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Survey Results & Analysis for 2016 GIS-T Survey & State Roll Call Wednesday, March 30, 2016 Powered by Vovici EFM Executive Summary This report contains a detailed statistical analysis of the results to the survey titled 2016 GIS-T Survey & State Roll Call. The results analysis includes answers from all respondents who took the survey in the 41 day period from Tuesday, February 09, 2016 to Sunday, March 20, 2016. 42 completed responses were received to the survey during this time. Survey Results & Analysis Survey: 2016 GIS-T Survey & State Roll Call Author: GIS-T Task Force / Jim Ramsey Filter: Responses Received: 42 1) Organization You Are Representing Response Responding 1-Yes, 0 - No Alabama 1 Alaska 1 Arizona 1 Arkansas 1 California 1 Colorado 0 Connecticut 1 Delaware 0 D.C. 1 Florida 1 Georgia 0 Hawaii 0 Idaho 1 Illinois 1 Indiana 1 Iowa 1 Kansas 1 Kentucky 1 Louisiana 1 Maine 1 Maryland 0 Massachusetts 1 Michigan 1 Minnesota 1 Mississippi 1 Missouri 1 Montana 1 Nebraska 1 Nevada 0 New Hampshire 1 New Jersey 1 New Mexico 0 New York 1 North Carolina 1 North Dakota 1 Ohio 1 Oklahoma 0 Oregon 1 Pennsylvania 1 Puerto Rico 1 Rhode Island 1 South Carolina 0 South Dakota 1 Tennessee 1 Texas 1 Utah 1 Vermont 1 Virginia 1 Washington 1 West Virginia 1 Wisconsin 1 Wyoming 0 Alberta 0 British Columbia 0 Manitoba 0 New Brunswick 0 Newfoundland and Labrador 0 Northwest Territories 0 Nova Scotia 0 Nunavut 0 Ontario 0 Prince Edward Island 0 Quebec 0 Saskatchewan 0 Yukon Territory 0 MPO 0 Other (please specify) 0 2) Contact Information (Above Organization Name and Name must be provided as minimum): Agency Name: Name: Title: Division: E-mail Address: Phone Number: Fax Number: AK Department of Transportation Garry Remsberg GIS Manager Information System & Services 907-465-8956 AL Alabama Department of Transportation Jeromy Barnes LRS Manager Planning - GIS/LRS Data Management 334-242-6419 AR Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department Sharon Hawkins Staff GIS and Mapping Administrator Transportation Planning and Policy 5015692205 AZ Arizona Department of Transportation James Meyer GIS Program Manager Multimodal Planning Division 602.712.8037 CA California Department of Transportation Chad Baker Chief, Office of Data Services and Tech. Research, Innovation and System Information 916-651-5720 CT Department of Transportation Eric Glover IT GIS IT 860-563-2488 860-594-3590 DC District Department of Transportation James Graham GIS and Applications Manager Office of the Director 2027415391 FL Florida Department of Transportation Jared Causseaux GIS Coordinator Engineering and Operations 850.414.4336 IA Iowa DOT Eric Abrams Geospatial Manager Performance& Technology 5152391949 ID Idaho Transportation Department Nicole Hanson GIS Specialist Division of Engineering Services 208-334-8224 208-334-4432 IL Illinois Department of Transportation Dan Wilcox Bureau Chief Bureau of Information Processing 217-524-0031 IN Indiana Department of Transportation Kevin Munro IT Project manager Management and Information Systems (317) 234-3861 N/A KS Kansas Department of Transportation Kyle Gonterwitz Planning 7852964899 KY Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Will Holmes GIS Branch Manager Office of Information Technology Will.Holmes@KY.Gov LA Louisiana Dept. of Transportation & Dev Darryl Mack Geographic Manager Data Collection & Management Systems 225-379-1283 225-379-1807 MA Massachusetts Department of Transportation Kevin Lopes Manager of GIS Services Office of Transportation Planning 857-368-88880 857-368-0639 ME Maine DOT Nate Kane Director - GIS Services Results and Information Office MI Department of Transportation Cory Johnson Manager Data Inventory & Integration 517-335-2931 517-373-9255 MN