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Tell Me About Yourself

Tell Me About YourselfTMAY


The Elevator SpeechHave you ever had a conversation with someone who had the potential to help you and felt that they didnt get whats unique about you and what would make you a great catch?

People rarely have the time or interest to listen to a long and complicated explanation about your profession and /or specialty

How many of you heard a sales pitch this morning before you arrived here today?How about TV, the newspaper or the radio? It is communicating, in an entertaining way, information about a product or service and why they should buy it

What if you ran into the CEO of Cottage Hospital in an elevator and they casually asked what you did or why you were visiting the hospital today?What would you say? How would you say everything you wanted to say in 30 seconds?

Purpose of a TMAYOften used as an icebreaker at the start of a conversationAn introduction group of new contactsMay be asked at any time, by anyone up to the CEO levelMake interesting enough to spawn questionsMake it easy to understandYou want to peak their interest

TMAY TipsSound spontaneous, not like you are reading a scriptAim for twenty second presentationGrab their attention in a few wordsState your name and the company State your expertiseInclude an accomplishment that shows how you can help them.Focus on what you can do to helpWatch your aahs

TMAY Tips continuedSpontaneity requires practice!Practice when:DrivingShowering and shavingTime yourself no longer than 20-30 secondsDont rambleReview regularly with friends, family and industry professionals to keep them polished and fresh

They come in Different FlavorsSocial MixerIndustry specific networking eventIntroductionThe information interviewOut and About

Kathie PHi my name is Kathie, Ive been a nurse with VNHC for more than 18yrs and have stopped by today to introduce myself to the doctor. After 106 very successful years in the Santa Barbara area we have branched out to the Santa Ynez Valley. Would it be possible to meet with Dr. Billington for about 10 minutes to update her on a patient we are providing care to.

KymHi, Im Kym the newest member of the VNHC Team. VNHC has been providing the full continuum of care to Santa Barbara residents for many years. Services include our Loan Closet, personal care services, skilled nursing and rehabilitation along with palliative and hospice care. If you havent seen our 18 bed ICU Hospice facility its well worth a tour.