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<ul><li><p>SWIMMINGSWIMMINGTHE HOW-TO MAGAZINE FOR BETTER SWIMMINGT E C H N I Q U E</p><p>YANA KLOCHKOVAWORLD RECORD HOLDER200 AND 400 IM</p><p>Volume 41 Number 1 April-June 2004</p><p>IM Training with Michael PhelpsLearn from the OlympiansAmanda Beards Breaststroke</p><p>Tips on Turns</p><p>Be sure to visit Swimming Techniques website: www.SwimInfo.com</p></li><li><p>The leader in technical training equipment introduces</p><p>its 2003 Comptitive Swimwear line</p><p>durable chlorine resistant comfor table fully linedwww.finisinc.com 888-33-FINIS (TOLL FREE) Exclusive Nor th American Distributor of LANE 4</p><p>Made in the U.S.A.</p></li><li><p>F E A T U R E S</p><p>6 Training for GoldYana Klochkova, the worlds most dominant female individual medley swimmer, is intent on defending her Olympic titles in both IMs at Athens this summer.By Helen Chervitz</p><p>8 What It Takes to Be a World-Class Medley SwimmerThe IMand, in particular, the 400 IMhas progressed to the point where you need to be technically proficient in all fourstrokes, have superb endurance, great speed and power, andthe ability to think strategically.By Bob Bowman</p><p>13 The Long and Short of ItCoaches Bob Gillett and Dick Shoulberg explain how they train their swimmers for long course competition by using short course pools.By Ed Odeven</p><p>17 Not Your Grandmas WorkoutIt is important to evaluate the biomechanical movements of a swimmer during his or her activity before developing a properexercise program that will meet specific, individual needs.By J.R. Rosania</p><p>D E PA R T M E N T S</p><p>Editors NoteTechnique: Every Day (A Chatwith Coach Nina Kozuch)By Phillip Whitten ....................4</p><p>USSATeaching FreestyleBy Gilbert Legaspi..................22</p><p>Best of Tips onTechniqueThe Drop Push, Freestyle Flip Turnsand Breaststroke/Butterfly Turns .....................................24</p><p>TECH TipsAmanda Beards Breaststroke..30</p><p>CONTENTS</p><p>SWIMMING TECHNIQUE Vol. 41, No. 1, April-June 2004. ISSN #0039-7415. Published quarterly by Sports Publications, Inc., 228 NevadaStreet, El Segundo, CA 90245. Periodical postage paid at El Segundo, CA., and atadditional mailing offices. Rates $3.75 a copy, $15.95 a year in the United States;all other countries $22.95 a year. Foreign subscriptions and sales should be remit-ted by international money in U.S. funds. </p><p>POSTMASTER: send address changes and notice of undelivered copies on Form3579 to Swimming Technique, 228 Nevada St., El Segundo, CA 90245.All swim training and instruction should be performed under the supervision of a qualified coach or instructor, and in a manner which ensures the safety ofparticipants. </p><p>Printed in the U.S.A. by R.R. Donnelley. Published by Sports Publications, Inc., publishers of Swimming Technique, Swimming World and SWIM Magazine.Change of address: Send current label and new address to Swimming Technique,228 Nevada St., El Segundo, CA 90245. Publisher is not responsible for failure ofdelivery due to change of address. Replacement of publication(s) due to change ofaddress or loss in transit will not exceed the last issue. SWIMMING TECHNIQUEMicrofilm copies available from University Microfilms, 313 N. First St., Ann Arbor, MI 48103This journal is listed in the Physical Education Index.Note: Permission to reprint articles or excerpt from contents is prohibited withoutpermission from publisher.</p><p>SWIMMING TECHNIQUE April-June 2004 3GET YOUR FEET WET AT SWIMINFO.COM</p><p>Volume 41 Number 1 April-June 2004</p></li><li><p>(This is the fourth in a series of mini-interviews with some of the worlds lead-ing coachesa new feature replacing thetraditional Editors Note. This issuesinterview is with Coach Nina Kozuch ofUkraine, coach of world record holderand double Olympic gold medalist YanaKlochkova. This interview was undertak-en with the assistance of HelenChervitz.)</p><p>Swimming Technique: CoachKozuch, how important is propertechnique in your coaching program?</p><p>Coach Nina Kozuch: For me, prop-er technique is my top priority. Howdo you say it? Priority No. 1. I consid-er myself a technique coach above all,and I think other coaches see me thesame way. Also nutrition and rehabili-tation from injury are very importantas well.</p><p>ST: What kinds of technique workdo you do with your swimmers: frombeginners through international levelathletes such as Yana (Klochkova)?</p><p>Kozuch: Drills, drills, drills.</p><p>ST: How much technique work doyou incorporate into workouts on adaily, weekly or monthly basis?</p><p>Kozuch: My swimmers are involvedin technique work during every prac-tice. Sometimes its longer, sometimesshorter, but technique is an element ofevery single practice session.</p><p>ST: Give us an example of one ortwo drills you particularly like to use.</p><p>Kozuch: OK. Examples include but-terfly pull, breaststroke kick; freestylepull, dolphin kick. I have created myown drills over the years. While Iwont tell you specifically what theyare, I will tell you that I pay a lot of</p><p>attention to breathing in thesedrillsand in competition as well.