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A marketing report about GPS dog collar, Tagg the Pet Tracker.

Text of Tagg the Pet Tracker

Tagg--The Pet Tracker is a purpose-built pet tracking device that uses advanced GPS and wireless technology to track the pets location and activity from users computer or mobile device, 24 hours a day. If the pet strays from the Tagg zone, the Tagg system alerts the user by email or text message, so the user can find their pets on a map and bring them home. Track the pets daily and long-term activity levels to stay on top of its health and exercise. This tracker bundle comes with everything the pet owners need to get started.|utmccn=(organic)|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=tagg%20tracker&__utmv=-&__utmk=213271062Marketing MixProductProduct variety

The pet owners are the users of the Tagg Tracker that decreasing and preventing the pets lose is the one and only goal which helps the pet owners to find their dogs or cats through GPS. Tracking the pets daily activities and sharing the data with vets and friends like locations on map of the pets and comparing activity levels day to day for the pets are more convenient than before.Quality

The battery life of the Tagg Tracker can be up to 30 days. However, it depends on different factors such as the size of the property and the time the pet is not in the range of the docking station. The docking station is a charger. It also turns the Tagg Tracker into power saving mode when the pet is within 150 to 200 feet from the docking station. For example, when the pet is in the range of the docking station all the time, the battery of the Tagg Tracker can last up to 30 days. When the pet is in the range of the docking station all the time but has one daily 15 minutes walk, the battery life of the Tagg Tracker reduces to 14 to 20 days. When the pet is not within the range of the docking station, the battery of the Tagg Tracker can only last for 4 days. Also, the number of walls between the docking station and the pet affects the ability of the Tagg Tracker to receive signals from the docking station.

Moreover, the Tagg Tracker is small, lightweight, and tough. It handles wherever the pet goes and the activities of the pet, including all the jumping, running, digging, swimming, crawling, and sleeping.Design

The Tagg Tracker has a contemporary design with two colours, white and grey. It can easily attach to the pet's existing collar.

The Tagg Tracker is designed to be user-friendly. Users can use the Pet Tracker free mobile app, which is provided on the Tagg website, to keep in touch with their pets. Users can find their pets locations on the Tagg map in a quick and easy way, by using the Tagg mobile website, the Tagg app, or sending a text LOCATE to the Tagg. The Tagg will send the address of the locations of the pets.

Not only finding the locations of the pets, the users can also get the driving directions form the app. The app also provides the locations of the nearby places, such as vets, dog parks, and pet stores.Features

The Tagg Tracker can find any 10-pound or heavier pets with waterproof materials, so pets can wear this Tagg Tracker everywhere even for a light swim or rainy days. The purpose of building this pet tracking device which uses advanced GPS and wireless technology such as iPhone, iPad is to help pet owners tracking their pet's location and activity in order to find their lovely pets anywhere and anytime.

Also, the Tagg system helps pet owners through the email and they can find the pets on map with their phones quickly. Most of the vets agree that it would be useful if pet owners have a device which tracks and manages a dog's activity level.

Brand name

Tagg - The Pet Tracker is produced by Snaptracs Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Technologies Inc., the world leader in mobile technologies. Their mission is to make peoples lives easier and safer.Packaging

The purchase of the Tagg tracker includes a Tagg tracker, a docking station, a set of collar clip assembly, and a power kit. It also include 3 months of the Tagg tracker service, a Tagg pet family plan which is available for up to 9 pets, and 30 days refund policy.

Since the Tagg tracker is mainly for personal use only and it is not a gift, the Tagg does not focus on the packaging of the Tagg tracker. For example, the Tagg tracker does not use attractive packaging like Japanese food.

Size and Weight

The Tagg Tracker is measuring 3.18" long, 1.49" wide, and 0.77" tall.

It weighs 1.16 oz.


