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Take Great Doxie Photos


  • Take Great Doxie Photos!

    The process to find a dog forever home begins the moment they leave the shelter. One of the many impor-

    tant jobs our Foster Homes and Transporters do is provide pictures of our dogs to help tell their stories on

    our Web Site and Facebook page. The better the photo, the better the story we can tell, the better we can

    showcase their personality and the quicker we can help them find their forever home! We have assembled

    some tips for you to help bring out your inner photographer..

    Be prepared! You never know when the good shots are going to present themselves. Most of the

    best shots happen by chance, so you need to be ready.

    Keep your camera handy! Keep it in a convenient spot where you will be able to locate in a pinch.

    Make sure there is space on your memory card and that your batteries are fully charged or you have

    extras on hand.

    Set your camera on a quick shutter speed. If you have a kids and pets or action setting on your

    point-and-shoot camera, set it there. This will help photos be less blurry if theres movement.

    Approach the dog slowly. If you move quickly, you might disturb him, and he will come out of that

    perfect picture pose.

    Get someone else to help you by having them hold treats or toys behind you while you try to take the

    photos. The dog will look at their favorite objects and not directly at the camera (they often dont like

    flashes or even the red eye blinking lights).

    Try taking photos when your dog is already sleeping or lounging. They are less likely to be moving

    about this way.

    Ask your dog to stay if he knows the command. If he gets up from his stay, calmly place him back

    where you want him. Dont use his name. For too many dogs, their name is synonymous with come.

    Use other words the dogs might recognize such as treat.

    Try walking your dog or playing with him before your photo session. This will tire him out and make

    him more likely to stay. Bonus: he might also pant a little, which can look like a smile! :)

    Try to get close, if the dog will let you. Photos from close-up or the dogs level can be very cute.

    Consider the background. Simple backgrounds a blank wall, a dog bed, a sofa, are often bestAvoid

    photos straight down (especially on white tile floors!)

    Make sure the dog takes up most of the frame. Remember, the shot is of the dog, not the back-

    ground. Photographers tip: dont center your dog right in the middle. For a more interesting photo,

    place your dog slightly off center.

    STAY CALM! If you get excited or frustrated, your dog will, too. He doesnt know youre trying to get a

    glamour shot, he just senses your energy.

    Take LOTS of pictures. Then take some more. Just keep snapping. Youre bound to get a few usable

    ones. And the more often you take pictures, the more likely your dog will get to know what you ex-


    Try to get a face shot as well as a side shot as potential adopters like to get an idea of a doxies size.

    Photos with people or kids are GREAT as they show how friendly and social a dog is!

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    Props and colors in the background make

    for a great shotFoster Mom Lyn

    Showing a dogs personality is a sure way

    to help them find their forever home

    Foster Mom Jackie

    Which Dog Would You Be More Likely To Adopt?

    Handsome Bronco before and after he found his forever home with Dad Mark who saw

    his beauty even through the shelter photo!

    Other Tips In Action!

    Photographing pairs together demon-

    strates how well they get alongFoster

    Mom Cindi

    Photos can help tell a dogs story of heal-

    ing in their foster homeFoster Mom


    Pictures with people are great as they

    show how friendly a dog isFoster Dad


    Black and Tan doxies photograph very well

    in the grass from their level! - Foster Mom