Take out your HW: Transcription wkst

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Take out your HW: Transcription wkst. Somewhere on a sheet of scratch paper or in your notes, TRANSCRIBE the following DNA sequence into mRNA: TAC AGT CCA GCG ATA ATT. Homework due tomorrow: Protein Synthesis wkst. AUG. UCA. GGU. CGC. UAU. UAA. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Take out your HW: Transcription wkstHomework due tomorrow: Protein Synthesis wkstSomewhere on a sheet of scratch paper or in your notes, TRANSCRIBE the following DNA sequence into mRNA:TAC AGT CCA GCG ATA ATTAUGUCAGGUCGCUAUUAA

  • TRANSCRIPTION & TRANSLATION: From DNA to ProteinChapter 11, Section 2

    Think back to the information contained in your homework assignment:What is produced when the process of transcription is complete?What are 2 differences that were listed/shown between DNA and RNA?

  • Genes & ProteinsWhat is the function of a gene?codes for traits, inherited from parentsGenes code for specific proteinsProteins make up muscles, hair, tissues, enzymes, & pigmentsProtein Synthesis = reading the DNA, forming RNA, using RNA to make the protein (DNA RNA Protein)Occurs through the processes of transcription and translation

  • RNARNA is a nucleic acid (like DNA)Differs in structure from DNA:

  • Focusing on RNAThere are 3 different types of RNA that you will need to know:mRNArRNAtRNA

  • Types of RNA1. Messenger RNA (mRNA) Carries genetic message from DNA to the ribosomes in the cytosolRead by ribosomes to make proteinsContain codons

  • 2. Ribosomal RNA (rRNA)Part of the structure of ribosomesRibosome = protein and rRNA

  • 3. Transfer RNATransfers amino acids to the ribosome to make protein

  • Transcription: Getting the message out of the nucleusTranscription = enzymes make RNA by copying a portion of DNA in the nucleusIf a DNA sequence is AATCCGGA, what is the complimentary RNA sequence? UUAGGCCUThe mRNA that gets sequenced is sent out of the nucleus to help make protein

  • Genetic CodeSequence of Nitrogenous Bases codes for a specific Amino Acid that is connected to other amino acids to make a ProteinCodon = the nitrogenous bases of 3 adjacent nucleotides in mRNA that code forStart Signal (starts the protein making process)1 of 20 different amino acids (parts of a protein)Stop Signal (stops the protein making process)

    Codons are like 3-letter wordsWords contain meaning to us: CAT = Codons contain meaning in the form of an amino acid CAU = Histidine

  • An amino acid can be coded for by more than one codon20 amino acids combine in different combinations to make various proteins

  • Translation: Going from the language of bases (AUGC) to proteinsTranslation = using the mRNA to make protein, reading the codonsTakes place at the ribosomes The mRNA is read in between the 2 sub-units of the ribosometRNA carries the amino acid coded for by the mRNA codons and has an anticodon that pairs up with the mRNA codonCodon (mRNA) and anticodon (tRNA) follow RNA base-pairing rulesAmino acids form peptide bonds between each other to create a long chain of amino acids

  • Transcription

  • Amino acids to proteinAmino acid chains start to fold creating 3-dimensional structuresSeveral of these 3-D structures combine to form a functional proteinThese proteins then carry out cellular functions