P4200 feeder/bedder di 04/06

    Redrock 11FD/14FD feeder um 09/96

    RMH Vertical-auger feeder um 11/05

    Roto Grind 760 straw chopper di 12/11

    Selection Vertical-auger feeder pt 05/03Selection Vertical-auger feeder pt 06/03

  • profi 1996/2011 38 www.profi.com


    Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix feeder di 05/98

    Strautmann Verti-Mix 1300 Double K feeder pt 09/07WestMac Belair EPS2045 feeder/bedder di 03/04

    Forage and root harvesters

    Manufacturer Model Machine Section IssueCase IH 8790 self-propelled forager di 11/98Claas Jaguar 880 self-propelled forager di 04/96Claas Jaguar 800-series self-propelled forager um 05/99Claas RU600 maize header di 08/00Claas Jaguar 860 Overdrive self-propelled forager di 11/00Claas Jaguar 900 self-propelled forager di 03/01Claas Jaguar 870 Speedstar self-propelled forager di 05/03Claas Jaguar 890 Speedstar self-propelled forager di 06/04Claas Jaguar 890 Speedstar self-propelled forager di 7-8/06Claas Jaguar 980 self-propelled forager di 05/08Claas Jaguar 890 self-propelled forager um 03/09Claas Jaguar 970 self-propelled forager pt 09/10Garford VT440 beet harvester di 01/01Grimme SF170-60 potato harvester di 10/00Grimme GZ po tato harvester um 09/01Grimme SF1700 GBS potato harvester di 11/01Grimme SF6-20 beet harvester di 09/03Grimme Tectron 415 potato harvester di 09/05JF 1350 trailed forager di 02/97JF FCT 900 trailed forager um 02/99John Deere 6810 self-propelled forager pt 07/96John Deere 6950 self-propelled forager di 04/98John Deere 6810 self-propelled forager um 04/01

  • profi 1996/2011 39 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011

    John Deere 7500 self-propelled forager di 10/02John Deere 7700/7500 self-propelled forager pt 09/04John Deere 7500 ProDrive self-propelled forager di 06/06John Deere 7950i self-propelled forager di 12/09

    John Deere Engine speed management self-propelled forager pt 05/10

    John Deere 7750i self-propelled forager pt 04/11Kemper Champion M 6000 maize header di 06/97Kemper 375 maize header di 09/01Krone BiG X self-propelled forager di 02/01Krone Easy Collect 12-row maize header di 11/02Krone BiG X self-propelled forager di 05/07Krone BiG X 500 self-propelled forager pt 04/08Krone BiG X 700 self-propelled forager di 01/11Kverneland UN2200/2400 potato harvester di 09/96Mengele SH40 trailed forager um 01/02New Holland FX450 self-propelled forager di 02/97New Holland FX58 self-propelled forager di 06/99New Holland FX40 self-propelled forager di 09/04New Holland FR9060 self-propelled forager di 12/07New Holland FR9090 self-propelled forager di 10/08

    New Holland FR9060 self-propelled forager pt 09/09

    New Holland FR9000 self-propelled forager um 05/11

  • profi 1996/2011 40 www.profi.com


    Pöttinger Jumbo 6600 D self-loading wagon pt 04/02

    Pöttinger Torro 5100 D self-loading wagon pt 10/05

    Pöttinger Mex VI trailed forager um 05/06

    Pöttinger Torro self-loading wagon um 02/09

    Pöttinger Jumbo Combiline 6600 D self-loading wagon pt 10/09

    Schuitemaker Rapide 2000 self-loading wagon pt 7-8/10

    Selection Selection beet harvester pt 04/01

    Selection All models self-propelled forager um 11/02

    Selection Selection self-loading wagon pt 05/11

    Selection Selection self-loading wagon pt 06/11

    Standen-Pearson T3 potato harvester di 03/08

    Strautmann Giga-Vitesse III DO self-loading wagon pt 05/06

    Strautmann Giga Vitesse (Duo) self-loading wagon um 05/10

    Materials handling equipment

    Manufacturer Model Machine Section Issue

    Alo Quicke Q55 tractor loader pt 09/07

    Alo LCS Electrodrive Professional tractor loader control di 06/11

    Avant 750 wheeled loader di 11/09

    Bobcat 700F/700G skid-steer um 06/01

    Caterpillar TH407 telehandler di 10/09

    Chillton MX150 Flexpilot tractor loader di 11/05

    Chillton MX Technic and Utility tractor loader um 04/06

    Chillton MX Technic T tractor loader di 09/06

    Claas Teleporter 975 telehandler di 03/99

    Claas Targo K70 telehandler di 12/00

    Claas Targo K60-122 telehandler pt 11/04

  • profi 1996/2011 41 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Claas T argo K-series telehandler um 7-8/06

