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SYNTELPresented By-Rushita BhattVinay MahajanNalinaksh SinghSharvary WarghaneHimanshu Singh NegiIntroductionIt was founded in 1980 in Troy Michigan by Bharat Desai and Neeraj Sethi.

The company majors in business consulting and outsourcing services.

Syntel has two major GDC across India located at Chennai and Pune.

Nitin Rakesh is the current chairman and president of Syntel Inc.H/W & S/W PlatformThe hardware part of the Syntel basically consists of rented mainframe servers from IBM and cloud infrastructure from CISCO.

On software side,Syntel has presence across all major platforms like SAAS,SAP,ERP,Mainframe,Business Intelligence.

There main methdology of working is based on the Agile Framework.Domestic/International

Syntel revenue generators are based out of U.S .

Syntel have divided the business into two markets mainly Domestic markets and International markets.

Domestics markets are basically U.S.A and Canada.

International markets are APAC and EMEA regions.

APAC regions consists of 17 countris including India.

Emea regions consist of 8 countries.


As of June 2015 Syntel had 23006 employees across all offices.

The two major GDC located in Pune and Chennai employ 9000 and 2000 software professionals.The company 80% of the billiable workforce is in India.


The services of Syntel are as follows:Business Intelligence and AnalyticsCloudEnterprise SolutionsTestingIT infrastructure managementMobility SolutionsCyber securityCOMPETITIVE SCENARIO

Major competitors: Infosys and TCS.

They have shared revenue in all the major business which Syntel operates.

Recently all the clients of BFSI vertical have been moved to Cognizant as Syntel has not been able to cope with the billing and business commitments towards its clients.CLIENTS

Syntel as of DEC 2011 has 20 major clients across BFSI, Healthcare, Logistics, Insurance industry.

BFSI major clients: American Express & Wells Fargo

Insurance major client: State Streets

Healthcare major client: Humana

Logistics major client: Daimler.FINANCIALS

Syntels major target is to be a 2 Billion dollar group by 2015 which they have achieved.

They are having current market cap of 3.68 billion.

There last year revenue is 911.4 million dollar.

The company has posted a revenue of 239.8 US dollars for second quarter of 2015.Thank You