Syllabus for Arts 1301 Art Appreciation Mini SANDRA BAKER...Syllabus for Arts 1301 Art Appreciation Mini Mester ... Arts 1301 Art Appreciation (3 credits)-An introduction to the visual ... works of art within the contexts of

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  • Brazosport College Syllabus for Arts 1301 Art Appreciation Mini Mester

    Instructor: Sandra Baker Office: (online course)

    Division Secretary Office Phone: 979.230-3224 email:

    Alt. Phone: 425-372-6189 (My cell. Text or call and include your name!)

    Arts 1301 Art Appreciation (3 credits)- An introduction to the visual arts. Explores the purposes and processes of art through critical examination of historical and contemporary works. Students will gain an understanding of the formal properties of art, techniques of art making, and social, psychological and expressive uses of art.

    TEXTBOOK Gateways to Art by DeWitte,Larmann and Shields. You may use either the E-Book ISBN 978-0-500-77042-9 OR the textbook ISBN 978-0-500-28956-3. Required course materials are available at the Brazosport College bookstore, 979.230.3651. Fax: 979.230.3653. Website: Note: A student of this institution is not under any obligation to purchase a textbook from the college bookstore. The same textbook is/may also be available from an independent retailer, including an online retailer. Course Purpose: This course will acquaint the student with cultural and social concepts for art along with visual explanations of arts special qualities and particular vocabularies. Learning Outcomes: 1. Students will accurately analyze works of art within the contexts of history, society and values, employing artistic terms and a clear understanding of how formal properties create perceptual and psychological effect. 2. Students will articulate verbally and in writing informed and critical personal responses to works of art, based on accurate analysis and aesthetic awareness. 3. Student will synthesize diverse ideas into personal frameworks for understanding the world via deep exploration of works of art within the contexts of history, society, and values. 4. Students will demonstrate the ability to consider different points of view by working with others to perceive new syntheses or to use creative risk-taking to achieve a solution. Assessment: Papers, tests, discussions, collaborative projects or group work. Grading: Your grade will be determined as follows: 20 % Quizzes 20% Tests 15% Short research paper 20% Discussion questions 25% Final Exam

    Attendance: This is a self-paced online course. Consistent log in and timely progression through the course is expected. You must pay attention to due dates for discussion questions and assignments. An automatic record of login dates, times, and content visited is kept. Do not wait to the last minute and expect to pass the class. Contact IT immediately if you have any technical issues.

  • Course by Week: Week 1 Part 1: Art Fundamentals: read chapter objectives; read chapters; go to required internet links; take chapter quizzes. Check for discussion question due dates. Take unit 1 test. Week 2 Part 2: Media and Processes: read objectives; read chapters; go to required internet links; take chapter quizzes. Check for discussion question due dates. Take unit 2 test. Week 3 Part 3: Assignment on History and Context due. Part 4: Themes in Art: read chapter objectives; read chapters; go to required internet links; take chapter quizzes. Check for discussion question due dates. Take unit 3 test. take Final Exam. STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Brazosport College is committed to providing equal education opportunities to every student. Brazosport College offers services for individuals with special needs and capabilities including counseling, tutoring, equipment, and software to assist students with special needs. Please contact the Special Populations Counselor, 979.230.3236, for further information. ACADEMIC HONESTY Brazosport College assumes that students eligible to perform on the college level are familiar with the ordinary rules governing proper conduct including academic honesty. The principle of academic honesty is that all work presented by you is yours alone. Academic dishonesty including, but not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, and collusion shall be treated appropriately. Please refer to the Brazosport College Student Guide for more information. This is available online at Click on the CATALOGS AND SCHEDULES link under STUDENTS.

    Academic dishonesty violates both the policies of this course and the Student Code of Conduct. In this class, any occurrence of academic dishonesty will be referred to the Dean of Student Services for prompt adjudication, and will, at a minimum, result in a grade of F in this course. Sanctions may be imposed beyond your grade in this course by the Dean of Student Services.

    STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES Students are expected to fully participate in this course. The following criteria are intended to assist you in being successful in this course:

    a. understand the syllabus requirements b. use appropriate time management skills c. communicate with the instructor d. complete course work on time, and e. utilize online components (such as Desire2Learn) as required.

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