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Teach Yourself Vietnamese

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Vietnamese - ideal for travelers

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  • Cover b/wCover colorContent tableIntroductionGuide to pronunciationVietnamese alphabetUnit 1: I am very pleased to meet youUnit 2: You are secretary aren't you?Unit 3Unit 4: Do you want to see a photograph of my familly?Unit 5: What day is it tomorrow?Unit 6: Excuse me, what's the time?Unit 7: Do you want to buy anything else?Unit 8: Do you still work in the hotel?currentUnit 9: Are you sure this is the way to history museum?Unit 10: Can I see the house?Unit 11: Do you have a temperature?Unit 12: Do you know a good restaurant?Unit 13: Have you seen the weather forecast yet?Unit 14: Do you want to leave a message?Unit 15: How long does it take to a letter to get to England?Unit 16: I hate classical musicUnit 17: Can I fly to Vietnam via Hong Kong?Unit 18: Do you know the highest mountain in Vietnam?Revision UnitTranslations of dialoguesTranslations of selected textTaking it furtherKey to the exercisesUnit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4Unit 5Unit 6Unit 7Unit 8Unit 9Unit 10Unit 11Unit 12Unit 13Unit 14Unit 15Unit 16Unit 17Unit 18Revision UnitVietnamese-English vocabularyEnglish-Vietnamese vocabulary