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  • 1.Coaching From Intention To Impact There are many solutions to any single problem. A thousand paths to getting a good result. As many possibilities for learning to trust, for learning to share, as there are people sharing the planet.

2. Through coaching, we strive to create a world where work is challenging and relationships are easy. Where team dynamics are smooth even when projects are complex and many layered. Where both workloads and judgment are balanced. And where impossible goals are achievable because leaders are free to lead. 3. At Tangible, we help our clients explore beyond that first right answer, find the truth in their path, and open their eyes to the people and the possibilities that are all around them.ContentOur MethodologyCore ServicesAbout Tangible 4. You decide where youre going. 5. We make sure you arrive. Our Methodology 6. Organizational Transformation We help companies and executives improve performance and visibility at the place where people, business, and leadership intersect.BusIness Achieving OutcomesMission resultsOrganizationalTransformationLeadershIpIndIVIduaL AchievingAchievingInspired ActionTrustPotential 6 7. The spiral of executive Impact Leadership is never lost. Its impact produces undreamed-of changes in situations of which you are not even aware, for people you may not even have met.an e Org ization ThBusinesThe s e TeamThThe executiveTh e TeamThe Businessn Th e Organizatio 7 8. IT InitiateC TransformM CatalyzepaMappractice &adjusteiexecutiveImpactThe elements of executive Impact We are committed to tangible outcomes with impactful results.While we follow our clients into the heart of their issues we offer guidance in the form of this 5-phase approach designed to move clients from intention to impact over time.Whether we are coaching individual executives, each individual in a team or a group of executives within the greater organization, we find this process has given our clients the greatest chance for success. 8 9. IWho are you andwhat do you want towork on? YIeLds: leverage.We identify your values, your style, and yourstakeholders and inventory your strengths.We take time to discuss your point of view.We talk to others, leverage assessment tools,and set up a coaching process. Initiate MWhat are 2-3 goalsthat will lead todesired outcomes? YIeLds: clarity.We identify successful outcomes as you andyour stakeholders define them. We fast-for-ward to the destination impact and mapout plays to get you there.Map pa practice &What will you dodifferently to movetoward your goal? YIeLds: change.The plays you put in motion may requireadjustments to your decisions, behaviors,strengths, or presence. A dashboard helpsyou fine tune your movements and helps yousee your impact on others and theirs on you. adjust Chow can you workwith others to createlasting change? YIeLds: trust.As professionals, we have a responsibilityto profess. We identify ways to apply yourlearning for the benefit of all your stakeholdersand to catalyze change by modeling the way.Catalyze Tare you there yet? YIeLds:organizationaltransformation.As you become more intentional about yourdecisions, behaviors, strengths, and presence,new insights and contributions spiral out fromyour leadership initiatives into the team, thebusiness, and the organization itself. Transform9 10. executive impact is at the heart 11. of our engagements. Core services One-on-One Coaching Team Coaching Leadership development programs 12. One-on-OneCoachingIndividual coaching 12 sessions over 2 quarters Meettwiceamonthforanhourinacombinationofface-to-face and over-the-phone sessions. Provideunlimitedaccessviaemailandphonebetweensessions as needed. Assessresultsupfrontwithexecutiveandkeystakeholders. Initiatephasealwaysincludesapersonalized360,abehavioral styles assessment, and other assessments,such as Myers Briggs, as needed. Createamapforintentionalchange. CyclethroughthegeneralExecutiveImpactprocessthrough practice and adjustment. Meetwithotherteammembersifrequiredbythecoaching situation. Regularcheckpointswithexecutivesleadershipwhilemaintaining the integrity of the coaching relationship. 