</p><p>ST: What are Yanas favorite drills?Kozuch: There are no favorite</p><p>drills. She works on areas that needimprovement, so her focus changesfrom time to time. Each and everypractice is a piece of work that is partof a larger whole.</p><p>ST: How much emphasis do youplace upon technique during training?</p><p>Kozuch: My training plan for theyear is based on cycles, but there is aconstant emphasis on techniquethroughout the year. There is even atechnique portion of my swimmerspre-race warm-up.</p><p>ST: As a coach, is there anythingspecial you do to encourage perfecttechnique?</p><p>Kozuch: I dont know if its specialor unique, but I begin to work on aswimmers technique from early child-hood. The kids in my program workexclusively on drills for a while. Itsonly after theyve perfected their skillsin these technique drills that we movethem to the next stage: putting thestroke together.</p><p>TECHNIQUE: EVERY DAY(A CHAT WITH COACH NINA KOZUCH)By Phillip Whitten philw@swiminfo.com</p><p>4 SWIMMING TECHNIQUE April-June 2004</p><p>EDITORIAL AND PRODUCTION</p><p>P.O. Box 20337, Sedona, AZ 86341(928) 284-4005 (928) 284-2477 fax</p><p>e-mail: editorial@swiminfo.comWeb Site: http://www.swiminfo.com</p><p>Publisher Richard Deal</p><p>e-mail: dickd@swiminfo.com </p><p>Chief Executive OfficerBrent Rutemiller</p><p>e-mail: brentr@swiminfo.com</p><p>Editor-in-ChiefPhillip Whitten</p><p>e-mail: philw@swiminfo.com</p><p>Technical EditorKevin Milak</p><p>e-mail: kevinm@swiminfo.com </p><p>Senior EditorBob Ingram</p><p>e-mail: bobi@swiminfo.com</p><p>Art DirectorKaren Deal</p><p>e-mail: karend@swiminfo.com</p><p>Production AssistantJudy Jacob</p><p>e-mail: judyj@swiminfo.com</p><p>Advertising Production CoordinatorBetsy Houlihan</p><p>e-mail: betsyh@swiminfo.com</p><p>Sponsorship CoordinatorSarah Tolar</p><p>e-mail: saraht@swiminfo.com</p><p>MARKETING, ADVERTISING, SUBSCRIPTIONS and </p><p>ADMINISTRATION228 Nevada St., El Segundo, CA 90245(310) 607-9956 (310) 607-9963 fax</p><p>SubscriptionsPennye Monk ext. 104</p><p>e-mail: subscriptions@swiminfo.com</p><p>Asst. 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But in the 400 meterIMthe sports most grueling test of versa-tility, strength, endurance and strategicthinkingshe has been nearly invincible.</p><p>Double Olympic champion in Sydneyfour years ago, double gold medalist last Julyat the FINA World Championships inBarcelona, Klochkova is focused like a laserbeam on repeating her twin triumphs inAthens come August. The world recordholder in the longer medley and the defacto record holder at the sprint distance(Chinas Wu Yanyan holds the officialworld record), she plans on putting uptimes that will stand for years to come.</p><p>Klochkova has also branched out to thedistance freestyle at major events, winningsilver in Sydney in the 800 meters(8:22.66) and gold in several major meetsin the 400 meter free.</p><p>Just how dominant has Klochkova been?Since 1999, she has won:</p><p> Olympic Games 2 gold, 1 silver World Championships 4 gold, 2 silver SC World Championships 9 gold, 2 silver European Championships 9 gold, 1 silver</p><p> TOTAL 24 gold, 6 silver</p><p>She has also won several fistfuls of goldat the European Short CourseChampionships, World University Games(four gold in 2003) and the World Cup, aswell as at other major international compe-titions.</p><p>For these achievements, Klochkova hasthrice been named Ukraines Athlete of theYear, most recently in 2003. Notably, shehas achieved her unprecedented successdespite being underpaideven byUkrainian standardsand despite havingto contend with training in crumbling facil-ities lacking in basic equipment thatAmerican, Australian and westernEuropean swimmers take for granted.</p><p>For the past 15 years, Klochkova hasbeen guided by the steady hand of veteranUkrainian coach, Nina Kozuch, at theDynamo Swim Club in Kharkov. A swimcoach for more than 40 years, Kozuch hascoached several other world-class swimmersbesides Klochkova. Now, ten other swim-mersmostly 13-year-oldstrain dailyunder her motherly-but-no-nonsense guid-ance.</p><p>Kozuch says she first began coachingYana in 1989 when she was 7 or 8 years old.</p><p>She had just moved with her familyfrom the port city of Simferopol toKharkov, where my husband (also a topUkrainian coach) and I had our swimmingschool, she says.</p><p>Actually, it was my husband,Oleksander Kozuch, who first pointed Yanaout to me. She had come to the pool with agroup of youngsters for tryouts. Oleksandercommented to me on how naturally fluidher strokes looked for an untrained young-ster.</p><p>She definitely seemed promising, so Ispoke with her parents, took her on as astudent, and shes been with me eversince.