Take Fashion Street Style to the Next Level

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A lot of us when young loved to dress up. We would ask our mothers to pick out the most vibrant colored dress and the matching shoes even if we arent going out.


  • Take Fashion Street Style to the Next Level

    A lot of us when young loved todress up. We would ask ourmothers to pick out the mostvibrant colored dress and thematching shoes even if we arentgoing out. Parents also likedressing us up and Im sure someof you are guilty as being dressedup as a sailor and has a vintagephotograph to prove it.

    For those who were like that whenthey were kids. Dressing up is partof our daily routine. We all want tobe noticed in a good way and beingnoticed for our fashion sense is acompliment that boosts ourconfidence. It also makes us lookgood and for the most part, it makes us feel better about ourselves.Today, dressing up on the streets will definitely give you the right attention, if youdress up correctly.Flamboyant clothing is left to the fashionably adventurous ones and the subtle butelegant clothing to the demure. If you know how to style yourself then its not going tobe a problem and you will definitely get the attention and looks on the streetswhenever you want to.

    However, dressing up doesnt really make a lot of us rich and even if youre asupermodel you still dont have a say with what you are wearing. Clothes can be quiteexpensive but fashion street style is more about the look than the price tagsattached to the clothing youre wearing.Its more on how you carry yourself and how you make a piece of cloth bought frombargain that was made by an underpaid Chinese citizen look like it was touched byAlexander McQueen.

    Take fashion street style to the next level by joining a contest and show the world whatyou are made of. Hopefully, you have what it takes to leave the rest in the dust andgarner the appreciated votes of the money. With Wikifashionista.coms summer endstreet style contest you can clad yourself with your winning fashion street style lookand take a video of it.The rules are here at wikifashionista.com/contest where you can read and follow it.Remember that you need to sign up with the website first before you can join thecontest.

    By joining the contest, you can get a chance to win fabulous giveaway that you wontfind at any garage sale or bargain sale! Dont waste time, Join the contest now!