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The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, The National Stock Exchange Limited, 1st Floor, New Trading Ring, Exchange Plaza, Rotunda Building Plot No. C/1, G Block,
P. J. Towers, Dalal Street Bandra Kurla Complex,
Fort, Mumbai-400 001 Bandra (East), Mumbai - 400 051
Ref: BSE Scrip Code: 507785 NSE Symbol: TAINWALCHM
Subject: Filing of Public Notice regarding Voluntary Delisting of equity shares of the company from Bombay Stock Exchange i.e. BSE
Dear Sir/Madam,
With reference to the captioned subject, please find enclosed e-copies of Newspaper advertisement with respect to public notice issued pursuant to regulation 6(a) of SEBI (delisting of equity shares) Regulations, 2009, as amended, for delisting of equity shares from Bombay Stock Exchange.
Notice is published in following newspapers.
“1, Financial Express on 25" June, 2020 and
2. Mumbai Lakshadeep on 25" June, 2020.
Kindly take the above on record and oblige.
Thanking you,
) x .
i eran * Janie
Simran MafiSukhani DIRECTOR
{DIN NO. 06500475)
TAINWALA CHEMICALS AND PLASTICS (INDIA) LIMITED Tainwala House, Road No. 18, M.I.D.C.,Andheri(East), Mumbai-93. Tel : 6716 6100 To 199.
Works - Plot No.87, Govt,Indl.Estate, Khadoli Village, Silvassa, 396230. Tel : 9574073331 / 957407332 E-mail : [email protected] / [email protected]
CR Nae) Peer are aaa Peete ra Ae ety Peart POSSESSION NOTICE
(As per Appendix IV read with rule 8(1) of the Security Interest Enforcement Rules, 2002) Wheres, he undersigned bing the Authorized fcr fhe Muto! Hometn {ia ted, dor tr Secuttzaton and Raconsvcton of nancal Ascot Sind enforcement of SecuyInierest As, 2002 and exerci of powers onfered andor secion 112) read wih te 20 the Security rorest (Ervorement) Rules, 2002. sed a demand notice caling upon the borower ‘Srakumar erojhai Chandagrs, Kanchanben Chansegrs (2 topey tr ‘amountmentoned inthe noo dated 260920" bong Re, See8et/- (Rupees Nine Lac Ninety Four Thousand Five Hundred Forty One Ony)upto31 07 2019 along wi contact lterest pus poral ineest (2% per annum harps, costs et wifi 60 days om he date ofr aiden ‘Ihe borrower having fad o repay the mount notes herby given othe Doreen npc ne the pul in general tat the undersigna’ has aon possession ofthe propery descrbed paren below In exerese of powers ontored oni under secion 13) ofthe sald At ead wih tue 8 of he aed Rules onthe 23rd day of une 2020 {he borover, parr and to public n general, are hereby cautioned nt {bet wh fe property and ony dings wit ne propery ibe sujet fe ‘harg of the Matoot Hornet (nda) ined, for a amount of Re, 984544 (Rupees Nine Lac Ninety Four Thousand Five Hundred Forty One Only) up 1531-07 2019 along vit irel hereon and ponalierest 24%, chargos thatset tom ot a6 2018. ‘he Borers attentions invtesto the provisions of Sb Secton (of Secon {Sot the Atiespecto tne Arable redeern he secures Asoc DESCRIPTION OF THE INMMOVABLE PROPERTY Immovable Properties“ A that pede & parol of Flat No.6, 9d Foor, Ramirh Apartment. Opp trupai Apartment, Opp Shivam Fence, Noy Ne “Joga Mata Temple, Kahwada, Anredabed. Ahmedabad. Cugarat.382500 imare Priory Mentioned nthe Sata Dood No TeZ63 Dated 2609-2018 Tegaterd at Scb-Registar Offce Ahmedabad 6 tiaving Boundaries North? Margin a Then Other Sosy, South: Margin & Thon Other Soci aot ; Margina Then Other Soced/ West: Sosely Road Thon Bock NA
sal. Authorised Officer
‘COMPANY SCHEME APPLICATION NO. 4041 OF 2019 In the mater ofthe Companies Act, 2013;
‘AND In the mater of Sections 230 to 232 and other applicable provisions
‘ofthe Companies Act, 2013; ‘AND
Inthe matter of Composite Scheme of Arrangement ‘of Gera Developments Private Liited (ransferor Company 1)
and Gera Resorts Private Limited (Tansferee Company 1 Or Tansfroe Company 2) and
(Gera RealEstate Private Limited (Tranferee Company 2) ‘and he respective Shareholders
Gera Developments Private Limited, aCompany incorporated under the provisions of Companies} ‘cl, 1956 having its reser ofce at 200, Gera Paza, } Boat Cub Road, Pune, Maharashtra ~ 411001, }.Petoner Company
NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETITION [joint Pein under Section 230 o 232 ofthe Companies Act, 2073 (Peto) fran trdersanctoning the Composite Scheme of Arrangement between Gera Developments Private Limited, Gara Resrs Private Limited and Gora Real Esa Privao Lind and their respective Shareholders, was_presenled by the Pettioner Companies abovenamed, on Sd day of March, 2020 was adited on ts June, 2020 and ha the Said peiion is fed for hearing before the Mumbai bench of National Company Law
“Tibunal( NCLT) onthe f0thdayof Ju, 2020
ANY PERSON desirous of supporting or opposing the Potion should send tothe Pattoner’s Advocates at their adress manioned haceundar, a natce of hisher intention, signed by hiner or ister Advocates, wth isher ull name and adres, so a to each the Pelvone's Advocate an the NCLT, Mumbai Bench at Mumbai at th ‘oor, MTNL Telephone Exchange Buiding, GD Somani Marg, Cu Parade, Mumba 400 (005 not later than two days before te dale fed forthe hearing ofthe Pion, Where he seks o oppose the Pein, the grounds of oppaston ora apy ofthe fda shall be fumishedwih uch nate.
‘A copy of the Pettion wil be fuished bythe Petitoner’s Advocates to ny person requiring the same on paymentfthe prescribed charges forthe same,
‘Advocate for the Petitioner Company Hemant Sethi & Co
‘309 New Blake House, Maharashtra Chamber of ‘Commerce Lane, Kala Ghoda
Fert, Mumba ~ 400023 Maharashtra
~ «Regd. Otic: Dairy Tops, J-177, MLD Indus Estate GRAVIS Minos pune 441025. Pane 02262613131
Nosrirauiny Email i: [email protected] com caesar Website:
NOTICE Pursuant to Regulation 29 read with Regulation 47 of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, Notice is hereby given that a Meeting of the Board of Directors ofthe Company wil be held on Tuesday, 30° June, 2020 at 11.00 a.m,
at Hote iter Continental, Maine Drive, Mumbai - 400 020, to inter alia, consider and approve the Audited Standalone Financial Results of the Company for the Quarter and Financial Year ended 31° March 2020, the Audited Consolidated Financial Results ofthe Company fr the Financial Year ended 31” March 2020, and the Statement of Assets and Liabilities forthe hal year ended 31" March, 2020, ‘The said Notice may be accessed on the Company's website at http:/ and may also be accessed on the Stock Exchange website at
For and on behalf of the Board Sd/-
Kainaaz Bharucha Company Secretary
Place: Mumbai te : 24" June, 2020
Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd. Regd. Ofc : Pt No, 10-18, New Elconcs Compe, ‘Chambaghat, Dt Solan 172219 (HP)
Ph ttt 2007174, Fo 91-01 200877 eta wa aaliatasco, Ema venereal con,
NOTICE is hereby gen that prsvant To Requton 29 rea wih Regulation 47 of the Secuntes and Exchange Board of Ind (Usteg Oblgatons and Disclosure Requremens) Regustors, 205. Meeting ofthe Boars of Dect of te Companys Shedd ob had on Monday, the 29 cay of une, 2020, tar aa to consider and approve he Audited Standalone ard Consciated Fnancal Res fo the quate and
year ended March 31,202 The said Notice may be accessed on the Company's website at
ven shwaitmetals com andmay aso be accessed on te StockExchange websites at ven bondi cm In pursuance of SEB! (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Reguatons, 2015, the Trading Window ofthe Company remains dosed om 01" Apri, 2020001" uly, 2020 (bth days ince) For Shivalik Bimetal Controls Limited Pace: New Dh Aart Jasal Dated: 240672020 Company Secretary
Sr merer
Registered Office: 141, Joly Maker Chambers Il, 14th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021. Tel +31-22.6858 3000 Fax: +91-22-2888 7015
Email: hg Web: ~~ NOTICE