Minnesota Dept. of Transportation Peter Morey Transp Prog Supervisor Sr OTSM +6513663872 +6513663886 MO Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) Joseph A. Carter Senior GIS Specialist Transportation Planning 573-526-8051 573-526-8052 MS Mississippi Department of Transportation Mike Cresap Transportation Information Director Transportation Information Division 601-359-7206 MT Montana Department of Transportation Brian Andersen Road Inventory and Mapping Supervisor Planning 406-444-6103 406-444-7671 NC NCDOT John Farley GIS Manager IT 919-707-2151 919-707-2210 ND NDDOT Brian Bieber Senior Programmer\Analyst ITD 701-328-2649 701-328-1938 NE Nebraska Department of Roads Rose Braun GIS Manager Business Technology Support 402-479-3696 402-479-3884 NH New Hampshire Department of Transportation Jim Irwin GIS Manager 603-271-1626 NJ NJDOT Timothy J Stewart GIS Specialist 1 Information Technology - IMTP - GIS 609 530-2393 NY NYS Office of Information Technology Services Kevin Hunt GIS Manager Revenue and Transportation 518-485-7152 OH Ohio DOT David Blackstone Manager Planning (614) 466-2594 (614) 752-8646 OR Oregon Department of Transportation Brett A. Juul GIS Unit Manager Transportation Development 503-986-3156 503-986-4249 PA Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Frank DeSendi Geographic Information Division ManagerGeographic Information 717-787-3738 717-783-9152 PR Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority Miguel A. Martinez-Yordan GIS Administrator / HPMS Coordinator Roadway Systems and GIS Office 787-721-8787 787-728-8335 RI Rhode Island Department of Transportation Shane White Supervising GIS Specialist Planning 401-222-6935 x4064 401-222-4403 SD SDDOT Terry Erickson GIS Manager Planning and Engineering 605-773-3278 605-773-4870 TN Tennessee Dept. of Transportation Kim McDonough, GISP Senior IT Manager, GIS Information Technology 615-741-4037 TX TxDOT Mike Zugelder Mapping Branch Supervisor Transportation Planning and Programming 512-486-5086 UT Utah Department of Transportation Becky Hjelm Statewide GIS Manager GIS 8013864162 VA VDOT Michael Ulrey GIS Program Manager Information Technology Division 804-786-1839 VT Vermont Agency of Transportation Johnathan Croft AOT GIS Database Administrator Policy, Planning & Intermodal Development (802) 828-2600 (802) 828-2334 WA Washington State Department of Transportation Julieanne Jackson GIS Cartographic Products Supervisor Multimodal Planning Division 360-596-8919 360-5702400 WI WisDOT Mitch Moline GIS Architect Division of Business Management (DBM) 608.264.7494 608.266.1515 WV West Virginia Department of Transportation Hussein Elkhansa Section Head Highways - Planning (304) 558-9657 (304) 558-3783 3) Please describe your most recent GIS related projects, and/or applications (maximum of four). Each line may be no more than 40 characters. Project 1 Description Project 2 Description Project 3 Description Project 4 Description AK Winter Maintenance Priority Routes STIP - ArcGIS Online ARNOLD Roads & Highways / IT Infrastructure AL Bridge Location Project Pavement Data eGIS integration Rest Area data eGIS integration Field Crew - ESRI Data Collector AR Continuing to Fulfill ARNOLD Requirement Asset Location and Management Plan Enterprise Data/Data Governance Planning AZ Data Supply Chains - ARNOLD AZTAMs CA Open data portal Geospatial data clearinghouse All-roads LRS LRS System Development Plan CT Hwy Operations - Incident Mgt Systems State Traffic Admin - 85th% speed data Title 6 Property & Facilities - Fuel Stations DC Roads and Highways: in production OSOW Routing Asset Management App: Signs, Meters Potholepalooza with Waze FL Permit Application System (PASS) Florida Lane Closure Information System AGOL Active Construction Projects Consolidation of ArcGIS for Desktop IA