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BUSN460Weekly Status/Summary(To be Submitted by the Weeks Team Leader)Team Name and Members: Team name: Success Awaits Solutions Team members:Matt Gregory, Rodrigo Martins, Glynn Perdue, Partishala Boyd Date: Weeks Team Objectives (defined in previous week): 9/17/10 The team objectives were: Deciding how assignments will be divided, how disputes will be resolved and appropriate deadlines for assignments


Work for Weeks Team Objectives Accomplished (defined in previous week):

On week one the team created a contract specifying roles and responsibilities for each member, goals for week assignments and a set of guidelines in order to help team members to better understand the process involved.


Review/Highlights of Team VideoAnalysis Report:

Every week team members viewed the weekly videos and discussed issues related to Can Go some issues that the team found were: Lack of strategic planning, lack of organizational skills, lack of formal planning, lack of guidance form management, lack of a financial planning, lack of a marketing plan, lack of proper policies to guide employees.


Other ConsultingWork (other than Team Video Analysis Reports):

The other consulting analysis done by the team was to offer solutions for Can Go and to advise management of possible negative outcomes that could result from observing their organizational operational structure some of the negative outcomes include; loss in market share, decline in revenues due to poor customer service, without a proper planning the company runs the risk of not only losing current customers for the competition but also damaging its reputation by not meeting customers expectations .


Progress toward Final Presentation (Qualitative and Quantitative):

For the final presentation the team agreed to meet on I connect next week in order to become familiar with the software and its functions also it was agreed to prepare some power point slides and share with the team in addition, next week the team will divide portion of the project and assign to team members.

BUSN460Weekly Status/Summary(To be Submitted by the Weeks Team Leader)


Comments (including each team member contributions/support): 1) Matt Gregory:Contributed and demonstrated good leadership skills during week 2. 2) Rodrigo Martins:Supported team members by offering help and motivation. 3) Glynn Perdue: Fairly contributed to assignments and demonstrated fast responses to questions. 4) Partishala Boyd: was a good team leader for week 1 however, during the I connect meeting showed some intolerance with some team members but the conflict were quicly resolved.


Next Weeks Objectives/Tasks:

For next week our team will be working on the final project and how we should structure the portions of the project also, we will start using the I connect functions so everybody can become familiar with the software.

Team Leader, type your name below in the space indicated acknowledging that you have reviewed and concurred witheach team membersaccomplishmentsforthe Final project this week. NOTE: This may affect your fellow students grades; therefore, you must be honest and as accurate as you can be with the information provided. Team Leader this week: Rodrigo Martins

Name: Rodrigo Martins.