Teaching Techniques for Engaging the Millennial Students

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Teaching Techniques for Engaging the Millennial Students. Dr. Kayla Peak Department of Kinesiology; Tarleton State University peak@tarleton.edu Excellence in Teaching Conference; TSU; March 2011. Lectures. Sleeper City: Better than Ambien!!!. Contagious Excitement: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Learn to Launch Your Lectures into the Upper DeckTeaching Techniques for Engaging the Millennial StudentsDr. Kayla PeakDepartment of Kinesiology; Tarleton State Universitypeak@tarleton.eduExcellence in Teaching Conference; TSU; March 20111LecturesSleeper City:Better than Ambien!!!BoringPassiveMonologueContagious Excitement:Hey, Guess What I Learned Today!StimulatingInteractiveDialogue2Time is TickingMake it CountQuickly grab the attention of the student you have 10 minutes to keep the student focusedmust restart the clock every 10 minutes! - John Medina (2008) Brain RulesLesson cycle --- FocusIntroduce key conceptsShort, interactive segmentVisually motivateKinesthetic involvementCognitively engageEmotional responseStimulate discussionIt all leads to great RETENTION of course material!310 - Lecture LauncherUnleash the Power49 - ActivitiesDiabetes BINGO58 Keep it R.E.A.L.Rock the Gymhttp://media01.tarleton.edu/peak/segment03.wmv67 Pygmalion EffectMake the students LOVE Research!76 Are You More Like Get to REALLY know and understand your students!85 The Power of YouTubeSlam dunk knowledge into the RETENTION hoop a picture is worth a thousand words.http://media01.tarleton.edu/peak/segment02.wmv94 Create a Buy-In FactorParticipation Through Ownership!103 Turn Up the HeatKeep Em on Their Toes Reward those who prepare for class!112 Chart the Course for SuccessProvide for a variety of learning styles each day!121 PassionIgnite the Fire Pass the Torch The Students will Strive to Reach the Summit!http://media01a.tarleton.edu/peak/segment01.wmv13Whats in your Playbook?Tried & True Teaching Methods Find What Works for You!14


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