    Claas Scorpion 7040 Varipower Plus telehandler di 11/06

    Claas Scorpion 7045 VP+ telehandler pt 11/08

    Claas Scorpion telehandler um 03/11

    Dieci Dedalus 30.7H telehandler di 02/04

    Hawe Wester ULW 2500T chaser bin di 03/06

    JCB Loadall 530-70 telehandler di 07/97

    JCB TM270 wheeled loader di 10/97

    JCB Loadall 525-50 telehandler di 12/98

    JCB Selection telehandler um 01/99

    JCB Teletruk forklift di 07/99

    JCB Farm Master 416S wheeled loader di 10/99

    JCB 3CX backhoe loader um 04/00

    JCB Loadall 528S telehandler di 08/00

    JCB Loadall 520-528 telehandler um 04/02

    JCB Farm Master 400 wheeled loader um 04/03

    JCB TM300 wheeled loader di 06/03

    JCB TM270 wheeled loader um 05/04

    JCB 535-60 telehandler di 06/04

    JCB 530-70 telehandler lt 12/05

    JCB 531-70 telehandler di 05/06

    JCB 520-40 telehandler pt 02/07

    JCB Telemaster TM310S Agri telehandler di 11/07

    JCB 536-70 Agri Xtra telehandler di 01/08

    JCB 530-70 and 531-70 telehandler um 7-8/09

    JCB 515-40 Miniscopic telehandler di 01/10

    JCB TM170 and TM220 Agri wheeled loader di 06/10

  • profi 1996/2011 42 www.profi.com


    JCB 260 skid-steer di 05/11John Deere 3200 telehandler di 10/00John Deere 3400 telehandler pt 01/02John Deere 3800 telehandler di 02/02John Deere 3200/3400 telehandler um 04/04Kramer Allrad 350 wheeled loader di 06/08Krampe THL 20 hook-lift trailer di 12/03Krampe Bandit 750 belt-floor trailer di 11/10Kubota KX mini excavators um 01/05Landini PowerLift telehandler di 10/08Liebherr Agri Contractor L534 wheeled loader di 7-8/06Mailleux MX100 tractor loader di 09/99Manitou MLT526 telehandler pt 03/96Manitou MLT telehandler um 01/00Manitou MLA 628T telehandler di 05/00Manitou MLT 526T telehandler di 05/01Manitou MLA wheeled loader um 10/03Manitou MLT735-120 telehandler di 01/06Manitou MLT telehandler um 02/07Manitou MLT735T 120 LSU PS telehandler di 02/08Manitou MLT 735 120 LSU PS telehandler pt 03/11Manitou MLT625-75H telehandler di 10/11Matbro TS280 telehandler pt 01/97Matbro TS230 telehandler di 11/97Matbro TS280 telehandler um 04/99McCormick Tele-Trac telehandler di 09/07Merlo P32.7 EVT telehandler pt 06/97Merlo P26.6 EVT telehandler di 03/98Merlo P26.6 SPT telehandler di 04/99Merlo P30.7/P27.7 telehandler um 02/00

  • profi 1996/2011 43 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Merlo Multifarmer 30.6 telehandler di 04/02

