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A. READING COMPREHENSIONRead the following text carefully before answering the questions that follow

Eric is a new manager of product information for a national firm wich wholesales electrical components. Hes proud because he was assigned a tough office right out of management training. Hes challenged because he can see as clearly as everyone else in the office that the work is not getting done on time and mistakes are far above the 2 percent target. And hes scared because he finds himself utterly incapable of figuring out what he ought to do to make things better.The office is a new, one-story building in a wooded suburban location-complete with carpeting on the floor and Muzak in the walls. The people are thirty-five female employees, ranging from recent high-school graduates in their first job to experienced middle-aged housewives. And the job is to provide salesmen in the field with current information about price, availability and delivery times of sn exceptionally large inventory of electric equipment and supplies.Eric spent his first day on the job - some three months ago now just watching and listening.While in Management training, he had thought a lot about how he would handle that first day. He knew that everyone in the office would be as eager to find out what he was like as he was to learn about them and their jobs. And he wanted to make a good impression.

But Eric finally decided not to put on any false faces. The fact was that he knew virtually nothing about the people he would be managing, or the kind of work they did. So why he asked himself, act otherwise? Besides, if the people saw that he was genuinely interested in listening to them and learning from them, perhaps that would help establish good mutual rapport between him and his people. So he would just watch and listen, and try to learn in hisfirst few days on the job.

Eric was not surprised when a few weeks after he had taken over management of the office, he was visited by a regional vice-president of the company. The vice-president informed him that sales were failing companywide, and that at least part of the problem had to do with the quality of the information with which salesmen were being provided. Erics operation was one of the most critical points of coordination in the entire company, he said, and it was important to everyone in the company that Eric reduce both the error rate and the number of delays salesmen currently were experiencing. The vice-president said he had enormous confidence in Erics managerial ability, that he was sure the problems would be remedied quickly, and that he viewed Erics future in the company with great optimism.

Please circle the letter that corresponds to the correct statement

Example: a. Eric is the general manager of the company b. Eric has just started a new job c. Eric is an electrician

Statement B. is the correct answer.1. a. Erics new company has branches around the countryb. The company sells only complete products, not parts.c. Eric will take over the management of the production line

2. a. Eric needs to toughen up in preparation for his new job.b. Eric likes a job where he can show his stamina.c. Erics first job should prove difficult.

3. a. Everyone sees well at the office.b. Employees aim for at least a 2 percent error-ratec. One of Erics aim is to get the work done on time.

4. a. The office is on the edge of the cityb. The office is in the country.c. The employees listen to music as they work.

5. a. The employees are in their mid-thirties.b. Eric will be working with many women.c. Employees must have previous experience in a similar job.

6. a. Female employees have to go out in the fields.b. Salesmen are rarely available.c. Salesmen have to be given up-to-date information about products.

7. a. Eric has been working in the office for three months now.b. Being observant is important in a job like this.c. Eric has spent three months watching and listening.

8. a. Everyone in the office wanted to learn from Eric.b. Eric is a management trainer.c. Eric wanted to impress his workmates.

9. a. Eric thought it better to pretend that he knew everythingb. Eric knew little about his new job before starting.c. Finally, Eric decided to pretend that he knew nothing.

10. a. Erics superiority enabled him to establish a good relationship with the employees.b. Eric tried to put himself on the same level as the other employeesc. Eric had nothing to learn from people at a lower level.

11. a. Eric was amazed to take over management of the office.b. The regional vice-presidents visit was not unexpected.c. The vice-president was surprised at Erics able management.

12. a. With a wide variety of products, reliable information was impossible.b. Sales depend to a certain extent on the quality of information given.c. Salesmen had informed the vice-president of the problem.

13. a. Of great importance was Erics role.b. It was Erics job to coordinate the entire company.c. Erics department was one of the most criticized.

14. a. Salesmen cannot work efficiently if information arrives late.b. The vice-president is worried about inefficiency in the salesmen.c. Eric had begun to reduce the error-rate.

