System JICA CTU PROJECT Strengthening CTU ... JICA CTU PROJECT 2) Special Seminar for Graduate Students
System JICA CTU PROJECT Strengthening CTU ... JICA CTU PROJECT 2) Special Seminar for Graduate Students

System JICA CTU PROJECT Strengthening CTU ... JICA CTU PROJECT 2) Special Seminar for Graduate Students

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Text of System JICA CTU PROJECT Strengthening CTU ... JICA CTU PROJECT 2) Special Seminar for Graduate...

  • Education New Graduate Program(Master)

    Ph.D, MSc Students,

    and Training In Japan

    Common Infrastructure

    Intensive (Model) Lectures

    Joint Research

    CTU:University Empowerment towards internationalization

    Interdisciplinary of 3 Key Fields (Agriculture, Aquaculture & Fisheries, and Environment)

    Human Resource ▶Construction and Renovation ▶Procurement of Equipment


    ▶Study in Japan(Ph.D, MSc) ▶ Training in Japan

    Research ▶ Model Joint


    ▶ Joint Research

    Collaboration with

    Universities, Industries

    and Local Govt.

    Quality Assurance

    PPP (P

    u b

    lic-P rivate

    P artn

    ersh ip


    In teractio


    Special Seminars

    Japanese Supporting Universities

    Enlightening Academic Knowledge and Creativity for Staff and Students

    Advice on Equipment


    CoA-2, CAF-1, CENRes-1

    Strengthening System

    (Common Equipment, Security, etc.)

    Climate Change and Agriculture


    Aquaculture & Fisheries-8


    Strengthening Infrastructure and Human Resources Development

    Climate Change and Aquaculture

    & Fisheries

    Climate Change and Environment

    Synergy Effects

    Keyword: Climate Change in Mekong Delta(Δ) 3

    Photo Newsletter

    Jan-Mar., 2020 (No.07)

    (T/C) The Project for Building Capacity for Can Tho University(CTU) to be an Excellent Institution of Education, Scientific Research and Technology Transfer

    5th Floor Administration Bld.,CTU Campus II, 3/2 Street, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City, Vietnam Office: +84-(0)292-3872-890


    2) Special Seminar for Graduate Students 3a) Visitors from J-Companies



    WM: World Micron Scallow Premium

    (antibacterial agent)


    4) Project Regular Meeting

    29th Friday Meeting (PMU Leaders-JICA) 定例会議(プロジェクト専門家・PMU 代表・

    3 分野代表) at the Project Office


    (注)沖浦先生は JICA ベト ナム事務所勤務時代,当プロ ジェクトの構想・立上げに御 尽力された。 (OKIURA)

    1) Intensive Workshop for Joint Research 4-11/Jan/2020

    Workshop on Virus Research Technique using Primary Culture and PCR (初代培養細胞と PCR 法を用いた ウイルス分析方法) by Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (東京農工大学)

    Prof. HAYASHIDANI Hideki (林谷 秀樹 先生)and Dr. SASSA Yukiko (佐々 悠木子 先生) (CTU 及びアンザン大学の教員・学生 29 名の参加)

    Special Seminar for Graduate Students (2nd Batch) 気候変動分野の大学院全 2 期生(93 名)への特別セミナー

    By Assoc. Prof. FUJIMOTO Tokihiko (藤本 穣彦 先生) Shizuoka University (静岡大学)

    Visitors from Japan (Japanese Companies) Mr. FUJIWARA Akira, President, Suzukisyokou Corp. 藤原章氏

    Mr. AKIMOTO Kouichi, Vice President, WM Co.Ltd., 秋元晃一氏

    3b) Visitors from J-University

    Prof. OKIURA Fumihiko (沖浦文彦先生) Assoc. Prof. MOMOZAWA Ai (桃沢愛先生)

    Tokyo City University (東京都市大学)

  • Assoc. Prof. MORIYAMA Hiromitsu TUAT, 森山 裕充 先生

    東京農工大学 (A-6)




    Prof. KATO Tasuku, TUAT 加藤 亮 先生, 東京農工大学

    (E-1)(Model Lecture)

    5) Academic Trip to Kenya by CTU Team towards Asia-Africa Higher Education Network

    Joint Research Activities

    Group photo with VC, DVCs of JKUAT ケニア国ジョモ・ケニヤッタ農工大学(JKUAT)の学長(VC)・

    副学長ら(DVCs)との集合写真 (@JKUAT キャンパス) Duration of Kenya Visit: 22-29/Feb/2020

    CTU Team (7 members Headed by Prof.L.V.Dung, Vice Rector) CTU 側チーム:Dung 副学長ら 7 名のメンバー

    Joint Meeting between CTU and JKUAT (Presentation by Prof. T.N. Hai, CTU)

    Site Visit of Olkaria Geothermal Plant オルカリア地熱発電所現場視察


    Assoc. Prof. UTSUNOMIYA Yuzuru, Nagasaki University

    宇都宮 譲 先生,長崎大学(E-4)








    (VC) Prof.Ngumi

    (DVC1) Prof.Ikua

    (DVC 2) Prof.Onyango

    (DVC 3) Prof.Kinyua

    8) World Influence of COVID-19

    Prof. KOYAMA Jiro (Kagoshima University)

    小山次朗先生(鹿児島大学名誉教授) Environmental Field (環境分野)

    Assoc. Prof. FUKUDA Shinji Assoc. Prof. TATSUMI Kenichi

    TUAT(東京農工大学) 福田信二先生・辰巳賢一先生

    (E-1: Joint Research)


    7) Action toward University-wide Empowerment


    E-1 Joint Research Team of CTU

    6) Japanese Professors

    動物倫理関連 の運用規則 ドラフト作成 に関する打ち 合わせ会議




    Tan Son Nhat International Airport タンソンニャット国際空港(ホーチミン)

    新型コロナ感染の影響でベトナム航空はじめ 多くのフライトの離着陸は大幅に制限された。

    Prof.KOAZE Dr.AOKI

    JKUAT Team

    Prof. SASAKI Jun The University of Tokyo

    佐々木 淳 先生, 東京大学 (E-2)(Model Lecture)

    Meeting on “The Regulation on Animal Experimentation at CTU” by the newly established Committee for ethical guidelines/ instructions on animal research appointed by Rector, CTU