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  1. 1. twistmagazine.com 49 Help! My hairs a mess! PHOTOS,CLOCKWISEFROMTOP:VICTORIAWILL/INVISION/APIMAGES;SARAJAYEWEISS/STARTRAKSPHOTO(2);TODDFRANCEPHOTOGRAPHY. a Its actually nice to take a break from extensions, Selena says about rocking her natural locks. a The finer your hair, the lower the tempera- ture should be when straightening it. a Use less-hydrating shampoos in the summer and more moisturizing ones in the winter. a You should clean your brush out at least once a week. F rom managing frizzy flyaways to curing bad haircuts twist has all the answers to how you can tame your tresses and turn your bad hair day around, thanks to Ohio cosmetologist, Maddy Weber! Her tips will leave your locks looking lovely and you feeling extra confident! a Revive your tresses now! Is it safe to share brushes with my friends? Gina, 12 Should I wash my hair every day? AJ, 16 Why is my hair so frizzy? Miranda, 13 Can curling and straightening my hair be harmful? Sara, 12 What can I do if I hate my haircut? Torrence, 16 Q: Q: Q: Q: Q: Q: Q: Q: Q: Hairbrushes can contain oil, old conditioner, germs and even dust mites, so think about that before you borrow a brush from your bestie. Plus, in extreme cases, lice can also be trans- mitted this way. Stick to your own tools and your hair will thank you, trust me! No way! Excessive shampooing will dry out your hair over time and you dont want that to hap- pen because youll start seeing frizz. Try sham- pooing every other day, or if you can, wash it every two days. Using a dry shampoo is also good if you have exceptionally oily hair it work wonders! The main cause of frizz is dry hair, which means your locks are lacking natural oils and moisture. This could be caused by weather (humidity is a big culprit), coloring of hair, or even your styling tools! Using a good anti- frizz or leave-in conditioner should fix the problem right up. Bye-bye, frizz! Yes, heat can be bad for your mane. You should be cautious of your hot tools temp because its even possible to burn a piece of hair off if youre not careful! To avoid overheating, use a heat protectant serum before styl- ing, never go past the medium setting on your tool, and never hold down your curl- ing iron or straightener on a section of hair for longer than six seconds. You should get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks, but if you end up getting it chopped off and hating the length, adding clip-in extensions is an easy fix you can put them in by yourself and they wont ruin your hair! A: A: Does pulling my hair back in a braid or up in a ponytail make it brittle? Tamera, 15 Q:Q: If either are too tight, it can actually cause hair loss or hair breaking, which is a result of the chronic pulling. To avoid hair damage, make sure your updo is loose enough that its not causing excessive tension to your scalp. Breakage can also occur when you use too tight of a hair tie, so start following the latest hair trends and embrace loose braids and ponies! A:A: A: A: Q: