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  • TAMPA STYLET h e C i T y s W h o s W h o a n d W h a T T o d o

    Luxury : : Fashion : : Beauty : : heaLth : : traveL : : Money : : Food & Wine : : shopping : : arts : : peopLe

    10 hot& not so hotCeleb bodsspring Fashion

    the sky is the limit

    stay Cool & Fit in the pool

    dinner on us!

    FiJiextreme lux


    eat lightning

    sCream thunder

    koenigsegg agera

    Beach wear

    April 2010 : : Vol. 0 No. 2

  • 407-226-3100 407-226-3100


    Roger Dubuis full page ad - Orlando Style Magazine (April 2009 Issue)Agency: INOVIZ LLC Contact: Zachary Goulko Phone: (201) 363-0692 x 113 Email: [email protected]

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    6 :: Features

    Photographer: Shamayim www.shamayim.netOn the Cover:

    The Sky is the Limit

    Meet The 2010 Koenigsegg Agera


    Stay Cool (And Fit) In The Pool

    Fiji Islands of the South Pacific


    Page 16

    The Sky is the Limit

    Photos by: Shamayim

    Page 24

    Celebrity Soup: Top 5 Celebrity

    Yo- Yo Dieters

    By: Varinia Pereira

    Page 26

    The Hot & Not So Hot Celeb Bods

    By: Leah Dieter

    Page 28

    A New Kind of Living Well

    By: Holly V. Kapherr

    Page 30

    Stay Cool (And Fit) In The Pool

    By: Leah Dieter

    Page 32

    2010s Top 3 Hairstyles

    By: Carolyn Brundage

    Page 36

    Pizazza Italia!

    By: Barbara Alfano

    Page 40

    Toys: Meet The 2010

    Koenigsegg Agera

    Page 44

    Fiji Islands of the South Pacific

    By: Cathleen K. Bode

    Page 46

    Orlando Now: Talk or Not?

    By: Mark NeJame

    Contributor: Rajan Joshi



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    8 :: content

    Spring Brings Exciting Festivals

    Coheed and Cambria



    Shades of Spring


    OPA The Best Fun Restaurant In Town


    Page 48

    Orlando Now: Spring Brings

    Exciting Festivals

    By: Gary C. Sain

    Page 51

    Realtors of the Month

    Page 52

    In Case You Missed It

    By: Jennifer Marcus

    Page 54

    Blackbird Vineyards

    Page 56

    Shades of Spring

    Photos by: Kristin Kerry

    Page 64

    Model Search

    Page 68

    OPA The Best Fun

    Restaurant In Town!

    By: Cathleen K. Bode

    & Dana Damato

    Page 70

    His Agenda:

    Chef Norman Van Aken

    Page 82

    Buon Appetito with Bice!

    Page 84

    Dont Miss the Beat:

    Coheed and Cambria

    By: Varinia Pereria

    Page 86

    Best Friends

    Page 90

    Our Town & Calendar of Events

    Page 92

    Central Florida Golf Courses

    Page 96


    By: Dikki-Jo Mullen

    Page 98

    In & Out


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    12 :: publishers note

    Recent indications finally point to things be-ginning to improve for our beloved city and the world as a whole. After a very brisk beginning, weather-wise, the warming sun-shine has finally arrived, bringing with it the climate each of us is accustomed to here in sunny Florida. Also, the unprecedented stock market gains over the past year have given much cause for celebration, evidenced by the healthy influx of tourists patroniz-ing our retail businesses and bringing much needed revenue to our fair city. Now, we need to see our local economy pick up and the best news here would be to know that the credit markets have begun to relax and financing for operational and new job growth continues to strengthen.

    In this issue, we present two new and beau-tiful Beach Fashion photo shoots by Mi-amis fabulous Kristin and Atlantas famous Shamayim, as well as our Celebrity Soup article featuring The Top 10 Hot &

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