15. a. Erics future in the company depends on his solutions to its problems.b. They decided to look for a remedy for Erics illness.c. The vice-president has little faith in Erics capacity.


16. After six months I am _________ to getting up earlya. usingb. get usingc. getting usedd. using to

17. We __________ him not to go near the river.a. toldb. saidc. assuredd. noticed

18. We dont agree, so lets make a _________a. commitmentb. concordc. agreementd. compromise

19. Does that mean Im __________ to the agreement for a year?a. compromisedb. committedc. containedd. contented

20. I dont think hes ___________ with that area.a. consciousb. knowledgeablec. familiard. scientific

21. Dont laugh __________ him.a. forb. byc. atd. to

22. Mr. Jones is _________ up on all the work that has accumulateda. catchingb. finishingc. workingd. making23. Our son is __________ giving a party to celebrate his 18th birthdaya. intending tob. thinking ofc. pretending tod. wanting to

24. ___________ you know all about the topic, he advised me.a. intendb. look as ifc. tryd. pretend

25. Susan prefers to take _________ classes.a. particularb. specificc. particularlyd. private

26. John is _________ before he takes the exama. getting currentb. actualizingc. getting up to dated. getting actual

27. Jane has a __________ with her boyfriend tonight.a. reunionb. meetingc. appointmentd. date

28. I wouldnt _________ his advice if I were youa. confide inb. trustc. recommendd. commint

29. I just ________ the bus by a few secondsa. missedb. didnt catchc. got tod. lost

30. They ________ corn in the north of the countrya. raiseb. risec. rangsd. realize

31. Peter parked his car on the side-walk and the police ____________a. remounted itb. towed it awayc. pulled it offd. dragged it out

32. The applicants had read the ________ in the newspaper.a. noticeb. advertisementc. adviced. announcement

33. That job is __________: youll work only when needed.a. temporaryb. unstablec. occasionald. eventual

34. This hotel really _________ a business-mans every need.a. caters tob. offersc. coversd. works for

35. Can you believe we ran ________ of gasoline on the way?a. inb. outc. offd. on

36. A soon as the mail comes in it has to be __________a. orderedb. arrangedc. sortedd. selected

37. The accountant _________ expenses.a. usesb. ordersc. keeps track ofd. makes sure of

38. The universitys sports ________ are first class.a. facilitiesb. facadesc. opportunitiesd. installations

39. The procedure consists _________ five stages.a. onb. ofc. ind. with

40. Could you move your car, please? Its ________ the waya. inb. onc. in front ofd. by

41. Gerald hates driving in the ________ hour.a. trafficb. busyc. circulatedd. rush

42. I live _________ the south of the citya. onb. atc. fromd. in

43. Small children find it hard to ________ attention.a. putb. payc. placed. provide

44. Id prefer to attend ________ the evening.a. onb. atc. ind. by

45. ________ 10 oclock I should have finished the report.a. fromb. onc. atd. by

46. Is that time __________?a. convenientb. competentc. comfortabled. congested

47. That sounds _________.a. interestingb. interestc. interestedd. interests

48. When James checked his bank account he found it was__________.a. Missdrawnb. overdrawnc. drawn outd. withdrawn

49. If you want to see the head of the department youll have to make an appointment ______ time.a. ahead ofb. inc. withd. of

50. To be healthy you must have__________ food and sleep.a. moreb. too muchc. plentyd. enough

Please mark the letter of the word that could substitute the word underlined.

51. That excuse doesnt sound at all plausible to me.a. possibleb. likelyc. believeabled. confidential

52. The other team won by sheer luck.a. successfulb. shockingc. consistentd. complete

53. Traffic jams infuriate everyone.a. irritate everyoneb. annoy everyonec. inconvenience everyoned. make everyone angry

54. What an ingenious idea!a. an ingenuousb. a homogeneousc. an incredibled. a clever

55. Mike tends to get upset easily.a. is ableb. triesc. is proned. intends

56. Living in Kuwait doesnt attract me.a. appeal tob. sound goodc. interest ind. like to

57. It is bound to rain sooner or later.a. impor