Tekla Structures Steel Detailing Modeling

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  • Tekla Structure Steel Detailing Modeling

    About the course : Tekla Structures enables the creation and management of accurately detailed and highly constructability on 3D structural models. Tekla models can be used to cover the entire building process from conceptual design to fabrication, erection, and construction management. During the basic training course, you will be taught the basic principles of Tekla Structures. Each training day contains several exercises so you will learn to apply what you have learned in theory. Key learning areas :

    UNDERSTAND integration between the 3D structural model and Tekla Structures drawings & reports. PERFORM hands-on 3D structural model includes the

    geometry and design of the structure, and all the information about profiles and cross sections, connection types, materials, structural analysis, etc. Extracting drawings and reports at any stage of the project and updated according to the changes in the model

    BENEFITS from a range of case studies, exercises & group discussions

    Course information :

    Duration : 21 hours (Weekend Class) Course Fee : Rp 3,500,000.- Early Bird & Cash

    2 or more delegates (disc 12.5%) Single (disc 10%)

    Normal Rate & Cash 2 or more delegates (disc 7.5%) Single (disc 5%)

    Normal Rate & Non-Cash 1st : 25%, 2nd : 30% , 3rd : 30% , 4th: 15% Participant : 5 -10 participants (Please bring your laptop) Benefits : Module kit Certificate Coffee break, Snack/Lunch

    Contact : 08111338685 offshoreoilgastraining@yahoo.com www.offshoreoilgastraining.com

    Who this course is for :

    Anyone who looking to expand their 3D modeling knowledge Course content :

    Lesson-1 how to start Tekla Structures how to create, open, and save a model how to move around in the model what views are and how they are created how to use the common buttons in the dialog boxes

    Lesson-5 how to modify the work area how to create, move, and delete clip planes how to use work planes how to use more advanced snapping features

    Lesson-8 how to define custom components how to use reference models how to publish models as web pages

    Lesson-2 how to create and modify grids what the work area is how to create plane views along grid lines

    Lesson-6 how to use the component catalog how to create and modify components how to create component default views how to use the material catalog how to use the profile catalog

    Lesson-9 how to use windbracing

    Lesson-3 how to snap on points how to use and customize Mini Toolbar how to create parts such as columns and beams how to modify parts how to create chamfers in part corners how to control the selection of objects.

    Lesson-7 how to enter project information how to switch between single and multi user modes how to use the phase manager how to represent objects in model views how to check the model how to make inquiries about objects how to check distances and angles

    Lesson-10 Components examples

    Lesson-4 how to copy and move objects how to detail profiles how to create welds how to use bolts how to split and combine parts how to create points how to work with assemblies