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GROUP #4 Chris Carmichael, EE Ismael Rivera , CpE Journey Sumlar, EE Warayut Techarut, CpE. T-100 WATCHDOG. Project Introduction. Detect Motion Track Movement Alert User Remote Control Streams Video. Camera View. Project Goals. System Integration Motor Control - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



GROUP #4 Chris Carmichael, EE Ismael Rivera , CpE Journey Sumlar, EE Warayut Techarut, CpET-100 WATCHDOG

Detect MotionTrack MovementAlert UserRemote ControlStreams Video Camera ViewProject Introduction

Project GoalsSystem IntegrationMotor ControlComputer VisionWireless CommunicationPower ControlRequirementsAutonomousDetect MotionWireless CommunicationVideo Streaming

SpecificationsFeatureMeasurementDimension12 x 8Operating Range25 ftPower Supply Voltage14.4 vMaximum Weight20 lbsMinimum Acceleration1 ft/s2Maximum Speed3 ft/sBattery Life3 hrsRecharge Time< 4 hrsBlock Diagram

System on Chip (SoC)

7Raspberry Pi vs BeagleBone BlackRaspberry pi$35.00700 MHz ARM1176JZFS512 MB SDRAM @ 400 MHz8 GPIO Pins

Beaglebone black$451GHz TI Sitara AM3359 ARM Cortex A8512 MB DDR3L @ 400 MHz65 GPIO PinsMicrocontroller & Development BoardARM Cortex A8TI Sitara AM3359BeagleBone Black

Microcontroller & Development Board

Microcontroller & Development Board

Operating SystemsDebianDefault OSArchLinux|ARMMost LeanWindows EmbeddedMost Integrated


Wi-FiEdimax EW-7811UnIEEE 802.11b/g/nCompatible with LinuxSmall sizeInternal AntennaWEP/WPA/WPA2/WPS Compatible

7.1 mm14.9 mm18.5 mmComputer Vision

Open Source LibrariesRobot Operating system (ROS)Implementations for specific tasks.Not as big as OpenCV.Requires OpenCV for certain algorithms.Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV)C++ and JAVA implementations available.Compatible with multiple distributions of Linux.Large amount of tutorials and support community .Computer Vision - OpenCVDetect movementRecognize and track a moving personOpenCV 2.4.2Optimized computer vision functions and algorithmsBuilt-in Object Detection and Tracking functionsARM SupportPerformance varies on functions being utilized.Computer Vision State Diagram

0 212LEFT213 425STAY426 640RIGHT640480Server & Streaming

Server & StreamingNode.jsEnable internet HTTP communicationWeb GUI (Optional)Lightweight on resources under loadUDP (User Datagram Protocol)JAVA Implementation (Android Compatible)Always listening for incoming commands from mobile phoneVery lightweight on resourcesPort specificServer & StreamingMJPG-StreamerStreams images from a folder over the internetStream and Snapshot functions availableAndroid compatible streamLow resource usageStreaming State Diagram


WebcamMicrosoft - LifeCam CinemaUSB 2.0 ConnectivityLinux CompatibleMultiple picture/video resolutions available

Compare with others25Mobile Application

Mobile ApplicationSupport Android 4.0 and newer versionsSQLite Database to store user credentialsControl vehicle remotelyView a live video feedStore snapshot on the device

Mobile Application State Diagram

Mobile ApplicationRegistration ActivityAllow user to register a username/password combination.Store cell phone for SMS and MMS alerts.Supports: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, Straight Talk.Store email for email alerts.Send SMS, MMS, and Email address to external server via PHP Post/Get method.

Mobile ApplicationLogin SectionAllows user to register/loginOnly authorized users will have accessPerforms an Internet Check

Mobile ApplicationControl SectionView live video feedControl robot with virtual joystickStore snapshot

Mobile ApplicationGallery SectionView snapshots stored on deviceShare via Email/MMS

Motor Controller, Motors, & Wheels

Mecanum Wheels

Add Diagrams34Mecanum Wheels

Add Diagrams35Mecanum Wheels

Add Diagrams36Mecanum Wheels

Vex Robotics Mecanum WheelsAffordability $59.99 4 packDiameter: 4 in.Thickness: 2 in.PlatformPerforated Aluminum Lightweight2 pounds with wheels includedEasily Adjustable

12 in.8 in.Motor

VEX 2-Wire motor 393VEX 2-Wire motor 393RequirementsSpecs-Low SpeedSpecs- High speedPrice< $20$14.99$14.99RPMs130100160Torque1.3 Nm1.67 Nm1.04 NmWeight< .5 lbs.2 lbs.2 lbsStall current4.8 A4.8AMax PowerAll measured at 7.2 V34.56 W34.56 W2 in.1.5 in.1 in.H-Bridge Circuit

H Bridge Components IRF 9530 P-ChannelIRF 530 N-ChannelBC547100 Vds100 Vds47 V Breakdown12 A 14 A 100 mA$1.29$1.03$0.2010 K OHM Current Limiting Resistors

Controller BudgetComponent How manyPrice per unitTotalMSP430G25524$2.79$11.16IRF95308$1.29$10.32IRF5308$1.03$8.24BC54732$0.20$6.40Capacitor(100nF)4$.05$0.20Resistor (10k)40$.04$1.60Total: (without pcb)$37.92Motor Controller- PCBSpecifications3x3Thick Traces for high current lines2 layerOshpark, $5/sq in. 3 PCBs per order.

USB Power Hub

USB Power HubBeagleBone Black only has 1 USB port.2.0 USB PortsInput voltage is 3-5VConstant power to each USB portWeight 8 oz.

6 in.

.5 in.1 in.Power Management & Battery

Single Power Supply or Multi Power Supply?Multi power supply to power all componentsBattery CharacteristicsHigh discharge RateNo/low Memory EffectLight WeightHigh CapacityPrice Effective High Nominal Voltage

Battery SpecificationsTop three candidates for batteriesMost important aspects are Capacity, Discharge Rate, and VoltageModel316043103818650BrandTenergyTenergySupowerCapacity (mAh)160044002200Voltage (V)7.414.8V7.4Weight (Ib) Rate (C)20 (32 A) 25 (60A)2.5 (5.5A)Price ($)24.559.9917.99ChemistryLipoLi-onLi-onBattery Selection Motor ControllerTenergy 14.8V 4400mAh BatteryWeighs the most but supply the most current out of the batteries.Expected Battery Life needs to be at least 3 Hours

Model316043103818650BrandTenergyTenergySupowerCapacity (mAh)160044002200Voltage (V)7.414.8V7.4Weight (Ib) Rate (C)20 (32 A) 25 (60A)2.5 (5.5A)Price ($)24.559.9917.99ChemistryLipoLi-onLi-onBattery Selection MicrocontrollerUSB Powered Battery7.4V Lithium Ion 6600mahTwo output ports 5V at 1A5V at 2APowers off automatically once the devices are disconnected.

Battery ChargerTenergy TLP-2000 Smart ChargerBuilt in BalancerPrice $25.99Powers both Lion and LIPO batteries.Led Indication Status on when battery is charging and when the battery is fully chargedCuts off once battery is fully charged.

SPST 12VDC/30A Switch Rated at 12V 30ARed LED illuminates while onGreat to Conserve Battery lifeNickel plated brass

1.252.5Power RequirementsItemsVoltage input neededCurrent input neededBeagleBone Black5 V2 AMotor Controllers 10 V 16 AConventional Webcam3 V