Pursuant to Regulation 29 read with Regulation 47 of the SEB! (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, Notice is hereby given thata Meeting of the Board of Directors ofthe Company wil be held on Monday June 2, 2020at4:30 PM. at the 38, Floor, Plot 53, Shri Pant Bhuvan, § V P Road, Opera House, Mumbsi- 400007 of the] Company inter-alia, to consider approve and take on record the Audited Financial Results for the fourth quarter and year ended March 31, 2020, ‘The information contained in this notice is also available on the Company's website: and on the website of the stocl exchange wn
For Starlog Enterprises Limited sal, Saket Agarwal
Place : Mumbai Managing Dirsctor] (Date : June 24, 2020 DIN: aor62608|
Registered office : “Tainwaia Hous’, Road No.18, MID. Andha (ast
| mbal-200 083, Ema [email protected]| Website - ww tainwalain
CIN NO.: L24100MH985PLCO37387
Whilst care is taken prior to soceptance of atlertsing copy, it is not possible to verify is contents. The Indian Express (P} Limited cannot be held responsible for such contents, nor for any loss or damage
JITENDRA PATIL sections * Sralidusts
wie: || By rs 9029012015 fering dry monte or enerig Landline No. :
67440215 advertisers or otherwise acting bn an advenisement in any
manner whatsoever,
Sera " Prone 755982529 7028585577 Prabhakar Aetna, Harty pain, Phone 09502498877 Veer tt. Mae 9579575535
Ire Advertsing. ‘Bom fe
fonak Aérrinng, aie Paci fae amar ie Sear 5 Behave oszorsn733 ais Rab Advinng Bowral
separ Pacey Aoournats 12)
Ghakapar Phone! 25258792 194 ‘Mone 7892555 61572555 Datagure Atetsing
Sane paresis ‘rane & Path abi, Gratapar Phone 775852939 2501 2325 rane 1H Prone! 3395285) 25390080 Sener A
Rane 1
‘aang Phones 202009 | 22882268 Prone
‘ad Paane
‘and ie Prone (i Prone! 25303608 | 25330538
Spoperis Cmonanitins ta iE) Phones 7s seseaes soe HB wre seceora Ber die Prone (Hh Mayer Ad tncton, Saipan Adrertsne
Frame aes penssy Pha ots 0728 ‘MeaNesbaiesp epapr. in josie: s82asz9sae
8 POSSESSION Notice is hereby gven hat we propose to deist the equty shares of the Company] from the BSE Limited pursuant to Reguation 6a) of Securities and Exchange Board finda (Delisting of Equity Shares) Reguation, 2008. The equty shares ofthe Company will continue tobe sted onthe National tock Exchange ini Limited
By order ofthe Board of Directors For Tainwala Chemicals and
Plastics (India) Limited WM. Rakesh Tainwala
Managing Director (OWN No.: 00237671)
having falled to repay the amount, the propery desribedheren below.
FORM NO, URC-2 Advertisement giving notice about registration under Part |
of Chapter XXI of the Act [Pursuant to section 374(b) of the Companies Act, 2013 and
rule 4(1) of the Companies (Authorised to Register) Rules, 2014) 1.Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of sub-section (2) of section 366 of the Companies Act, 2013, an application is proposed to be made after fiteen days hereof but before the expiry of thinly days hereinafter to the Registrar at Central Registration Centre (CRC) and Registrar of Companies, Pune, PCNTDA Green Building, Block A, 1st & 2nd Floor, Near Akurdi Railway Station, Akurdi that Millennium ‘Semiconductors, a Partnership Firm is to be converted into Millennium Semiconductors India Private Limited, tobe registered under Part | of Chapter XX! of the Companies Act 2013, as a company limited by Shares. 2. The Principal objects of the Company are as follows: To carry of the business of reseller andimporter of electronic components etc. 3. A copy of the draft memorandum and article of association of the [proposed company may be inspected at the office at 17.18,19, 2nd Floor, Mahalaxmi Heights, Mumbai Pune Road, Pimpri, Pune —| 411018. 4, Notice is hereby given that any person objecting to this application ‘may communicate their objection in writing to the Registrar at Central Registration Centre (CRC), Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA\), PlotNo. 6.7.8, Sector, IMT Manesar, District Gurgaon (Haryana), Pin ~ 122050, within twenty one days from the date of publication of this notice, wth a copy to the company atits registered office
Dated this 22th day of June 2020. Name(s) of Applicant 4, Haresh Govindram Abhichandani 2. Bhagwanti Govindram Abhichandani
