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    Tender Document For

    Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Diesel Generator Set

    Tender No. : MPSEDC/SWAN/DG/2013/254

    Additional Chief General Manager Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation Limited

    State IT Center, 47-A Arera Hills

    Bhopal (M.P.) Phone – 0755-2518602-03, Fax – 0755-2579824


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    INVITATION FOR BIDS 1. M.P. State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd., Bhopal invites sealed bids,

    under Two Envelop Systems, from eligible bidders for installation &

    Commissioning of Diesel Generator Set at Different location in Madhya

    Pradesh as per list.

    2. Interested and eligible bidders may obtain further information; inspect the site at

    different location in Madhya Pradesh and obtain the Tender document from the office of M.P. State Electronics Development Corporation, Bhopal or can download the Tender Document from our website - www.mpsedc.com

    3. The Tender Document has to be submitted in two separate envelopes as detailed

    below: a. First envelop should be super scribed as 'TECHNICAL BID' b. Price bid second envelop should be super scribed as 'PRICE BID'

    Both the envelopes should be enclosed in one big envelop super scribing as

    "Tender Document for Installation & Commissioning of Diesel Generator


    4. Tender Document can be purchased on payment of Rs 1000/- (Rupees One

    Thousand Only) {Non returnable} from our offices. In case of downloaded

    documents, the cost of the Tender Document should be enclosed along with the

    Technical Bid in the form of DD payable to MPSEDC Ltd., Bhopal.

    5. All fu r th e r a m end m e n ts /corrigendum i n T e n d e r Do c u m en t o r Bid Schedule, if any, shall be notified on our website www.mpsedc.com

    6. The last date for submission of Tender Document is 23-12-2013 up to 02:00 p.m. The Tender Document should be addressed to:

    Additional Chief General Manager

    M P State Electronics Development Corpn. Ltd. State IT Center, 47-A Arera Hills Bhopal (MP) - 462011

    Tel. No. - 0755-2518602-03, Fax No. 0755-2579824

    Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) The tender should be accompanied by EMD in the form of Demand Draft from any

    nationalise/scheduled bank for Rs 1,00,000/- (Rupees One lakh Only) in favor of

    MPSEDC Ltd. payable at Bhopal.

    Opening of EMD & Technical Bids: EMD & Technical Bids will be opened on 23-12-2013 at 03:00 p.m.

    http://www.mpsedc.com/ http://www.mpsedc.com/

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    Letter of Submission

    To, Addl Chief General Manager

    M P State Electronics Dev. Corpn. Ltd.

    State IT Center 47-A, Arera Hills

    Bhopal (M.P) 462011. I/We, the undersigned, have read and examined in detail, the specifications and all

    bidding document and hereby declare that:


    All the rates quoted in our proposal are in accordance with the terms and conditions as specified in bid document. All the prices and other terms and

    conditions of this proposal are valid for a period of 120 calendar days from the last

    date of submission of bid.

    We do herby confirm that our bid prices include all taxes including Income Tax &

    professional Tax, Service Tax, etc.

    We hereby declare that if any Income Tax, Surcharge on Income Tax and any other

    Corporate Tax is altered under the law, we shall pay the same. EARNEST MONEY We have enclosed the EMD in the form of Bank Draft No ___________ Dated

    ___________ Favoring M. P. State Electronics Development Corporation payable at ___________ Bhopal issued by / drawn on _________________________________ Bank for Rs. 100,000/- (Rupees One lakh only), as desired.

    DEVIATIONS: We declare that all the services shall be performed strictly in accordance with the

    technical specifications and other tender conditions with no deviations.


    We confirm that all information/data have been submitted as required by you in your tender document. We hereby declare that our proposal is made in good faith, without collusion or

    fraud and the information contained in the proposal is true and correct to the best of

    our knowledge and belief. I/We agree that in case any information is found to be

    incorrect, the tender is liable to be rejected at any point of tendering process.

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    Bid submitted by us is properly sealed and prepared so as to prevent any subsequent alteration and replacement.

