Terri's New Year's Resolutions

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<ul><li>1.NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS-2013I will learn how to use Photoshop and make my wedding invitations.I willrecycle...cans, glass,and paper at my house.I will fit into my wedding dress.I WILL RUN 3 TO 5 TIMES A WEEK.I will eat less processed foods.I will volunteerquarterly.I will run an ultramarathonover 31 miles.smileI will read at least one book for fun every month.NO BEERDURING THEWEEK.I will marry Todd and have a super funwedding ceremony and reception!I will take time to visit friends in other cities.I will help my childrenlearn to drive. I will participate in the PoundPlunge with my family.I will take one day a month to attend aTrail Nerd/Mud Babe Weekly Run.relaxLet othersknow they areloved. Do my best!</li></ul>