‘COMPANY SCHEME APPLICATION NO. 4041 OF 2019 Inthe matter ofthe Companies Ac, 2013
‘AND Inthe mar of Sections 290 to 282 and oer applicable provisions
‘ofthe Companies Act, 2013; ’aND
Inthe mater of Composite Scheme of rangement (of Gera Developments Private Liited (ransferor Company 1)
‘and Gora Resorts Privat Limited (Transavee Company 4 ‘Or Transferor Company 2) and
Gera RealEstate Private Limited (Transferee Company 2) ‘and ther espectve Shareholders
Gera Real Estate Private Limited, a Company } inoorported under the rovsorsof Companes Ac 1956 hang frosted oe at 00, Gera Plaza, ) Boat Club Road, Pune, Maharashtra ~ 411001. }.. Petitioner Company
NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETTION Ajit Peton under Seon 220 o 22 of the Companies At, 23 (Peto oan arr sanconng ie Conpesto Serene of Arangonen eween Gea Develops Prat Limited Gera Resor Pate Lined and Graal Estate Pte Ltd and th rapt Sharehoders was preset he Patna Congas on ay o arch 2020 wos admtedon ft June, 202 anata pein ed heating before Mumba bench of Nabe Company Law Trbua (NCL) on teh dy of
200 [ANY PERSON desicus of supporting or opposing the Peiton shoud send to the
Petitioner's Advocates a their adress menined hereunder ante of ster intenton, signed hime orhislher Advocates, wih hier fullname and adress, so asto reach the Paitona’s Advocate and the NCLT, Mumbai Bench at Mumbal at hoor, TNL
Telephone Exchange Buldng, GD Soran Marg, Cuf Parade, Mumba 00 06 ntlater than to days before the date fied forthe hearing of the Pelton, Where he seeks to oppose the Peon, the grounds of opposition ora copy ofthe afd shal be fuishod wisuch notice
‘copy of the Petition wil be furished by the Petioner's Advocales to any person requiring the same on paymentotheprescrbed charges forthe same
[Advocate forthe Petitioner Company: Hemant Sethi & Co
309 New Blake House, Maharashtra Chamber of ‘Commerce Lane, Kala Ghoda
Fort, Muna - 400023 Maharashia
Place: Pune Date: June 25, 2020
Pune Div, - Late. Ramgopalji Rathi Business Center, Shivajinagar, Latur-413531
'Z" (See sub- rule (11(d-1) of rule 107) NOTICE FOR IMMOVABLE PROPERTY
\Whereas the undersigned being the Special Recovery fcr ofthe The Latur Urban Co-op. Bank Lid, Latur under the Maharastra Co-operative Societies Rules, 1961 issued a demandnotce dated 2810172020 caling upon he judgement debtor Mangal Manoj Gaikwad. to repay the amount mentioned in the notice being Rs.21,62,835-(In words - Twenty one Lac
ity Two Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Five Only.) with date of receipt ofthe said notice and the judgement debtor undersigned has issued a notice for attachment dated 27/05/2020 and attached the
The judgement debtor having fled torepay te amount, noiceis hereby given tothe judgement debtor andthe publiin general thal the undersigned has taken possession of he property described herein below in exerse of pavers confered on hwher Under rule 107(11(¢-)ofMaharashva Co-operative Societies Rus, 195% onthis day of27tMay. of the year 2020. The judgement debtor in parcular and the publcin general ishereby cautoned notto dea th the property and any dealings wih the propery wil be subjctto the charge ofthe The Latur Urban Co-op, Bank Lid, Latur, foran amounts, 20,24,760-
and furtherinterestplus charges thereon. Description ofthe Immovable Property
ptace : Mumbs Sr.No. Name of the Owner Property Details, Date 25° June, 2020, 1 Gaikwad Manoj Chandrakant ‘AI Thal plete and. parol of land admeasung OH 25
bearng Gat No 25 susid at Loni Kalbor Ta, Havel Ost. Pune | 2 Kabbhor Ashok Ramchandra ‘AL Thal plece and parcel of nd admeasutng 10 H 123 A
Date : 11/06/2020 Place : Pune
bearing Gat No 105 stusted at Loni Kalhor Ta Haveli Dist. Pune ‘Sd-
Recovery Officer ‘The Latur Urban Co-Op. Bank Lid., Latur (Pune)
