Teddy Roosevelt

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Teddy Roosevelt. Pat Feehan Hickory Creek Library of Congress Summer Class 2012. Single handedly fought, killed & ate Big Foot before breakfast ***I’m Kidding*** (duh). Built his strength up as a teenager through hundreds of pushups, boxing, and swimming. Graduate of Harvard. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy RooseveltPat FeehanHickory CreekLibrary of Congress Summer Class 2012

Single handedly fought, killed & ate Big Foot before breakfast***Im Kidding***(duh)

Built his strength up as a teenager through hundreds of pushups, boxing, and swimming

Graduate of Harvard

Wrote several books

Elected to New York State Assembly (23 years old)

St. Valentines Day: 1884Moved to the Dakota Badlands after his mother died & his wife died giving birth to a daughteron the same day

Returned to New York City & ran for Mayor (1886)He lost

Appointed to the US Civil Service Commission(1889)

Appointed to the New York City Police Board Commission(1895)

Assistant Secretary of Navy1897

Spanish American War(1898)

2nd in Command of Rough Riders

Governor of New York1898

Elected Vice President of USA1900

President McKinley was shot by an assassin. Vice President Roosevelt became the 26th President in 1901

Youngest President in US History (age = 42)

Wright Brothers flew the first airplane (December 1903)

Ever have a TEDDY Bear?

Began construction of the Panama Canal (1904)

Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating end of war between Russia & Japan 1905

1st President to ride in an airplane, submarine, and automobile

Created US National Forest Service

Trustbuster: broke up monopolies

Blinded in the left eye from boxing in the White House at age 46

Roosevelts Foreign PolicySpeak Softly & Carry a Big Stick

Meat Inspection Act0f 1906

Pure Food & Drug Act1906

Stylish Eyeglasses as Man about Towncreates Manscape trend in Hollywood

President during Cubs last World Series Victory

Leaving, the Presidency, T.R. went hunting in Africa

Returned from Africa &decided to run for President in 1912 & began the Bull Moose Party

1912 ElectionTaft(R) Wilson(D) Roosevelt (B.M.)

Bull Moose Party SupportedSuffrage for Women

Bull Moose Party supportedNo Child Labor

Bull Moose Party SupportedSafer Work Conditions

Shot by a would be assassin in Milwaukee (October 1912)

Lost the election to Wilson & leaves to explore the Amazon River

While exploring the Amazon, T.R. was attacked and bitten by a deadly animal. Can you name which animal?

MosquitoMalaria & Yellow Fever

All four sons of Teddy Roosevelt fought in World War One

Quentin Roosevelt was shot and killed by the Germans in World War One at age 20

Archie Roosevelt was shot in the knee by German troops but survived. Later in WW II a Japanese grenade exploded and damaged the same knee.

Teddy Roosevlet Jr. was the first & only American general to land in the first wave on D-Day. He also died in WWII

Kermit Roosevelt also died during World War Two

Teddy Roosevelt and his sons played a pivotal role in American History. But, what about Bigfoot?

What would Teddy Roosevelt had done if he found a Bigfoot?

I dont know. But, I wouldnt want to be the Bigfoot to find out.

Is it true he stopped the Zombie Apocalypse?

Teddy Roosevelt died in 1919 in his sleep from heart disease

Vice President Thomas Marshall said, Death had to take Roosevelt sleeping, for if he had been awake, there would have been a fight.

Mount Rushmore

USS Teddy Roosevelt

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