</p><p>What Makes Yana Swim?Nobody is a born swimmer, Coach</p><p>Kozuch maintains. You can be born withthe potential to display outstanding talent,but unless that talent is developed, it</p><p>remains unrealizedand is just potential.Only self-discipline, perseverance and</p><p>the willingness to work hard can make aperson stand out from the crowd andachieve remarkable results. Undoubtedly,Yana was born with outstanding potentialfor swimming. But she is also a very hardworker. She is goal-minded, determinedand capable of living the life of a world-class athlete.</p><p>On top of it all, Yana is a sensitive,responsible person and has a wonderfulsense of humor.</p><p>Clearly, Coach Kozuch has a profoundrespect for her star athlete. And, not sur-prisingly, that respect is reciprocated.</p><p>Yanas 2004 Training Plan Coach Kozuchs training philosophy for</p><p>Klochkova can be summed up very simply:Dont mess with success. What worked in2000 (and since), Kozuch maintains, willwork again in 2004.</p><p>Klochkovas daily workout consists oftwo sessions, each 6,000 meters in thewater, punctuated by a 90-minute napbetween training sessions. Every workoutincludes a heavy dose of technique work,including a variety of kicking and pullingdrills, plus some additional drills CoachKozuch prefers to keep secret.</p><p>In addition, she does an hour to an hour-and-15 minutes of dryland exercises everyday. In the spring, she does a lot of running.Sunday is a day off, and on Thursday, thereis only one practice. Most of the drylandtraining emphasizes flexibility, with thegoal to make the transition that incorpo-rates her gains on the land into her strokein the water.</p><p>One month a year, Yana has a breakfrom swimming. During that time, we tryto be outside as much as possible, saysCoach Kozuch. For instance, last year we</p><p>6 SWIMMING TECHNIQUE April-June2004 GET YOUR FEET WET AT WWW.SWIMINFO.COM</p><p>Training for GoldYana Klochkova, the worlds most dominant female individual medley swimmer, is intent on defending her</p><p>Olympic titles in both IMs at Athens this summer.</p><p>By Helen Chervitz</p></li><li><p>went to Switzerland and did a lot of hik-ing.</p><p>That emphasis on being outdoors carriesover into Klochkovas training. Yana wasborn in the seaport of Simferopol, so shelikes to swim in the sea. We try to swim inthe natural waters as much as possible,using every opportunity. Personally, I haveno doubts that sea water is much healthierthan a chlorinated pool.</p><p>We also pay a lot of attention to nutri-tion and rehabilitation, so Yana can stay ingood health and maintain her shape, simplybecause her results wont be successful ifhealth issues begin to arise.</p><p>Klochkovas pre-race warm-up typicallytotals about 1,200 meters, depending onthe level of competition: generally speak-ing, the tougher the competition, thelonger the warm-up. She begins with 200 to400 meters easy freestyle, then follows witha lot of technical drills with an emphasison breathing and optimizing her feel for thewater. She finishes it with a set of sprints,usually either 25 or 50 meters.</p><p>ExpectationsCoach Kozuch does not plan to taper</p><p>Klochkova for the Ukrainian OlympicTrials, focusing instead on the Olympic</p><p>Games in Athens.I think its more difficult to defend the</p><p>Olympic title than to win it (for the firsttime). Nevertheless, we believe she can winthe gold in the 200 IM as well as the 400IM, and she can lower the world records inboth events.</p><p>Even the 200 IM, where the record byChinas Wu Yanyan is widely believed tohave been chemically-assisted?</p><p>Absolutely, claims Kozuch.Klochkova sees her major competition</p><p>coming from Hungarys fast-rising EvaRisztov, with whom she already has wagedseveral classic battles, plus Romanian veter-an Beatrice Coada-Caslaru. That mayreflect a European bias. Last time around inSydney, her major competition in the 400IM came from Japans relatively unknownYasuko Tajima.</p><p>The United States may have a contenderin 14-year-old phenom Katie Hoff, whilethe 200 could bring challenges from thelikes of the USAs Amanda Beard andAustralias Alice Mills, among others.</p><p>Coach Kozuch is unfazed. I believeYana can beat the world records, sheasserts.</p><p>Why? Yana is extremely diligent. She isa great competitor with incredible willpower and the ability to concentrate on therace while showing no fear.</p><p>In any event, it will take a world recordto win in Athens. Whoever breaks theworld record will take home the gold.</p><p>The FutureCoach Kozuch is not looking beyond</p><p>Athens for her star pupil.Yana is not a machine, she says, and</p><p>even machines dont last forever. She is agorgeous young girl who is sacrificing a lotof things that other girls her age have beenenjoying.</p><p>There are, of course, no regrets. In thenature of things, her training and compet-ing inevitably will come to an end some-time. We dont know when that will be,but whenever it is, Yana will have a wholelife ahead of her.</p><p>As for Coach Kozuch?Ill just keep working, she says,</p><p>laughing.</p><p>Helen Chervitz, a former Ukrainian junior national ch...</p></li></ul>