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  • Talking Heads Speech Pathology NEWSLETTER Volume 3, Issue 2 KOGARAH MIRANDA

    The middle of the year is already

    upon us! This is an incredibly busy

    time of year, many parents are

    working hard to ensure their children

    are going to be ready to start school;

    so well done for being proactive!

    At this time of year, it also becomes

    more apparent how children have

    been progressing and adapting to

    their new academic year, so support

    requirements are much sought



    What do we work on? Speech Sound Development

    (Articulation & Phonology)

    Language Delays & Disorders (Receptive & Expressive Language)

    Learning & Literacy Difficulties (Spelling, Reading, Writing)

    Auditory Processing Difficulties

    Voice Disorders (Child & Adult)


    Feeding Difficulties (babies and children)

    Autism Spectrum Disorders (low to high functioning)

    Developmental Delays

    Stuttering (Child & Adult)

    Social Communication Skills (1:1 and group formats)

    Adult Communication (post stroke; post brain injury; accent modification; voice and stuttering)

    June 1st, 2014 Volume 3, Issue 2

    Talking Heads




    Wednesday 20th August

    Dont miss it!

    See pg. 4

    Inside this Issue

    ***NEWS FLASH***

    New Speech Pathology

    services for ADULTS at



    Whats the difference

    between vision and



    APP REVIEW by Karen Ang

    (Talking Heads Speech Pathologist)


    Dont forget to register your

    child in our School Readiness



    Have a topic of interest? Email

    Sonia Bestulic

    Director/ Principal Speech & Language


    For tips and updates, join us on Facebook!


    Talking Heads Speech Pathology


  • Talking Heads Speech Pathology NEWSLETTER Volume 3, Issue 2 KOGARAH MIRANDA

    Good news from the Talking Heads Team our menu of adult speech pathology

    services has expanded!

    Meeral is highly skilled in providing assessment, therapy and advice regarding

    the best way to help adults recover from communication impairments arising

    from brain injury acquired due to;




    Anoxia (lack of oxygen)

    She specialises in;

    Dysarthria (difficulty articulating sounds)

    Aphasia (the loss of language)

    Apraxia of speech

    Speech rate disorder

    ADULT Speech Pathology Services for:





    AVAILABLE at our



    Miranda rooms!

    Recovery can be

    greatly assisted

    by starting




    as soon as possible.

  • Talking Heads Speech Pathology NEWSLETTER Volume 3, Issue 2 KOGARAH MIRANDA

    A note from

    Amy Fortescue, Behavioural Optometrist EyeQ Optometrists Ramsgate Beach

    My child passed their vision screening at preschool

    Why should my child see a behavioural optometrist?

    Behavioural optometry is a method of practicing optometry whereby the optometrist looks at the patient as a whole person, rather than just as a set of eyes. They look at vision, not just eyesight. Visual problems that prevent children from doing well in the classroom will NOT be uncovered by measuring eyesight alone, nor by most stereoscopic devices. The value of such school-screening methods is to identify those children who do not have normal eyesight. VISION IS MORE THAN EYESIGHT Vision is the ability to visualise, understand and apply the information that comes through the eyes. Sight is merely what results from the eyes responses to light shining into them and is measured by determining how well we can see different sized letters on a chart in the distance. Vision results from the child actively interpreting and understanding the information made available through the eyes. Children with normal (20/20) eyesight may not have these abilities. Therefore, learning problems are often related to vision problems. Teachers are the best screeners for vision problems. They observe the child functioning in the classroom. The appearance of irritated eyes, squinting and frequent blinking are physical signs of visual problems. A childs performance may be affected by problems with eye movements, eye teaming, eye-hand coordination, and visual processing. Behavioural optometrists assess all these aspects. In addition to a standard behavioural eye exam, bulk-billed under Medicare, behavioural optometrists are able to perform visual perceptual assessments, which evaluate visual analysis skills, visual attention span, and visual spatial skills.