    We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any bid you may

    receive. Thanking you,

    Yours Faithfully (Signature of Tenderer)

    Name : Date :

    Designation: Place :

    Seal : Address :

    Telephone No:

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    MPSEDC is interested to procure Diesel Generator Set for SWAN project at differ en t PoPs Lo cation in Madhya Pradesh . Details & specification of DGs

    required are as below:

    Sl. No.

    Capacity Qty.

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    SITC of 10.0 KVA Single Phase Diesel Generator Set Diesel Engine:

    Rated at 1500 RPM, Air cooled/water cooled, four stroke, electrical start complete with following accessories: Fly Wheel, Air cleaner and exhaust silencer, Lube oil and fuel filter, Safety controls-Low lube oil pressure, Air intake

    systems and exhaust systems, Coolant systems and exhaust systems, Coolant system and lubricants systems, Electrical Starter.

    Alternator: Self-excited self regulated brushless type with operation at 1500 RPM generating 0.8 Power factor, 230 V 50Hz with

    minimum voltage regulation at no load to full load.

    Control Panel: Voltmeter with selector switch, Ammeter with selector switch,

    MCCB of suitable rating and Indicators lamps.Manual changeover switch 63 Amp ISI Mark. Fuel Tank:

    Daily service fuel tank of minimum 75 liter complete with drain valve, air vent and inlet and outlet connections. Base Frame: Engine and alternator are mounted, coupled and aliged on a

    common channel iron fabricated base frame with predrilled holes. Battery:

    One set of battery of suitable capacity of reputed make duly charged with its leads. Interface:

    SNMP enabled DG set for remote monitoring the DG set i.e.(Status, Level of oil in tank) Note: The product offered must be of high quality and

    manufactured by nationally/ Internationally reputed manufacturer having a minimum turnover of Rs. 100 Crore (Attach copy of the audited balance sheet) and ISO 9001

    (Services and Manufacturing) and preferably ISO 14001. Warranty: Two year including battery and rubber part and free servicing & maintenance at site. Tenderer will provide all consumable like engine oil, coolant, fuel & oil filter etc during

    warranty period. All service check as per manufacturer guide line (Guide line to be submitted with technical bid)

    35 Nos.

    1. The Diesel Generator Set is required to be installed at different PoPs Location in Madhya Pradesh. List Enclosed.

    2. The Diesel Generator Set be heavy duty type and suitable for 24 hr. operation.

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    3. The Bidder is advised to visit the site and access the requirement of materials

    for installation of DG Set. All expenses towards fabrication work, civil work RCC platform of required size with min 9” height from base, additional accessories, and

    electrical work and the 2 earth pit separately are required with chemical earthing

    of good quality to ensure earth resistance max 1Ώ and should connected to the

    main DB including material required for installation shall be provided by the

    Bidder. Bidder should provide the earth pit details/drawing along with technical bid.

    4. The Bidder will be required to ensure trouble free operations of the Diesel

    Generator Set at the rated performance with minimum break down during

    warranty period.

    5. In additional to break down maintenance the Bidder will be required to provide

    two complete services in a year for:

    a. Complete checkup of Diesel Generator Set for performance with oiling and

    tuning of all mechanical and Electrical parts.

    b. Temperature Regulation & Power consumption checking.

    c. Any other problem faced by us from time to time.

    6. In case of engine/alternator/motor starter failure no repair shall be allowed. The Bidder has to provide replacement from the company.

    7. Maintenance of DG set for period of 4 year is to be quoted and will consider for

    evaluating the bid.

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    ELEGIBILITY CRITERIA 1. The Bidder should be an authorized Dealer of any of the companies whose

    product is being quoted.

    2. The Bidder should have a minimum annual turnover of Rs 50 Lakh from Sales & Maintenance of Diesel Generator Set during the last three financial years. The

    bidder should submit 03 years audited balance sheet.

    2. The Bidder should have a full fledged Service support in Madhya Pradesh.

    BID EVALUATION CRITERIA 1. After opening the Bids shall be examined whether the EMD is in order and the

    Bidder meets the minim