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Text of TE30/ TE30-AVR/ TE30-C-AVR/ TE30-M-AVR - The Home · PDF fileTE30/ TE30-AVR/ TE30-C-AVR/...

  • TE 30 /TE 30-AVR /TE 30-C-AVR /TE 30-M-AVR

    Bedienungsanleitung de

    Operating instructions en

    Mode demploi fr

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    TE 30 / TE 30AVR / TE 30CAVR / TE 30MAVRrotary hammer

    It is essential that the operating instructionsare read before the power tool is operatedfor the first time.

    Always keep these operating instructionstogether with the power tool.

    Ensure that the operating instructions arewith the power tool when it is given to otherpersons.

    Contents Page1. General information 12. Description 23. Insert tools, accessories 54. Technical data 55. Safety instructions 76. Before use 107. Operation 108. Care and maintenance 129. Troubleshooting 13

    10. Disposal 1411. Manufacturers warranty - tools 1412. EC declaration of conformity 15

    1 These numbers refer to the corresponding illustra-tions. The illustrations can be found on the fold-outcover pages. Keep these pages open while studyingthe operating instructions.In these operating instructions, the designation thepower tool always refers to the TE 30, TE 30AVR,TE 30CAVR or TE 30MAVR rotary hammer.

    Components, operating controls and indicators [email protected] Chuck; Function selector switch= Control switch% Forward / reverse switch& Side handle with depth gauge( TPS indicator (TE 30MAVR)) Signal receiving area for the TPS key+ AVR Active Vibration Reduction (optional)

    1. General information1.1 Safety notices and their meaning

    DANGERDraws attention to imminent danger that could leadto serious bodily injury or fatality.

    WARNINGDraws attention to a potentially dangerous situationthat could lead to serious personal injury or fatality.

    CAUTIONDraws attention to a potentially dangerous situationthat could lead to slight personal injury or damage tothe equipment or other property.

    NOTEDraws attention to an instruction or other usefulinformation.

    1.2 Explanation of the pictograms and otherinformation

    Warning signs





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    Obligation signs

    Wear eyeprotection

    Wear a hardhat

    Wear earprotection





    Read theoperating

    instructionsbefore use

    Equipped withtheft


    Lock symbol Return wastematerial forrecycling.





    hammering,1st gear


    hammering,2nd gear


    Chiseling Chisel positionadjustment

    Location of identification data on the power toolThe type designation can be found on the type iden-tification plate and the serial number on the side ofthe motor housing. Make a note of this data in youroperating instructions and always refer to it whenmaking an enquiry to your Hilti representative orservice department.


    Generation: 01

    Serial no.:

    2. Description2.1 Use of the product as directed

    The power tool is an electrically-powered rotary hammer with pneumatic hammering mechanism.The power tools are designed for drilling in concrete and masonry. The power tool can also be used for lightchiseling work on masonry and surface finishing on concrete.Working on materials hazardous to the health (e.g. asbestos) is not permissible.Nationally applicable industrial safety regulations must be observed.The working environment may be as follows: construction site, workshop, renovation, conversion or newconstruction.The power tool may be operated only when connected to a power supply providing a voltage and frequency incompliance with the information given on its type identification plate.The power tool is designed for professional use and may be operated, serviced and maintained only by trained,authorized personnel. This personnel must be informed of any special hazards that may be encountered. The



  • power tool and its ancillary equipment may present hazards when used incorrectly by untrained personnel orwhen used not as directed.To avoid the risk of injury, use only genuine Hilti accessories and insert tools.Observe the information printed in the operating instructions concerning operation, care and maintenance.Modification of the power tool or tampering with its parts is not permissible.

    2.2 ChuckTEC (SDS plus) chuckTET (SDS top) chuck

    2.3 TPS TE 30MAVR theft protection system (optional)The power tool may be equipped with the optional theft protection system. If the power tool is equipped withthis feature, it can be unlocked and made ready for operation only through use of the corresponding TPS key.

    2.4 TE 30 / TE 30AVR switchSpeed control switch for smooth starting.Forward / reverse switchFunction selector switch:Drilling without hammeringHammer drilling

    2.5 TE 30CAVR switchSpeed control switch for smooth starting.Forward / reverse switchFunction selector switch:Drilling without hammeringHammer drillingChisel adjustment (12 positions)Chiseling

    2.6 TE 30MAVR switchSpeed control switch for smooth starting.Forward / reverse switchFunction selector switch:Drilling without hammering 2Drilling without hammering 1Hammer drillingChisel adjustment (12 positions)Chiseling

    2.7 GripsPivotable side handle with depth gaugeVibration-absorbing grip

    2.8 Protective featureMechanical slip clutch



  • 2.9 LubricationOil lubrication

    2.10 Active vibration reduction (TE 30AVR, TE 30CAVR, TE 30MAVR)The power tool is equipped with an AVR active vibration reduction system which reduces vibration significantlycompared to power tools without AVR.

