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Tech tools for teaching. Lesson Planning. PlanbookEdu. Lesson Ideas. Knowmia. General Classroom Tools. classtools. Docs Teach. Edmodo. Blendspace. Symbaloo. Primary and Secondary sources. Google News Archive. Eyewitness to History. Fordham University. History 101. History Central. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Tech tools for teaching</p> <p>Tech tools for teachingLesson PlanningPlanbookEdu</p> <p>Lesson IdeasKnowmia</p> <p>General Classroom Toolsclasstools</p> <p>Docs Teach</p> <p>Edmodo</p> <p>Blendspace</p> <p>Symbaloo</p> <p>Primary and Secondary sourcesGoogle News Archive</p> <p>Eyewitness to History</p> <p>Fordham University</p> <p>History 101</p> <p>History Central</p> <p>The Mini Page Archive</p> <p>Maps, Graphs, Etc.D-Maps</p> <p>Videos and Animation for Learningflocabulary</p> <p>The Map as History</p> <p>Keep vid</p> <p>You tube- History Teachers Channel</p> <p>Teacher Or Student PresentationBlabberize</p> <p>Blubbr</p> <p>Brainshark</p> <p></p> <p>Educanon</p> <p>EduCreations</p> <p>Fotobabble</p> <p>Jing and Screencast</p> <p>Join Me</p> <p>Photopeach</p> <p>Voki</p> <p>Formative and Summative AssessmentPadlet</p> <p>Poll Everywhere</p> <p>Quizlet</p> <p>Socrative</p> <p>Tagxedo</p> <p>timetoast</p> <p>Toondoo</p> <p>Trading Card Creator</p> <p>Student Friendly researchSweet search for students</p> <p>GradingFlubaroo</p> <p>American Rhetoric</p> <p>National Archives Digital Experience</p>