What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Presentatio n By… Chitralekh a Jeebodhun


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Page 1: Technologies!

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Presentation By…

Chitralekha Jeebodhun

Page 2: Technologies!

Mini Dv Canon Camcorder The main technology that we used throughout

this project was a mini dv canon camcorder, from which we filmed everything that is available on our thriller blog including the interviews, our own preliminary exercise and the main product itself ‘The Thriller product’, excluding the ‘Behind the scenes’ video.

When we first started with this technology, I found it particularly hard to adjust to all its features however I think me and the other members of my group have now gotten used of it. And honestly speaking it wasn’t that hard in the first place, you just got to know the appropriate thing and there you will succeed!

We have improved a lot with our filming skills specially when it comes to using the zoom button, that was certainly the hardest to manage with. As we had to zoom in and out for different shots it was really tricky as it kept on zooming either too much or zoom back which was pretty irritating as we had to keep re-filming. However I do certainly think we’ve got used to this feature.

Page 3: Technologies!

The Tripod As essential it was for us to have

the camcorder in order that we can film our product, it was equally as important for us to have the tripod which goes with it.

To understand how the tripod functions it was really easy and there wasn’t the need to put effort in understanding how it works.

Using a tripod was really useful especially when we had to take still shots.

Its really good for pan and tilt shots.

Page 4: Technologies!

Blackberry- Smart phones

As all the members owned a blackberry, an advanced smart phone, it easier for us to do many other task while the camcorder was occupied.

The blackberry allowed us to take pictures of our location, filmed behind the scenes and also researched information's.

One main thing with our blackberry was it allowed us to contact each other in emergency through various ways, e.g. facebook,bbm, ping chats and normal messenger which is not always quick in other mobile phones.

Page 5: Technologies!


The imac is the main technology that we used to upload anything we’ve filmed and use the applications available to make our thriller product.

It was a lot advanced than other computers and you can almost do anything with an iMac with its fast response!

It was also used for blogging purposes

Page 6: Technologies!

Live Type

Live type was used to make our titles, I personally thought that was quicker than the actual windows movie maker because it had a lot of advanced options such as varieties of different sounds and texts that made our title sequences look certainly realistic and to very high standards.

Page 7: Technologies!

Final Cut Express

Thanks to Final Cut Express Our thriller product was made to real high standards, with its advanced techniques it was so easy to make the product the exact way we wanted it.

We could cut any bits we don’t want, add bits to different places, play music on a scene or even remove it!

It was one helpful technology.

Page 8: Technologies!


Youtube was used throughout making this thriller, It was important for us to upload all the movies on there so that we can use the link to post on our blogs.Also its an easier way to get people views on youtube.

Page 9: Technologies!


Blogger was an important part from the very start of this project, that where our whole thriller was introduced and since then whatever has occurred including positive and negative events were all up there.

I thought this was a good idea as it shows the journey from the start till the finish and also how we progressed!

Page 10: Technologies!


Survey Monkey is an excellent site for using as audience research, this site allowed me to ask my own questions based on thriller from all friends and family and it also linked to my Facebook account which was even quicker for responses.

Page 11: Technologies!

Facebook.com – Social Networking

Its been said that Facebook is just a normal social network, however instead of just being a place where people can have fun, facebook has been very useful in my thriller making.

Seeing facebook is so popular specially amongst teenagers and other young adults, it was easier to do some audience research via this site.

Page 12: Technologies!


Wordle is a really good site to present texts in a different and interesting way.

I have made use of this site to present make blog in an interesting way.

Page 13: Technologies!

Still Camera –Samsung

To make a montage of the thriller ideas at the start of this project, we had to use the still cameras to take good quality shots.