    2.11 Items supplied as standard

    1 Power tool1 TEC or TET chuck1 Side handle with depth gauge1 Operating instructions1 Hilti toolbox1 Cleaning cloth1 Grease

    2.12 Using extension cordsUse only extension cords of a type approved for the application and with conductors of adequate cross section.The power tool may otherwise loose performance and the extension cord may overheat. Check the extensioncord for damage at regular intervals. Replace damaged extension cords.Recommended minimum conductor cross section and max. cable lengths

    Conductor cross section 1.5 mm 2.0 mm 2.5 mm 3.5 mmMains voltage 100V 30 m 50 mMains voltage 110-120 V 20 m 30 m 40 mMains voltage 220-240 V 50 m 100 m

    Do not use extension cords with 1.25 mm conductor cross section.

    2.13 Using extension cords outdoorsWhen working outdoors, use only extension cords that are approved and correspondingly marked for thisapplication.

    2.14 Using a generator or transformerThis tool may be powered by a generator or transformer when the following conditions are fulfilled: AC voltageand power output of at least 2,600 W, operating voltage must be within +5% and -15% of the rated voltage atall times, frequency must be in the 50 60 Hz range and never above 65 Hz, and the unit must be equippedwith automatic voltage regulation and starting boost.Never operate other power tools or appliances from the generator or transformer at the same time. Switchingother power tools or appliances on and off may cause undervoltage and / or overvoltage peaks, resulting indamage to the power tool.



  • 3. Insert tools, accessoriesInsert tools and accessories for the TE 30, TE 30AVR, TE 30C and TE 30M

    Chuck TEC (SDS Plus)Chuck TET (SDS Top)Hammer drill bits 525 mmTEC percussion core bits 6690 mmTET percussion core bits 5090 mmTEC forming and installation drill bits 1035 mmAnchor-setting tools TEC or TET connection endQuick-release chuck for wood and metal drill bits For smooth or hex. shankWood drill bits 525 mmMetal drill bits Max. 13 mm

    Insert tools for the TE 30CAVR and TE 30MAVRPointed chisels TEC or TET connection endFlat chisel TEC or TET connection endShaped chisels TEC or TET connection end

    Insert tools and accessories for the TE CAVR and TE 30MAVRTEC lightweight percussion core bits 2568 mmMultipurpose hole saws 35105 mm, Hex. connection endMetal drill bits / stepped drill bits 38 mm, (2nd gear) hex. connection endMetal drill bits / stepped drill bits 813 mm, (1st gear) hex. connection endMixing paddles with smooth shank 80150 mm, (for mixing non-flammable


    TPS Theft Protection System with Company Card,Company Remote and TPSK key

    Option, 206999

    4. Technical dataRight of technical changes reserved.

    NOTEThe power tool is available in various voltage ratings. Please refer to the power tools type identification platefor details of its rated voltage and rated input power.

    Power tool TE 30 / TE 30AVR / TE 30CAVR TE 30MAVRRated power input 850 W 900 WRated current input Rated voltage 100 V: 9.2 A

    Rated voltage 110 V: 8.3 ARated voltage 110127 V: 8.3 ARated voltage 220 V: 4.2 ARated voltage 230 V: 4.0 ARated voltage 240 V: 3.8 A

    Rated voltage 100 V: 10.4 ARated voltage 110 V: 9.6 ARated voltage 110127 V: 9.6 ARated voltage 220 V: 5.4 ARated voltage 230 V: 5.3 ARated voltage 240 V: 5.1 A

    Mains frequency 5060 Hz 5060 Hz



  • Power tool TE 30 TE 30AVR TE 30CAVR TE 30MAVRWeight in accord-ance with EPTAprocedure 01/2003

    4.0 kg 4.2 kg 4.2 kg 4.4 kg

    Dimensions (L x Wx H)

    359 mm x 93 mm x213 mm

    379 mm x 93 mm x213 mm

    379 mm x 93 mm x213 mm

    379 mm x 93 mm x213 mm

    Drilling speedwithout hammer-ing 2


    Drilling speedwithout hammer-ing 1

    750/min 750/min 750/min 750/min

    Hammer drillingspeed

    750/min 750/min 750/min 750/min

    Single impactenergy

    3.3 J 3.3 J 3.3 J 3.3 J

    NOTEThe vibration emission level given in this information sheet has been measured in accordance with astandardis