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  • 1. ARTICULATE In pairs.... Rules of the game: You will be describing and guessing words Play in pairs one person sits with back to the screen they listenand do the guessing The person giving clues may only speak they cannotmime, gesticulate or use any part of the word being described. You can pick the words in any order Move on if you need to Try to guess as many as possible in 30 seconds Dont cheat, its more fun trying to do the game properly and youlearn more!

2. ARTICULATERound 1:Talking Writing Thinking PlayingRound 2: Questioning Reflecting Empathising Persevering 3. GESTICULATERules of the game: This time, the person giving clues may only gesticulate, they cannotspeak. You can pick the words in any order Move on if you need to Try to guess as many as possible in 30 secondsRound 3:Stick at it Be curious Talk about learningMake links 4. Time to Think, Reflect and Talk about learning Talk to your partner about the followingquestions. Be prepared to share your thoughts.1. What do you think was the purpose of that activity?2. Did you learn anything from doing that?3. What learning skills did you use when explaining/miming?4. What learning skills did you use when guessing?5.In what other situations could/would you use those learning skills? 5. ArticulateWhy Articulate (in its variousforms)?*Develop oral literacy (EAL?) P Alban Berg*Boosts confidence in group speaking*Encourages active and equal I Xylophoneparticipation every student has to take W 1741part.*Broadens knowledge of variety ofM pentatonic scaletopics/subject specificR Clapping Music*Leads to discussion* Tutor group enjoyed it and developed itinto a whole group activitySmall groups in Year 11 GCSEtutor timeMusic revision made board Whole class game Articulate 6. P Alban BergP Anoushka ShankarI Xylophone I Wurlitzer pianoW 1741W 1791M pentatonic scaleM perfect cadenceR Clapping MusicR dayanP Anton WebernP Antonio VivaldiI viola I Uillean pipesW 1810W 1909M plagal cadenceM RecapitulationR Db majorR emotionP Arnold Schoenberg P Benjy WertheimerI violinI TubaW 1912W 1957M resultant melodyM rondoR fff R Five Orchestral Pieces 7. .An activity that gets themtalking about learning?Whats the point?My aims.Reflect on their learning and the learning habits they use. Encourage students to be comfortable and confident talking the ways in which they learn.Begin to understand how and why certain learning habits areimportant and appreciate the value of being able to think andtalk about it.What the students say Yr9 / yr7? 8. Creating a balance v.Active learning in lessons is a good place to start but a bad placeto stop ? 9. Talking about Learning? Connect to an activity balance thinking and doing Link to an aim split screen dual objectives (check learning of learning habits aim too) Look at the bigger picture how can these learning habitsbe relevant outside the lesson/curriculum/school? Askquestions. In what other situations could/would you usethose learning skills? Explore possibilities. Make time for discussion and feedback. Studentvoice value. Fronter forums, interviews, discussion ? 10. Talking about Learning?Learning is not a spectator sport. D. BlocherDaybreak this morning questioning the value of GCSEs?