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Teknologi Informasi Indonesia di Masa mendatang Basuki Suhardiman basuki@itb.ac.id Slide 2 Trend Teknologi 10 Tahun Mendatang (1) "Brave new the unwired world" by alex Lightman : Terrestrial Public Voice and Data Networks Wireless Services Satellite Broadband Internet Delivery Services Semiconductors, magnetic storage systems, and optical systems Microprocessors Slide 3 Trend Teknologi 10 Tahun Mendatang (2) Wireless Information Devices (WIDs) New Types of Human Interfaces Wearable Computers Molecular-engineered materials Nanotechnologies, molecular micromachines, genetics, biotech, and molecular Computers Slide 4 Trend Sistem Telekomunikasi dan Teknologi Informasi Cable Modem & PC Switch Router Application Servers & Web Servers Internet Digital Set Top Box & TV PC & TV Home Gateway for video, voice and data Video Server PSTN Data, video & voice Internet Broadcast Servers e.g. MTV.com Data, video & voice Slide 5 Convergence of Services Computer (Internet) Content (Broadcasting) Communications (Telco) Customer Slide 6 Technology GSM, GPRS, CDMA, WCDMA, IP, ADSL, HSPDA, DVB etc Network PSTN, MLPN, VPN, Internet, Satellite, Wireless LAN, IPTV etc. Customer Devices Cell Phone, TV, Handheld TV, Imaging, PDA etc L ife S tyle Convergence of Technology Slide 7 Mobile IP Enables Seamless Connectivity to and from the Home Network Internet Dial Hotel Home Conferences Meeting Rooms ISP Access through the Internet Cellular or Mobile Commuting LANs and VLANs Slide 8 Evolution of Data Services Mobile IP GSM GPRS CDMA Other Cellular Some Effort to Do Circuit Switched Data Today The Packet Switching Data Component of GSM Packet Switching For Data Built-in Some AMPS and Non-AMPS Cellular Systems Have Packet Ability Today Cellular Systems Are Moving Toward Support for Packet Data. This Is the Foundation for Mobile IP Slide 9 Path 3 G Slide 10 Arsitektur Jaringan 2G Internet BTS BSC MS MSC T-1 EIR VLR HLR/AC PSTN IWF Slide 11 Arsitektur Jaringan 3G Internet BTS BSC MS MSC T-1 EIR VLR HLR/AC PSTN IWF New Switch New Switch New Switch T-1 IP PDSN Slide 12 IP TV IPE DVB-T Digital Video Broadcast- Terrestrial is a standard following the ETSI ETS 300 744 rule, which considers video and audio compressions techniques according to the MPEG standards. DVB-T, enables digital transmission over the normal UHF frequency band. Internet Protocol Encapsulation (IPE) technology allows IP-data to be encapsulated in the DVB packet such that IP content can be delivered over the normal terrestrial transmission. A single UHF band is able to carry up to 30 Mbps of data. Digital Video Broadcast- Handheld is basically and extension of DVB-T but uses less power and allow the receiving device to move freely while receiving the transmission, thus making it ideal for mobile phones and handheld computers to receive digital TV broadcasting over the digital TV network (without using mobile phone networks at all). DVB-H Enables digital transmission over UHF. Brother to DVB-T uses less power and allows mobility Enable IP packets to be transported over UHF Slide 13 End to End IPTV Solution Content Satellite Farm Satellite Transmitter Client Premise Broadcast & Network Operating Center Public Network Slide 14 Pola Transmisi Transmitter N O C Satellite Farm Cell Broadcasting Studio TV Station Content from Satellite Slide 15 Layanan IP TV Slide 16 Infrastruktur Satelit Tingginya kebutuhan IT terutama untuk akses Internet Jumlah penduduk Indonesia > 200.000.000 Mendekati 16.000.000 pengguna Geografi yang sangat luas Panjang geografis dari sabang sampai Merauke 5000 km Skema VSAT dengan uplink dan downlink yang Customized Harga yang kompetitif Pricing is basic issues Slide 17 Teknologi Internet menggunakan satelit DVB (digital video broadcasting) Downlink only Di desain untuk downlink DVB uplink and downlink /DVB-RCS Designed for point-to-multipoint 2 way communication Slide 18 DVB Downlink only Point to Multi Point Cocok untuk menambah kapasitas bandwidth Konfigurasinya sederhana TVRO antenna (3,7 m) DVB box Router (DVB card, pc, ethernet card) Slide 19 DVB Downlink only Slide 20 DVB-RCS (return channel via satellite) Desain untuk two communications Cocok untuk pengembangan infrastruktur di daerah : sub urban and rural areas Cocok untuk Indonesia Low Cost