12 13. One-on-One TestimonialsGoalIts time for me toI had the pleasure of working with Karen Warnerrun a bigger piece of as my coach for ARAMARKs Level 5 Leadershipthe business.Program. Karen provided very insightful feedbackPromotion.and tools for me to use in both my work andresultpersonal lives. I found Karens coaching to beextremely valuable, and I believe other leadersPromoted to Vicewould greatly benefit from working with her.President, Finance;CFOandExecutiveLeadership CommitteeWe rarely have the opportunity to step onto theGoallearning boat, that floats on the rising tide of work,Now that my boss to survey our past successes and failures andis gone I have to prove understand why. Karen helped me navigatemyself all over again. the waters to identify icebergs and riptides, andVisibility. set a course with the correct trade winds toresultbecome a successful executive. Her personal tonePromoted to Viceand methodical analysis provides a conducivePresident, Operationsenvironment to explore your hidden drivers withoutseeming intrusive.GoalIm told I need better I wanted to drop a line and let you know I waspeople skills before Ican make VP.promoted to Vice President last month. My work with you was certainly a contributing factor, and IExecutivePresence. appreciate your guidance and coaching. Thoughtresult you might be interested to know that your workPromoted to Vice was not in vain! Thanks for all of your help.President, PurchasingManagement13 14. Team Coaching12 plus sessions over 12 months + 2 group sessionsFor leaders operating within a designated team Meetwithteamsexecutivestodetermineidealorganizational outcomes. Conductaone-dayleadershipinitiationsessiontoorientthe group and introduce common vocabulary. Coverscoaching, behavioral styles and trust-based leadership.Highly interactive. Onceamonthmeetonsite(oratchosenlocation)witheach team member. Createinterimorganizationalactionplansthatreflecttheteamscommonissuesasneeded. Initiatephasealwaysincludesapersonalized360,abehavioral styles assessment, and other assessments,such as Myers Briggs, as needed. CyclethroughthegeneralExecutiveImpactprocessthrough practice and adjustment. Wrapupwithaone-dayclassonleadershippractices,catalyzingchangewithintheirteams.Eachleaderpresentskey learnings and how they will cascade new thinkinginside their individual teams. Holdregularcheckpointswithexecutivesleadershipwhilemaintaining the integrity of the coaching relationship. 14 15. Team Case studiesTeamTeamTeam 11 cross-functional Vice5 new sales executives. 10lawyersinhighly Presidents. visible, public sector Goalorganization. GoalHad never worked Needed plan to handle together, but neededGoal the merger of coretoimproveregionsAttorneys wanted to bring functions post acquisitionperformance.management skills in line amid rumors of layoffs. with demands from team. Implementation Implementation1-year program included Implementation 3-monthprogramone-on-one coaching with6-monthprogram included weekly meeting RegionalGM,one-on-combining leadership of functional team leaders, one coaching with Teamdevelopment classroom one-on-one coaching,Leaders, leadership teamtraining with one-on-one trust development, andoff site, and all-hands teamcoaching. Focused on new leaders assimilation. off site. organizational health, restructuring, and state- resultresultsanctioned budget cuts. Smooth and low keyIn 1 year, regional sales integration.goesfromlast(14thplace)result No lay offs.to 1st in region, 2nd in U.S. Team meets regularly Hit 112% of quota.to collaborate on hiring, firing, ethics, and standards related to sharing resources and outsourcing legal work,resultingin20% budget reduction. Higher retention rates for valued attorneys and paralegals.15 16. Leadershipdevelopmentprograms Meetwithteamsexecutivestodeterminebusiness-criticalissues that must be addressed in the off site, work shopor development class. Provideastraw-managendaforbalancinginteractionwithintrospection, drawing from our own inventory as well asbest practices in organizational development. Scriptthedaytoencouragegroupinteractionandparticipation, leveraging agreed upon materials andagenda. Createappropriatepresentationsandhandoutsaswellasother materials as required. Arrivethenightbeforetheoffsitetohavedinnerwiththe team and cover last minute logistics with the teamexecutive. Optional: provide a short group activity towarm up for the next day. Conductoffsite,monitorforadjustments,shiftasneeded. Wrapupwithevaluationprocess. Providewrittenevaluationsummarytotheoffsiteteamexecutive. 16 17. Leadership development Case study IndustryManaged Services GoalProvide leadership developmentto pre-executives: seniormanagement poised to bepromoted to Vice President I am letting you knowranks within 12-18 months. I got the promotionImplementation to District Manager.Designed3-monthleadership Thank you for yourdevelopment program of assistance andstudy that combined 5 days ofclassroom development with mentorship. All ourone-on-one executive coaching. preparation paid off.result The system works!Over200pre-executiveshavegone through the program sinceits inception over the past fiveyears with a strong track recordfor return on investment andpromotion.17 18. no business model, no matter how brilliant, 19. will prevail without trust. about Tangible 20. 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