To help in getting the most out of the Tagg Tracker system, the Tagg provides user guides in their website, including helpful topics in the quick reference table, d printable guides and legal information for detailed information. Users can also search for answers, or download the User Guide or Quick Start Guide.Moreover, users can watch video tutorials on the Tagg website. The video tutorials include topics such as How It Works, Whats In the Box, Setup and Activation, Collar Attachment, and Notifications.

Users can tell their questions, comments, and ideas to Tagg by making phone calls or by emails. The most common questions about Tagg are listed in the Answer Center. Users can check these questions whenever they want to.

There is also a live chat service on the Tagg website. Users can contact Tagg everyday from 10a.m. to 7p.m.


The Tagg Tracker hardware includes a 12-month limited warranty. If the Tagg Tracker is not modified and is used properly, and in accordance with the product documentation, it will be free from a reproducible defect that eliminates the functionality or successful operation of a feature critical to the primary functionality or successful operation of the product for a period of 1 year from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser or first use of the product.Returns

If the users are not satisfied with their Tagg products, they can ask for a full refund, which includes taxes and ground shipping costs but excludes expedited shipping costs, within 30 days of shipment.


Listed price

The listed price of the Tagg Tracker is USD$99.95, which is around HKD$800. The price includes first 3 months service of the product. It is free for shipping product to United State.

There are two service plans of the Tagg Tracker, the Tagg Service Plan and the Tagg Pet Family Plan.

In the Tagg Service Plan, the Tagg service costs USD$7.95 per month after the first 3 months of service included in the purchase of the Tagg Tracker ends. The payment requires automatic billing, which begins once the included service has ended. However, there is no service commitment and no activation fee.

In the Tagg Pet Family Plan, the pet tracker was designed to work with more than one pet. If the user has multiple pets in household and would like to monitor the pets with the Tagg service, the user only needs to buy the Add-a-Pet Tracker for each additional pet. Each Add-a-Pet Tracker costs a low monthly service charge of only USD$0.95 per month. However, the users can only buy a maximum of nine Add-a-Pet trackers in this plan.

Payment period

The Tagg product requires lump-sum payment. Installments are not allowed.

Credit terms

The Tagg accepts American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa credit cards, as well as all debit cards with a Master Card or Visa logo. However, pre-paid cards, money orders, or checks are not accepted.Discounts and Allowances

There are no discounts and allowances for the Tagg products.


Channels and Locations

The Tagg Tracker is currently sold online at,,,, and at Apple, Target, BestBuy, Verizon and Sams Club retail stores, and veterinarian offices nationwide in USA.TransportThe Tagg Tracker will be shipped to customers by 5-10 business days after customers have placed their orders. Customer can choose to pay an extra fee from USD$14.95 to USD$19.95 in order to have a shorter delivery time if they want to have the Tagg Tracker earlier.As each item is shipped from warehouse, the Tagg will send a shipment notification email including the carrier name and tracking number to customers. Customers can click the link to view the status of package on the carriers website.Customers can also request to pick up package at Snaptracs Inc. carrier's local facility.Inventory

The Tagg Tracker has their inventory in warehouses of carriers and retailers.

PromotionThe Tagg has participated in many events. They joined four exhibitions in April. They are Houston Pet Expo on 13th April, DogFest on 13th April, Americas Family Pet Expo on 19th April and Phoenix Pet Expo on 20th April.

First of all, Houston Pet Expo was held at Reliant Centre, 1 Reliant Park, Houston, TX. This event included a pet costume contest, low-cost vaccinations, giveaways, pet adoptions, live entertainment, obedience demonstrations, and the latest and greatest pet products. Admission is free and all pets are allowed to enter. The Tagg Tracker was shown to public as promotion.

Secondly, the DogFest was held at Duboce Park, San Francisco. The DogFest has 5-year history. There were live entertainment, face painting, carnival games, delicious food, a dog show, an auction, etc. The Tagg Tracker was shown in the DogFest.

Thirdly, Americas Family Pet Expo was held at the Orange County Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, California. It is the largest pet and products expo. So, this event attracts lots of pet owners, which is efficient to promo

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