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Technical Training SeMinarS elecTroMobiliTy - · PDF fileSeminars Consulting Studies Seminars In our seminars leading experts provide an overview of the develop-ments in the field

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Text of Technical Training SeMinarS elecTroMobiliTy - · PDF fileSeminars Consulting Studies Seminars...

  • Technical TrainingSeMinarSelecTroMobiliTy

    F R A U N H O F E R I N S T I T U T E F O R M A N U F A C T U R I N G

    T E C H N O L O G Y A N D A D VA N C E D M AT E R I A L S I F A M

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    Christian Ruether Manager and Trainer Wiener Strasse 12 28359 Bremen 8Germany 0606 100004Phone +49 421 2246 7006 : +86 1 0659 06135-11

    e-mail [email protected]

    News and Application

    Please check our website for further information on our electromobility


    Seminar: Electromobility Technologies

    This two-day seminar provides a comprehensive overview of electro-

    mobility technologies, which will be presented in three modules: Energy

    storage, powertrain and vehicle concepts.

    Target group: Professionals, managers and engineers of national and

    international medium-sized or large enterprises.

    Your benefit: Insights into future developments in electromobility

    technologies straight from the Fraunhofer research laboratories.

    Module Content



    Structure, functionality and characterization

    of energy storage systems, as well as future

    systems beyond lithium-ion batteries.

    Powertrain Concepts and functionality of powering

    tomorrows vehicles and integration potential

    into complete systems.



    Trends in vehicle design concepts with regard

    to handling, performance and lightweight







  • Seminars

    Consulting Studies


    In our seminars leading experts provide an overview of the develop-

    ments in the field of electromobility technologies.

    For the Chinese market, we offer two special electromobility courses

    on future local challenges:

    Electromobility in the Future (1-day seminar)

    Electromobility Technologies (2-day seminar)

    Consulting and Studies

    Using our expertise, we analyze and develop customized education

    strategies for firms in China, e. g. in the style of the German dual

    vocational education and training system (VET).


    The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading application-oriented

    research organization with more than 66 institutes and independent

    research units with more than 22,000 employees in Europe.

    The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is engaged in a number of international

    activities. Since 1999 the Representative Office in Beijing has been

    building bridges between the Chinese market and Fraunhofer


    The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced

    Materials IFAM, located in Bremen, Germany, is increasingly

    engaged in China. It is one of Europes largest independent and

    applied R&D centers for shaping and functional materials as well as

    adhesive bonding technology and surfaces.


    Today the world faces multifaceted challenges, such as environmental

    protection and efficient urban infrastructure. In this regard mobility,

    particularly electromobility, is a central topic. Fraunhofer IFAM

    conducts contract research in a range of aspects of electromobility,

    e. g. lightweight materials, energy storage, powertrain, and vehicle

    concepts. To transfer this research into industrial knowledge, we

    develop, prepare, and implement training courses, conduct studies as

    well as offer consulting services in the field of electromobility for our

    customers worldwide.

    Seminar: Electromobility in the Future

    This 1-day seminar provides answers to questions on energy supply,

    environmental aspects, mobility concepts and charging infrastructure.

    Target group: Decision makers, managers and engineers of national

    and international medium-sized to large enterprises.

    Your benefit: Identify trends and developments of electromobility

    at an early stage.

    Module Content



    Grid stability, vehicle-to-grid and integration of

    electric vehicles into micro-grids.

    environment Well-to-wheels efficiency and analysis of

    electric vehicle life cycles.



    Opportunities and challenges of electric

    vehicles in car sharing systems and future

    mobility trends.



    Charging infrastructure technologies, inductive

    and intelligent charging systems.

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