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TECHNICALLY-ADVANCED COIL · PDF filecoil manufacturing, providing DC armature coils to OEMs such as General Electric, ... Swiger Coil has over 6,500 sets of stator coil data and can

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Text of TECHNICALLY-ADVANCED COIL · PDF filecoil manufacturing, providing DC armature coils to OEMs...


  • Swiger Coil Systems, a Wabtec Company, has been manufacturing coils for repair services and OEMs for over 30 years. Our ISO 9001-2000 certified facility, dedicated staff, and our attention to detail insures that customers get the right coils, on-time, guaranteed! Recent investments, of over $3.5 million dollars in new equipment, positions Swiger as the technological leader in the coil industry.

    Technically Advanced Coil Manufacturing

    The Swiger Advantage

    Swiger Coil offers the complete package with total in-house capability focused on manufacturing coils to OEM specifications. Swiger has over 200,000 feet of manufacturing space in our Cleveland, Ohio facility, including contamination-free controlled production environments and a clean-room testing and inspection center.

    State-of-the-art coil equipment is complemented by a well trained and committed work force. Swiger maintains an extensive sample bank of coils, reinforced by computer cross-referencing and three dimensional CAD/CAM and Solidworks specification imaging.

    Other vital elements of the Swiger package is over 500,000 lbs of on-site copper wire inventory, several large VPI systems including silicon, polyester, and co-polymer resins, and a complete in-house machine shop.

    Insulation SystemsSwiger Coil primarily insulates armature and stator coils in three ways according to customer specifications although others are available upon request.

    1. Dip and Bake - Made of Mylar Mica tape or wrapped with glass tape armor, sleeved leads and are vanish dipped and cured. The advantage to this type of insulation is that they are fully processed and can be tested at full voltage.2. Green for VPI - Made with a low binder Mica paper tape ground wall with shrink Dacron armor tape and VPI sleeving. The advantages to this type of insulation is there are no voids if the coils are processed correctly, they are moisture resistant and flexible during installation. They have excellent dielectrics and are resistant to vibration.3. Sealed System - Made with Mylar Mica ground wall with Fusa-Flex armor tape and taped leads. The advantage of this type of insulation is the coils are suitable for on-site rewinds where VPI is not possible. They have excellent moisture and chemical resistance and are flexible offering very good dielectrics.

    100% Inspection and Testing

    Packaging and Shipping

    Electrical and dimensional tests are performed on every coil before they leave the Swiger facility in a clean room environment. Electrical tests include voltage, surge, resistance, and ground. Dimensional checks include digital monitoring of coil mechanical properties and coil fitting in custom mock-up forms.

    All coils are packaged in thick boxes and packaged with shipping foam to protect them in transit. This insures that coils are received as they are shipped. The lading bill is faxed or e-mailed to you when the coils ship. Many shipping methods are available including ground, air, and airport pick-up for same or next day pick-up.

  • Coil ProductsArmature Coils

    Swiger Coil has long been recognized as the leader in armature coil manufacturing, providing DC armature coils to OEMs such as General Electric, Westinghouse, Reliance, P & H, EMD, Alstom, Siemens, Teco and others. With over 7,500 sets of armature coil data, many times we can provide replacement coils without a sample. We can provide armature coils for any horsepower range. We stock class F and H insulation but can work to your specification.

    Stator Coils

    Swiger Coil has over 6,500 sets of stator coil data and can often provide replacement coils without a sample. We provide class F and H insulation but can work to your specification. We can provide complete rewind kits, green coils for VPI or Sealed System coils when global VPI is not an option. Swiger Coil has invested in industry leading equipment for producing stator coils quickly and economically.

    Field Coils

    Swiger Coil manufactures all field coils including: series, com-pound and shunt fields and interpoles. We provide class F and H insulation to your specification. Custom systems and Polyester VPI are available for hot or wet applications. With over 2,500 sets of field coil data on-hand, samples are often times not needed.

    Edgewound Coils

    Swiger Coil Systems manufactures new coils, repairs and reinsulates edgewound coils for hydros, wind turbines, DC motors and generators. Our 900-ton press is the heart of our operation, allowing us to maintain continuous pressure during turn insulation curing and produce insulated edgewound coils of unmatched uniformity. Asbestos abatement with full traceable documentation is available.

    Specialty Coils

    Swiger Coil Systems also manufactures other coils including:

    - Compound Coils- Equalizer Coils- Auxiliary Coils- Flatwound Coils- Series / Shunt Coils- Relay Signal Coils- High Energy Coils- Transformer Coils - Brake Coils

    - Reactor Coils- Choke Coils- Magnet Coils- Water-cooled Coils- Blowout Coils- Control Coils- Wire Wound Coils- Molded / Encapsulated Coils- Others

  • Swiger Coil Systems4677 Manufacturing RoadCleveland, OH 44135216.362.7500 (phone)216.362.0999 (fax)

    OEM Coils

    Swiger Coil Systems manufactures large volumes of Stator, Armature, Field, Edgewound and Specialty Coils to the most demanding customer specifications. Our OEM Coil group provides quick quoting andturn-around, tool design and procurement, quality manufacturing and on-time delivery. Typical applications include:

    Traction Motor (Transit and Narrow Gauge railroad) Traction Auxiliary Motor Coils Large Mill Motors Off-road construction equipment Power Generation (including Wind Generators) Linear Induction Motors Hybrid Motors Mining Equipment and Wheel Motors VPI / Hard Coils B-Stage Coils

    Service Coil Division

    Swiger Coils Service Coil Division is a dedicated business unit focused on the rapid design and manufacture of AC and DC coils from customer samples, data or our extensive data bank. From initial quote to the final delivery, our focus is to provide our customers with the best value in the industry. Our Service Coil Division features:

    Quick quoting and turnaround time, most within two hours! 24/7/365 Emergency Phone Service 3 day delivery on standard coils 24 hour expedited service From 1 coil to 1,000 coils Courier service available Meeting delivery commitments Computer tracking of shipments Coils that fit the first time, every time Automated taping equipment Test fit all coils in Mock frames Constant customer communication 30 years of developing an extensive data base of coil and motor specifications and sizes More than 150,000 lbs. in our on-site wire inventory A vertical factory with the ability to do the job from start to finish