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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>SXSW 2015</p> <p>* How to Start a $50M Cryptocurrency Business in under 90 Days</p> <p>What is Cryptocurrency?(and why it matters to you)Isnt Bitcoin shady?(and all companies involved?)</p> <p>How does mining actually work?(and who is doing it?)</p> <p>Protect Consumers from shady industry practices</p> <p>Enforce Transparency from Manufacturers Lead the Industry in Technology Adoption</p> <p>How and Why we got involved</p> <p>Great companies are founded out of AngerInjustices in the industry sparked our fight against the scammers and those out to make a quick buck 6* The Business Side: How it all worksSupply Chain of the Cryptocurrency Mining IndustryHardwareManufacturersDealersMinersBusinesses</p> <p>* Cryptocurrency Trends in the Future</p> <p>INCEPTIONASIC MINERSASIC CLOUD MININGWHATS NEXT?</p>