Field Data Collection Implement Roads & highways Open Data Portal Infrastructure/Data Redesign ID Field work with Collector App Fully GIS'd permit database Corridor Studies Georeferencing plansets IL OSOW Automated Bridge Analysis GIS Integration with FMISOngoing ArcGIS Online implementations Ongoing GIS Integration IN Roads and Highways integration w MS2SOFT Collector app - small culvert inv./maint KS Data Business Plan Technical Assistance ARNOLD pooled fund study Conflation with/aggregation of NG911 GIS KY Snow & Ice Management Pollinator Mobile Collector App KY Roadway Encroachment Permit Tracking KY Statewide Broadband/Fiber Project LA Roads & Highways Implementation-ongoing ARNOLD feature improvements Local Road Video Log & Assets Truck Permitting MA ESRI Roads and Highways Migration Project Planning and Scoring Tool STIP Creation and Optimization Tool ArcGIS Online Enterprise deployment ME WebGIS upgrade to HTML5 JavaScript A Streamlining HPMS Submittal Preparation Upgrades of LRS, PMS, Crash and CORS GPS Test- Routable network for WebGIS users MI Enterprise Asset Management Roads & Highways HPMS ArcGIS Online MN LRS, ESRI Roads and Highways TAMS - Asset Management Georilla Phase 2 Overall Updates to multiple GIS web apps MO Modernization of data to spatial Producing new State Highway Map in GIS Producing new Data Storefront MS Roadway Inventory Management System Signalized Intersection Inventory Safety Analysis Management System Adopt-A-Highway Application MT Route Location Finder App ArcCollector ArcGIS Online Open Data Site Enterprise Architecture Development NC ROME (Roads & Highways) Implementation Prioritization GO!NC GIS-T 2016 ND Mobile Collection with Collector Roads and Highways NE Established a Data Governance Team Business Intelligence Initiative Purchase & training for Hexagon's Apollo IT/GIS Consolidation ProjectNH Statewide Asset Data Exchange System Building maps on ArcGIS Online Data Governance effort in NHDOT Inter-agency enterpri GIS effort NJ Waterway Linear Segmentation Project MARVLIS (Operations GIS App) Dredged Mat'l Management System NY Enterprise Linear Referencing (Esri R&H) Moving web apps to HTML5 Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permitting OH Roadway Information Modernization Data Governance Asset Management Culvert Inventory OR GIS Server Infrastructure Upgrade TransGIS Application Code Rewrite GIS Training and Support Development PA ARNOLD Oracle Standby Database GIS Portal Redesign Video Log Redesign PR Roadway Information Management System NHS and Functional Classification Update LRS Update and Calibration Safety Network Dataset Crash Location RI VueWorks Asset Management Implementation Esri Roads & Highways Prototype MIRE Roadway Field Data Inventory Mobile LiDAR and Roadway Imaging SD South Dakota Dynamic Needs book South Dakota Data ViewerHPMS Inspection ArcGIS Collector App SD Maximum Rail System Interactive Map TN Incorporating WAZE data into Website Facilitating Statewide base map Enhancements to TRIMS/E*TRIMS Sign Retro-Reflectivity field inspection TX Enterprise Geospatial Roadway Database Custom Mobile Data Collection Apps Implementation of AGO/Open Data Portal Custom Web Maps UT UDOT Projects Application Story Maps for Communication Utilities Database UPEL Environment Reporting Tool VA Customer Service Center AGO and GIS Collector - MS4, ADA, OA Straight Line Diagram replacement VT Asset Inventory - highway and rail Right of Way lifecycle Resiliency Methods and Tools UAS image and data acquisition WA Roads and Highways implementation Map Service & ArcGIS Online stewardship Javascript web app development Public Roads dataset development WI ArcGIS Online Governance HPMS 2016 Submittal GIS Strategy / Strategic Planning Crash Mapping WV Integration to ERP AgileAssets System Roads & Highways Implementation STIP Web Application New Highway Maps in GIS 4) Please describe up to four (maximum) GIS related projects, applications, and/or issues that are of interest to your organization. Each line may be no more than 40 characters. Project 1 Description Project 2 Description Project 3 Description Project 4 Description AK Collector App for HPMS field collection E-STIP / Project Footprint Enhanced GIS web reporting application Aviation AL LIDAR UAS ArcGIS Online AR LiDAR - Ground and Airborne Usage Field Collection Standards Performance Measures/Dashboard AZ Addresses Authoritative Centerlines CA Mobile data collection / editing Web GIS platforms Data governance CT ArcGIS Online/Portal for ArcGIS DC Mobile LRS Asset Management Snow Removal GIS workflows Other uses/applications w/Waze Traffic Data Management (Smart Cities) FL ArcGIS Server in the cloud Open Data, Portal and ArcGIS Pro LiDAR data collections GIS Data Stewardship DW/BI IA Field Data Collection Data Governance Open Data Information Portals ID Asset inventory Integration with outdated systems Story maps & web apps Data Maintenance IL AVL Implementation Traveler Information Future uses of ArcGIS Online Multi-agency collaboration IN Collector app - multi asset inv./maint. Bridge & Roadway project scoping Roads and highways various integrations KS Low distortion projections Cloud computing Crash Mapping ARNOLD KY 3D Utility Management Asset/Sign Management Big/Live Data CADD/GIS Integration LA Online Mapping Integration with Locals Real Estate/Right of Way Mapping Elevation and Flood Mapping R&H Connectivity to External Datasets MA ArcGIS Earth implementation Roads and Highways software integration ME Low-cost, accurate GPS data integration Asset Data Mart Dev. for Data Warehouse Cont. dev. of WebGIS & routable network U.S. Standard Restricted Roads/Bridge MI Geospatial Data Warehousing Field Data Collection & EAMOrganizational Change & EAM LiDAR MN LRS - Roads and Highways Lidar - all kinds Asset Management Multi Office/agency/app integrations MO LiDAR sharing between agencies Data Storefront best practices GIS produced state highway map tips MS Mobile Data Collection TAMP Land Parcel Data DOT's use of UAV MT Open Data GIS to CADD ArcGIS Pro Esri Roads and Highways NC 3rd Party Roads and Highways Integrators Open Source GIS NextGen 911 ND HPMS Submittal Assets Collection with Collector NE IT Consolidation - Lessons Learned Managing GIS Projects Data Governance Lessons Learned Internal/External Web Portal Management NH GeoCortex web sites Roads and Highways Improved and easier access to GIS data NJ Waterway Linework / LRS GIS Web Portal Technologies Railway Linework / LRS NY Roads and Highways system integration GIS integration with 511/Traffic Mgmt OH ESRI Collector Roads & Highways MAP-21 Curve & Grade OR Collector for ArcGIS ArcGIS Online for the Organization Training Delivery Options PA ARNOLD Waze Integration Routable Network Archaeological Model PR HPMS/GIS Integration Aerial Photography Catalog GIS Asset Management System GIS Database Web Access RI Stormwater Management ADA Curb Ramp Inventory and Planning Mobile LiDAR Data Maintenance Full Utilization of VueWorks Licensing TN application of multiple LiDAR datasets Any mobile GIS CADD/GIS integration Open Data TX ArcGIS Online Implementations/Web GIS Data Governance and Data Sharing Asset Management and Systems Integration Planning Life Cycle of Roadway Projects UT CADD to GIS Mobile Applications Integrating GIS with Asset Management Roads and Highways VA COTS LRS Solutions Asset Management Solutions Enterprise Data Management Data Accessibility VT Field data collection using Arc Collectr Lidar feature extraction Custom web applications Business intelligence WA Roads and Highways implementation ArcGIS Online Open Data