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INTRODUCTIONInnovate, Implement and Improve(3i of HR practices)

HR is a key contributor and has proved itself a crucial lever in business success. Here is an attempt to capture some of the best HR practices that are creating motivated and loyal workforce at TCS.



TCS MAITREEFounded on 23rd February 2002 under the able guidance of Mrs. Ramodarai TCS strives to create a spirit of liveliness among TCS associates and their families by organizing social activities and social events. TCS Maitree encourages its associates and their families to look on themselves as a part of the extended family of TCS.

TCS MAITREE Cont..DRIVING FORCE Information sharing and interaction directed internally within the TCS community. Social service i.e. working for the betterment of the people and environment. ACTIVITIES Dance classes conducted for employees. Also movie clubs and yoga classes.

TCS PROPELP rofessional Excellence R ole enhancement O wning TCS culture P ersonal Growth E mployee involvement L earning

PROPEL ContPHILOSOPHY Propel is a waya way of life at TCS. It is a revolutionary team activity that facilitates the exchange of ideas and helps in immediate problem solving. Propels fun format also encourages bonding and self development among TCS associates. An all encompassing approach to find solutions.

PROPEL ContGrowth has its own challenges where change remains a constant. Propel is a platform and a tool to help bring about this change. It connects with TCS belief of Let us make it a joy for all our stakeholders It helps build a culture of collaboration, creativity and also networks of relationships. THEME Accelerate solutionsEnjoy Life

PROPEL ContLaunch of Propel lead to Empowered individuals and Teams. Institutionalized culture of valuing associates through processes that enable and enhance individual performance. Established a reliable channel through which the Voice of associate is heard and integrated with TCS policy making. It is an integral part of the Organizational Effectiveness function.

PROPEL ContProvided every individual with an opportunity to become a leader to institutionalize change at multiple levels of TCS. Provide a forum to discuss issues and ideas where people take ownership in promoting their ideas where people take ownership I promoting their ideas and resolving issues at their level itself which has created an Ownership culture within the Organization.

PROPEL ContPropel is propagated across TCS by means of two kinds of building blocks CONFLUENCE Forum for sharing, dialogue and listening. Conducted by two propellers for maximum of 40 associates from different teams and functions. Sharing, fostering friendliness and role taking is the agenda for a confluence.

PROPEL ContCAMP Forum for improvement initiatives on specific voice of Associates. Conducted by a propeller and 20 associates from the same teams and functions to address a and find a solution to a common problem/issue. Giving inputs, idea generation for TCS policy making and institutionalizing specific culture and role oriented practice is agenda for camp.

TCS PULSEPulse is companys annual associate satisfaction survey. Survey to measure and understand the associate's attitude, opinions, motivations, aspirations and satisfaction. Improvement, invite suggestions, ascertain shortcomings, design appropriate plans which finally conclude in action.

PULSE Cont.Serves as a virtual performance for corporate or support groups. Groups like HR, MATC, Admin, Internal Infra Services, Tech Commn, Marketing, Internal Commn, Library and Info centre, info security seek feedback and evaluation. Aim is to have a high ASI (Associate Satisfaction Index)

PULSE Cont.Questionnaire has several questions based on every aspect of TCS as a work place. It has open ended questions to trigger action plans and suggestions from associates. Many substantial improvements have taken place as a direct result of pulse survey. Customizable compensation and benefits package for India payroll called BOB.(Bouquet of Benefits)


Pulse system is designed to ensure confidentiality. No answer can be traced back to the respondent. The survey is strictly anonymous.

TCS PEEPOBJECTIVE To carve out the career path for the employees specially probationary. PROGRAM DETAILS Discussion between employee, appraiser and the reviewer. Discussion regarding employee inputs, achievements throughout the project and the expectations. No immediate boss is involved.

PEEP ContFeedback is sent to HR. The whole process takes place at the verge of completion of the project or year. PROGRAM OUTPUTS Identification of potential of the employee and his aspirations. Providing the required resources as per expectations in near future thus leading to employees career planning.

TCS REFERRALOBJECTIVE To encourage employees to get buddies in the organization so that they are retained longer and are rewarded. PROGRAM DETAILS Associates get rewarded and the amount gets credited to the employees account under miscellaneous component after the referral joins the organization.

REFERRAL ContHR associates are not eligible for the scheme. Employee retention is possible because of team of friends. Quick way to earn more money. Opportunity to make and choose team mates.

DAYS at TCSFamily Day Town Hall Meeting Day Coffee @ 5 Hats Off Day Womens Day