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Technical Industrial Institute. “Guglielmo Marconi”. A BRIEF PRESENTATION. INSTITUTE PRESENTATION. The I.T.I. G. Marconi (secondary high school ) is located in Nocera Inferiore a town in the province of Salerno in Southern Italy (not far from Naples ). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Technical Industrial Institute

Istituto Tecnico Industriale

Italian, HistoryForeign language English Maths and Lab computer practiceAutomated systems and lab computer practiceElectronics and lab computer practiceLawElectro-tecniques and lab computer practiceTechnology, Design and projectingMechanicsElectronic systems (wirings)Physical EducationReligion or alternative activity


Italian, HistoryForeign language EnglishMaths and lab practiceProcessing system and Information transmissions system and lab practiceElectronics and lab practiceComputer science and lab practiceCalculation and lab computer practicePhysical EducationReligion or alternative activity


The students range from 13 to 18years of age, and they mainly come from the local surroundings of Nocera, there are also many comunity and extra E.U. students who attend our school.Our School Principal (headmaster)Mr. Maurizio de Gemmis


The two years course, is made up of 17 classes, it adopts the prefixed national syllabus and the subjects involved are:Foreign language -English Italian, History, GeographyMaths and Lab computer practiceChemistry and lab practiceBiology (Lab computer practice)Physics (Lab computer practice)Law ed EconomicsScience (Lab computer practice)Technology and Design (Lab computer practice)Physical EducationReligion or alternative activity

Teaching is done using up-to-date labs for, computer science, chemistry, physics, technology and design, 36 hours per week.CURRICULAR ACTIVITIESThe three year course, is divided in two main specializations:Electro-techniques and AutomationsIndustrial computer scienceAbacus

The three year coursealso has a series of labs apt to deal with the most up-to-date multi-medial technologies:

All the labs in the three year course, with many classrooms, are digitally, connected. The institute also has 4 ADSL digital internet connection lines.

Mathematics and computer calculation labDesign areaElectonic labElectrotechnique labTechnology, design and projecting labComputer science and electro-technique system labMultimedia coordination labLab for testing of electro compatibility and the testing and verification domestic and industrial electric systemsHandicap lab

The actual whole five year study courses, allow student access to all University faculties and placing in job areas such as:

Private and industrial systems Industrial automations Driving school technician Professional expert Aerial technician Electrical maintenance technician Software programmer Expert in systems Multi-medial systems planner Software operator and installer Hardware maintenance repairer

The Marconi institute also deals with the tuition of adults and younger adults , it has been authorized on regional and national basis in offering preparation courses and extra educational teaching in technical areas and also intensive English language courses.

European projects (PON, Socrates programme, Comenius project, pilot project Italian-Hungarian, Environment project, Grundtvig);PON projects, planned against school dispersion and for permanent teaching, CIC, The Cometa project, Sport and School, Regional projects (POR and OFIS);European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL);Periods in computer and electro-technique companies (Web designers, Technician computer science and Networking, Planner CAD 2D/3D);Trinity language courses ;The Arion project ;The Icaro project.


Here is our schools website and links to the our various past

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