Terrorism theory and Practice

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<ul><li><p>ED</p><p>UCA</p><p>T ION</p><p>FOR EVERYON</p><p>E</p><p>CO</p><p>U</p><p>R S E C E R T IF I</p><p>CA</p><p>TE</p><p>C O U R S EC E R T I F I C A T E</p><p>AUGUST 27 , 2015</p><p>NNAMDI OKEKE</p><p>Terrorism and Counterterrorism: ComparingTheory and Practice</p><p>an online non-credit course authorized by Universiteit Leiden and offered throughCoursera</p><p>has successfully completed</p><p>Professor Dr. Edwin BakkerDirector Centre for Terrorism &amp; CounterterrorismFaculty Campus The HagueUniversiteit Leiden</p><p>Verify at coursera.org/verify/MDS7TUCTMGFD</p><p>Coursera has confirmed the identity of this individual andtheir participation in the course .</p></li></ul>