    Merlo P40.7 Top telehandler di 09/05

    Merlo Multifarmer 30.6 telehandler pt 11/05

    Merlo Turbofarmer telehandler um 10/07

    MF 8937 telehandler di 09/97

    MF 8925 telehandler di 10/99

    MF 8926 telehandler di 02/05

    New Holland LM410T telehandler di 07/98

    New Holland LM415A telehandler di 03/05

    New Holland LM telehandler um 12/05

    New Holland LM5060 Plus telehandler di 10/07

    PhiBer 3104X bale accumulator di 7-8/08

    Quicke Q690 tractor loader pt 08/96

    Sanderson T L6 telehandler di 05/96

    Schaeffer 9330T telehandler di 10/09

    Selection Selection forklift um 03/97

    Selection Selection tractor loader um 05/97

    Selection Selection telehandler pt 06/00

    Selection Selection telehandler pt 07/00

    Selection Selection skid-steers pt 04/03

    Selection Selection grain/silage trailers um 04/08

    Selection Selection tractor loader pt 01/09

    Selection Selection tractor loader pt 02/09

    Selection Selection skid-steers di 02/09

    Selection Selection wheeled loader pt 11/09

    Selection Selection wheeled loader pt 12/09

    Selection John Deere 583 and Fendt Cargo tractor loader pt 01/10

    Selection Selection telehandler pt 09/10

  • profi 1996/2011 44 www.profi.com


    Selection Selection telehandler pt 10/10

    Stoll Robust FZ tractor loader di 09/08

    Stoll Robust FZ+ 40 tractor loader pt 09/09

    Volvo L70 wheeled loader di 06/00

    Walton Eclipse 5668 bale stacker di 01/07

    Weidemann 1090 D/P Teleboom wheeled loader pt 01/03

    Weidemann T4512 CC35 telehandler di 12/10

    Mowers, rakes, tedders

    Manufacturer Model Machine Section Issue

    Claas WM 210/Corto 210 mounted mower um 07/97

    Claas Corto/Disco mounted mower pt 07/99

    Claas Liner 3000 rake pt 08/01

    Claas Volto 870 H tedder pt 07/02

    Claas Cougar self-propelled mower di 03/04

    Claas Disco 9300 C Duo mounted mower pt 06/10

    Elho HNM 320P trailed mower pt 08/03

    Fella SM320 KC mounted mower pt 02/00

    Fella TS 4000 rake pt 05/05

    Ferri TSG600 hedger di 09/10

    Greenland HPC 2400 mounted mower pt 05/97

    John Deere 1360 trailed mower pt 05/96

    John Deere 530 trailed mower di 11/05

    JF GMS 3202 Top Safe trailed mower pt 03/05

    JF GXT12000/GD3205 F mounted/trailed mower di 04/07

    Krone AM282 Z/AMT283 CV trailed mower pt 04/97

    Krone AM283 vs AMT 4000 mounted/trailed mower pt 02/98

    Krone BiG M self-propelled mower di 04/99

  • profi 1996/2011 45 www.profi.com

    1996 - 2011Krone AMT 323/AMT 3200 trailed mower pt 06/01

    Krone AMT 5000 trailed mower um 11/01

    Krone BiG M II self-propelled mower di 06/03

    Krone BiG M 500 self-propelled mower di 05/09

    Krone BiG M 400 CV self-propelled mower di 10/10

    Krone Swadro 1000 rake pt 03/11

    K-Two Field Scythe trailed mower di 08/01

    Kuhn FC280 P mounted mower pt 09/96

    Kuhn GF8501 T tedder pt 05/97

    Kuhn GA7302 DL rake pt 05/98

    Kuhn GMD 702 mounted mower pt 07/98

    Kuhn GA6000 rake pt 08/99

    Kuhn F C243 mounted mower pt 08/00

    Kuhn Alterna 500 trailed mower um 11/01

    Kuhn FC313 F/FC313 P mounted mower di 05/02

    Kuhn FC313/FC883 mower combi pt 07/04

    Kuhn Agri-/Pro-Longer hedger di 02/06

    Kuhn Merge Maxx 900 swather di 06/10

    Kuhn GMD802F/GMD8730 mounted mower pt 10/11

    Kverneland 4040C trailed mower di 10/01

    Lely Lotus 675 tedder pt 09/99

    Lely Hibiscus 1015 Profi rake pt 7-8/08

    Malone Pro Cut 960C trailed mower di 10/11

    McConnel PA650T hedger di 06/01

    McConnel PA52 ‘front mount’ hedger di 10/02

    McConnel PA93 to PA55 hedger um 04/07

    McConnel FlexWing 6000 rotary cutter di 11/07

    McConnel PA600 hedger di 12/08

    Mortl HT415 mounted mower di 03/99

  • profi 1996/2011 46 www.profi.com


    Niemeyer Twin 850 VS rake pt 08/98

    Niemeyer SM310C mounted mower pt 01/00

    Niemeyer Semitra RO 305 semi-mounted mower pt 07/03

    Pöttinger Cat Nova 310 T trailed mower pt 04/00

    Pöttinger Novacat 305 H ED mounted mower pt 01/07

    Pöttinger Novacat 306 F Alpha Motion front mower pt 06/08

    Pöttinger Novacat V10 ED mounted mower di 09/09

    Selection Single-rotor rakes compared rake pt 07/01

    Selection Selection mounted mower pt 03/09

    Selection Selection mounted mower pt 04/09

    Selection Selection mounted mower pt 05/09

    Spearhead Excel 550 hedger di 05/99

    Spearhead 460 rotary cutter di 03/01

    Spearhead 450 and 460 rotary cutter um 06/07

    Spearhead StarCut 1210 rotary cutter di 03/10

    Taarup 338 B trailed mower pt 04/96

    Vicon KMT3000 trailed mower pt 03/98

    Vicon Red Bull self-propelled mower di 09/01

    Vicon Fanex 903 tedder pt 09/03

    Vicon KM trailed mower um 04/05

    Vicon Andex 843 rake pt 06/05

    Vicon CM 295/CM 908 drum mower combi mounted mower pt 03/06

    Vicon Andex 1503 rake pt 10/06

    Vicon Extra 632T mounted mower pt 10/08

    Ziegler PD 255-IC /HT 254-IC mounted mower pt 10/07

    Key: tt = tractor test; lt = long-term test; pt = practical test; di = driving impression; um = used machinery