Swimming Through an Essay. Essential Parts of an Essay Paragraphs Thesis Transitional Words and Sentences Revising and Editing Processes.

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Swimming Through an Essay Slide 2 Essential Parts of an Essay Paragraphs Thesis Transitional Words and Sentences Revising and Editing Processes Slide 3 Paragraphs Usually five with exception of compare/contrast Introduction, three supporting, and concluding Consist of four to five sentences Slide 4 Thesis Placed as the last sentence in the first paragraph Clearly plans out the supporting paragraphs by stating in ONE sentence what the purpose of your essay will be Sums up the entire essay in one sentence Slide 5 Examples of a Thesis 1.Should circuses be allowed to keep wild animals? Wild animals such as elephants and lions, although entertaining to watch, do not belong in circuses because the training methods for these animals are cruel, the animals are too unpredictable, and they are not performing natural behaviors. 2. Argue for or against Gary Beckers immigration policy. The immigration policy of auctioning visas is not a good idea because it makes the U.S. look like a greedy country, would allow terrorists and smugglers easy access to our country, and would limit the diversity of the U.S. Slide 6 Transitional Words and Sentences Help your essay move smoothly from one paragraph to another Effectively organize an essay Identify the start of particular types of paragraphs First, second, third, lastly, to begin, however, finally, although- all of these are transitional words Slide 7 Revising and Editing Processes Not always given time needed for these processes Clean up papers of simple yet overlooked mistakes Change the length of the paper Revising= looking at content Editing= looking at grammar Slide 8 Revising Tips Go back and reread the essay question to make sure it was FULLY addressed and answered Remove sentences that have little or nothing to do with the essay Check verb tense Look for I, always, and never since these are red flag words Slide 9 Editing Tips Read the paper out loud! Read the paper backwards to check for misspellings. Know your homonyms. Know how to use grammar check on the computer. Know your grammar. </p>


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