    Amy Fortescue EyeQ Optometrists Ramsgate Beach Shops 9-11 Ramsgate Beach Plaza 191-201 Ramsgate Rd Ramsgate Beach NSW 2217 P: 9529 4811 E:

  • Talking Heads Speech Pathology NEWSLETTER Volume 3, Issue 2 KOGARAH MIRANDA

    Fun with Verbs and Sentences Hamaguchi Apps

    What is it? Fun With Verbs and Sentences is an engaging APP that uses animation to target the areas of using verb tenses and sentence structure appropriately. It is sometimes difficult to use still pictures to teach children these sentence types; so that is where this APP brings in the fun factor!

    The sentence types targeted are;


    Subject + Verb (e.g. The girl is playing)

    Subject + Verb + Object (e.g. The girl is playing blocks)

    Subject + Verb + Prepositional Phrase (e.g. The girl is waving to the baby)

    It also provides Subject choices where you can choose;

    Pronouns (He/She)

    Nouns (The boy, the girl, the bear)

    This feature also allows you to target understanding and use of pronouns.

    The verb tenses that are included are

    Present tense (e.g. walking)

    Past regular (e.g. walked)

    Past irregular (e.g. caught)

    The child gets a sense of control as he chooses the verbs and objects he wants, and the character will then proceed to act out what the child has just chosen. The motivation level is incredible!

    What can you do to generalize the skill? It is recommended that you pause and talk about whats happening in the animation to increase your childs understanding of what is being taught. To generalize skills, use other pictures or animations, or even get the child to carry out the same action and use the sentence structure you are targeting.

    APP REVIEW! By Karen Ang Talking Heads Speech Pathologist

    Cost: $15.99 USD

    For: children aged 2-5 years; and for older children who need support developing

    their verb tenses and sentence types.

    Consider: Lite version

    $1.29 USD

    (it has only 3 verbs available for each sentence type)

    Discounts: This app goes on sale at certain times of the


    Keep an eye out on

    who publicise apps that have become free or have been


  • Talking Heads Speech Pathology NEWSLETTER Volume 3, Issue 2 KOGARAH MIRANDA

    Increase your childs confidence,


    Talking Heads Speech Pathology Has opened registrations for its popular


    School Readiness Program

    16 session program, 45 minute sessions (8 weeks in Term 3school hols break8 weeks in Term 4)


    An experienced Speech Pathologist will prepare your child to;

    Strengthen group listening and attention skills

    Further develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills

    Build peer interaction skills (negotiation, assertiveness)

    Practice school/ social communication

    PRIVATE HEALTH REBATE can BE CLAIMED for these sessions!

    REGISTER on 9553 1400

  • Talking Heads Speech Pathology NEWSLETTER Volume 3, Issue 2 KOGARAH MIRANDA

    Wednesday 20th August


    Kogarah Library & Cultural Centre

    Register Now!

    9553 1400

    Presented by Sonia Bestulic

    ParentsEarly Childhood Educators Teachers

    Medical PractitionersAllied Health Professionals

    Learn about...

    Stages of Speech & Language Development

    Acquiring a second language & bilingualism myths

    How to teach your child to be bilingual

    Speech Pathology assessment and therapy for the bilingual child

    English as a second language vs. language delay/ disorder

    When to refer

  • Talking Heads Speech Pathology NEWSLETTER Volume 3, Issue 2 KOGARAH MIRANDA



    PO Box 494

    Kogarah NSW 1485

    Phone: 02 9553 1400

    Fax: 02 9587 4577


    Talking Heads Speech Pathology is an innovative clinic providing people a means to successful,

    fulfilling communication interactions. A wide range of services are provided to both children and

    adults by a team of experienced Speech Pathologists with valuable skills and knowledge that

    contributes to a high quality service. The specialised team diagnose and manage a variety of

    communication difficulties.

    Clinicians are experienced and established Speech Pathologists that are