‘The Senior Divsional Electrical Engineer |ctracion Roting Stocks), Electric Loco) ‘Shed, Kalyan: 421 301 for and.on behalf of Ine President of india invites Open E-| tender through website wwrwireps.govin) or folowing worksserices team reputed) constructors. St. No. 1, Name of work :) [Rewinding of Auliary Motors of Electric) Locomotives of Electric Loco Shed, Kalyan. Approximate Cost ofthe Work Rs, 14.92.18 (Basic Cost), EMD : Rs. 29,9001, Cost of Tender Form : Rs 2,000), Completion Period 36 Months. instruction : 1. Tender closing date & time of afore said tenders: Upto 11.00 hnours of 22.07.2020 and willbe opened) [after 1.00 hrs and validity of offer is 45) days. 2 Complotodetas of tenders are)
lavalable atthe webste wwrwireps.govin| | PuSchargestherecn. land also avaiable in th offes ofthe S| | _ Se. No. Name of the DEE (TRS) Ofte, Kalyan. Tender No, 5 Gaioad Mang Cancalaré 2 ELSKYNANKS.2018-40RWAN rae
NOTICE I Ahmed Nawaz Alladin holding
‘Whereas the underscned beng he Special Recovery Ofice othe The Latur Urban Co-op. Bank Yd Latur under he Maharashtra Co- operative Societies Res, 1961issueda demand natoedetod2001/2020caing upon te udgerent debi, Manoj Chandrakant Gaia. to repay the amount mentored nthe nace being Rs. 15, 88,962- (In words —Ftteenth Lac Eighty
Eight Thousand Nine Hundred sixty Two Only) wih dae of receipt fh sid atce and re judgement debtorhaving fale torepay ‘heamount the undersignedhas issued anoieforattachment dated 2718/2020 and attached the property descibedPerein below. The judgement debtor having fad to repay he amount, nbceihereby given tothe judgement debor andthe publicin general thal ibe undersigned hasten possession oft property said hereinbelow in exes of powers conered on ima waer ule 107113),
cfMaharashra Co-oeraive Societies Rules, 196 on his day of The judgement dblorn particular andthe public generis hereby cautioned nto dea wih he property and any dealings wit the property witbe subjectio the charge othe The Latur Urban Co-op. BankL.t, Latur foran smauntR, 16,23,106-andfurherinterest
3 Gakod Sant Chanter. 2 scissile ‘A Thtgac ad pa lind atnsasarg 10H Rew GaN
Sasa Mare pean suet Koad Ty Hove Dal Pe 3 mad Mae Chana ‘Ar Titec and pa landatreas arg TOM Rew GaN
Urban Co-op Bank Ltd Latur
CIS ar em eee)
FORM "Z' (See sub- rule (11(d-1) of rule 107) NOTICE FOR IMMOVABLE PROPERTY
May. ofthe year 2020,
Description ofthe Immovable Property Owner Property Details Gale aba Canaan Al Tht ios and pl of a adeasuing OME ing GINO 25
‘shunted Lon Kaho. ns Dt Pane
sult Koad Ty Hove Det Pe
Sd Recovery Officer
‘IN L45200HH 1874PL.0017653 Regd. Ofc: Pratash 613, VN.Puay Mag, Cembu: Mumoae400071
Tel Mos /022) 61277200" Fax M022) 81277203 Enal :ptamuneadymal con, fag pbaufeacom
‘Wetaie wn poaiiacon NOTICE
Notoe s hereby aven that the Meeting ofthe Board of Directors of the compan ‘winch was scheduled to be held on Tuesday, 20th June ,2020 at 4.00 pm atthe} regateted afice of he company at Prakash ,611/3, WN. Purav Marg, Chembur urnbar 400 07 thas beencancalleddue to non-avalatyofdirectors, Theda mmestogof Boardof vectors wal beinformedinduecourse
IN: 02395
COMPANY SCHEME APPLICATION NO. 4041 OF 2018 inthe mater ofthe Companies At 2013
AND Inthe mater of Seton 230 o 252 and
ther applicable provisions ofthe Companies Act, 2018 AND
Inthe mater of Composite Scheme of rangement of Gera Developments Piva Lined (Translero Company 1)
and Gera Resorts Piva Limited (Transferee Company 1 Or Transfer Company 2) ‘and Gera Real Esa Private Limted(ranseree Company 2)
and ther respective Shareholders Gora Resorts Private Limited, a Company } incorporated under the provisions of Companies) ‘el, 1956 having its regstere ofce at 200, Gera Plaza, )
‘Boat Cub Road, Pune, Maharashtra ~ 411001, ) su Petitoner Company NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETITION
‘jin Pettion under Secon 230 to 232 ofthe Companies Act, 2013 Ptton foran der sanctioning the Composite Scheme of Arangemen between Gera Developments
Private Lined, Gera Resorts Private Limited and Gera RealEstate vate Limited and thet respective Shareholders, was presented by the Pettoner Companies abovenamed…