Teaching Engage NY Module 3 : Peter Pan Common Core Questioning through Interactive Notebooks

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Teaching Engage NY Module 3 : Peter Pan Common Core Questioning through Interactive Notebooks. Meredith Starks Bellaire Elementary Addie Kelley MAT, Elm Grove Elementary. Common Core questioning requires students to actually read a text and goes deeper than the 5Ws . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Interactive Notebooks</p> <p>TeachingEngage NY Module 3: Peter Pan</p> <p>Common Core Questioning throughInteractive NotebooksMeredith Starks Bellaire ElementaryAddie Kelley MAT, Elm Grove Elementary</p> <p>1</p> <p>Common Core questioning requires students to actually read a text and goes deeper than the 5Ws So what is text-dependent questioning?Text-Dependent QuestionsAnswered through close reading of a complex textEvidence comes from the text not outside sourcesRequire understanding beyond basic factsInvitation for students to think deeply about a text and compare it with their own perspectives and experiences.Focus on the text itself to build a strong foundation of knowledgeUse explicit and implicit information from the text to support reasoning.Focus on difficult portions of text in order to enhance reading proficiencyNon-ExampleIf you were present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, what would you do?ExampleWhat are the reasons listed in the preamble for supporting the authors argument to separate from Great Britain?</p> <p>How do I use this with my students?Not a rigid hierarchyNotice frequency of levels of questionsStudents must be TAUGHT how to respond deeply, citing evidence from the text.General UnderstandingsOverall view of textGlobal questionsUnderstanding of what the author really saidGistCore understandingsCentral ideasKey Details5WNuances in meaningDetermine importanceMain idea and supporting detailsVocabulary and Text StructureSpecific words and phrasesText structureLiteral and inferential meaningsDenotation and connotationFigurative languageText organizationSemantics and syntaxAuthors PurposePIEPOVDistinguishing own POV apart from the authorInferencesNot just guessing or reading between the linesStudents probe arguments in persuasive textStudents probe each fact in informational textStudents probe each detail in literary textObserve how each part builds into a whole textOpinions, arguments, and intertextual connectionsGenerate discussion and personal connectionsShould still be built on text dependencyAnalyze claims, evidence and counterclaimsConsider logic and perspectives other than their ownWhy ask text-dependent questions?To teach kids to: Ask text-dependent questions of themselvesThink criticallyAnalyzeConstruct well-reasoned arguments with evidence</p> <p>Planning Text Dependent QuestionsUse the language of the standardsModifying Text-Dependent Questions from Peter PanOriginalHow did Peter get inside the Darling childrens room? Use evidence from the text to support your thinking.PARCC FrameworkHow does Peters visit to the nursery fit into the sequence of events in Chapter 2? Use evidence from the text to support your thinking.(continued)OriginalHow did the stars help Peter at the end of the chapter? Use evidence from the text to support your thinking.PARCC FrameworkHow do the stars actions contribute to the story? Use evidence from the text to support your thinking.How do I scaffold rigorous text-dependent questions for my kids?Interactive Notebooks!What are Interactive Notebooks?A note taking process that allows students to record information in a personal and meaningful way.</p> <p>A way for students use teacher supplied notes to draw whatever illustration makes sense to them.</p> <p>A way for students to personalize their work.</p> <p>A way for students to organize and keep up with their learning.19Interactive vs. Regular NotebooksInteractiveCreative, independent thinkers and learnersStudents express their own ideas in addition to teacher instructionSynthesisEvaluation RegularStudents record notes from a teacherWorksheetsKnowledgeComprehension</p> <p>This ProcessCan be challengingTakes a bit of patience and planningRequires modeling, modeling, modelingMust consistently be reinforcedTakes time to learn both for the teacher and for the students to develop their own style21The PayoffIs a way for students to organize their workUses reading strategies within a content area, such as science or social studies Helps students keep up with useful information throughout a unit of study22And FinallyStudents make their own meaningful connectionsIt encourages pride in student workIt encourages cooperative learningIt appeals to multiple intelligencesThe kids love it and learn so much!23What Students NeedThe notebook-loose leaf paper in a three pronged folder, spiral notebook, or composition bookPencils, regular and coloredLiquid glue or a glue stickScissorsRulerTeacher supplied notesGrading expectations</p> <p>Table of ContentsThis is the students organizing page.</p> <p>Is an outline of their notebook and can be filled in as they go or completed at the end of the unit. It is easier to fill in as you go!</p> <p>Make sure students leave enough room, especially for big units</p> <p>VocabularyWord Wall PagesLiterary Word WallPeter PanWendyTinker BellCaptain HookSupporting Characters</p> <p>Landmark Vocabulary PagesNew vocabulary words in context</p> <p>Original Engage NY Vocabulary</p> <p>new wordoriginal sentence from textworking definition, context clues, and inferenceslinguistic structurewords with similar word parts; i.e. jealousysynonymsstudent illustration to SHOW MEANINGstudent sentence to SHOW MEANINGantonymsLandmark VocabularyDaily Chapter Work</p> <p>Record lesson objectives in language of the standardsCan write directly into notebooks during QuickWritesCan create foldables and glue into notebooks.Collect Reading Response activities and exit tickets in notebook.</p> <p>More examples of Interactive Notebook entries</p> <p>Using Foldables</p> <p>Original Engage NY Work PageFoldable Recording Form</p> <p>Students working together in their Interactive Notebooks</p> <p>Its that simple!!!Interactive notebooks provide the perfect scaffold for rigorous text-dependent questions!</p>


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