Technology in Language Classroom

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Technology in Language Classroom. Skills and Equipment for getting started. Technology in Language Classroom. Computer Assisted Language Learning CALL) In formations and Communication Technology (ICT) Technology Enhanced Language Learning TELL). Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL ). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Technology in Language ClassroomSkills and Equipment for getting started

  • Technology in Language ClassroomComputer Assisted Language Learning CALL)

    In formations and Communication Technology (ICT)

    Technology Enhanced Language Learning TELL)

  • Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

    Included filling in gapped texts, matching sentences, and multiple choice activities.The best known one was text reconstruction.All of these activities offers the learner feedback.

  • In formations and Communication Technology (ICT)

    The use of internet and web-based tools Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL)The use of growing possibilities of internet and communications technology

  • WHY ICT IS NEEDED?It will become a normal part of ELT practice in the coming years. Technology is a way to bring outside world into the classroom.Internet presents us with new opportunities for authentic tasks and materials.Collaboration and communication between learners is offered by internet.Speaking, reading, writing, and listening can be practiced thanks to using ICT tools.

  • What can be used as tools?Websites and webquestsInternet-based project workElectronically produced materialsCollaborative projects using blogsDate projector

  • Using different Web Tools,Registering Everything Online has


    Using e-portfolioDeveloping collobrative learningHaving intercultural awarenessImproving literacy skillsConsequences

    Students become open-minded and creative.They use different learning styles which motivates them.They deal with innovative and challenging tasks.

  • Skills and Equipment for Getting StartedThe basic skills;How to use a simple word processing program.How to use e-mailHow to access and use the internet

  • The Basic EquipmentsAt least one computerInternet connectionA printerAn audio card in the computer and a headset (audio and microphone) for every computer.Technologic basic software ( a word processing program, a web browser like internet explorer, firefox, safari or mozilla and e-mail program).

  • As an English TeacherTo use websites and webquests related to the lessons topicsTo use internet based projects such as moodleTo make the students to use computers activelyTo use active white board to make the students understand well( visual and active) to prepare exercises as text reconstruction, gap filling on the computer.

  • Good to Great TeachersTo learn new techniques like the usage of active white boardTo use internet based activities to develop the students understandingTo combine computer and language teaching like visual aids, presentations, videos, podcasts.To make the students to use internet also such as giving research homework

  • Resources Resources are on the moodle in week 1 part.

    By dil Akgn Sare engl Dilek Ersz