implementation WI ArcGIS 10.4 Upgrade ArcGIS Collector Locational Data Standards (for mobile) ARNOLD WV System Integration Roads & Highways Implementation GIS & CAD Integration ArcGIS Online for Org Implementation 5) How is GIS deployed in your agency? Continuing Legend / Responses We have no GIS function in our agency We have a single unit responsible for all agency GIS functions, applications, and services We have more than one unit responsible for GIS functions, applications, and services, and multiple end users in various program offices with NO coordination We have more than one unit responsible for GIS functions, applications, and services, and multiple end users in various program offices with SOME coordination We have integrated most agency databases through an Enterprise GIS, and have developed GIS applications throughout the agency 6) Has your agency - (Please include any comments desired.) Comment Responses: AK Data Governance is being developed but is not implemented yet CA Geospatial Strategic Direction NJ Some of this is in the works OR The Data Governance Plan is under development UT We have begun studying ROI but do not have a full picture. VT Mark, is this GIS Capacity Maturity Model still germane? WI we are working toward all of the above Assessed itself with a GIS Capability Maturity Model 7) How large is your GIS staff? (e.g. 5 FTE) in the office in which you work? Number of Full-Time Employees Number of Part-Time Employees Number of On-site Contractors Number of Off-site Contractors AK 7 2 AL 10 AR 10 5 AZ 3 2 CA 14 0 0 0 CT 3 0 0 0 DC 5 FL 20 30 30 IA 2 1 1 0.5 ID 11 1 0 0 IL 1 4 2 IN 4 0 0 0 KS 12 1 2 KY 16 0 1 0 LA 6 MA 8 2 1 2 ME 12 2 MI 5 2 0 0 MN 7 3 MO 15 MS 4 2 MT 5 6 NC 30 6 ND 6 NE 3 0 0 0 NH 10 0 0 0 NJ 6 0 0 0 NY 4 0 1 0 OH 10 2 3 0 OR 12 0 0 0 PA 6 5 13 2 PR 10 0 0 0 RI 7 1 0 2 SD 5 TN 10 TX 40 UT 8 5 3 3 VA 7 26 1 VT 25 450 0 0 WA 13 7 WI 10 2 WV 11 8) Where in your agency is the GIS core staff primarily located? Please check no more than two. Other Responses: IA Performance & Technology MS GIS Division NJ Division of IT OR Data Section UT Central Preconstruction, WI Dedicated GIS Staff are in IT Bureau 9) What are the principal technical backgrounds of your GIS core staff? Please check all that apply. Other Responses: ID social & plant sciences, geosciences KY Natural Resources, Math, Geology, Anthro VT Graphic Design, Archeology, Environment 10) Is anyone on the GIS core staff a Certified GIS professional? 11) Will GIS Professional Certification be an important consideration in hiring future GIS core staff? 12) Does your agency have any of the following Civil Service job titles under which GIS professionals are hired? Other Responses: AK Planners, Trans. Planners, Res. Analyst CT IT or Planning titles KS Application Developers, Engineers MA Planner Titles MT Transportation Planner NH Engineers, Techs PA Planner PR GIS Administrator VT Land survey specialist WI GIS Duties are in job descriptions 13) What percent of your GIS staffs time is spent in each of the following transportation GIS functions? Please ensure that the percentages across all categories sum to 100. Road Base Map - Development/Enhancement Locational Referencing System (LRS) - Development/Maintenance Data Warehouse - Development/Maintenance GIS Technical Support and Training End-user Application DevelopmentWeb Application Development Other AK 5 30 5 15 10 10 25 AL 10 40 10 20 20 AR 10 20 20 15 10 15 10 AZ 15 10 10 15 10 40 CA 5 30 10 20 5 10 20 CT 0 0 10 25 25 25 15 DC 0 10 10 50 0 30 FL 20 10 5 10 25 25 5 IA 5 5 20 30 5 30 5 ID 5 19 19 19 19 19 IL 5 30 20 30 15 IN 60 5 10 5 20 KS 20 50 10 5 5 5 5 KY 27.1 27.9 5 15 10 10 5 LA 55 35 10 MA 20 20 15 10 5 30 ME 20 10 10 15 10 20 15 MI 5 25 30 25 10 5 MN 40 45 5 5 5 MO 20 20 15 20 10 10 5 MS 20 20 10 10 10 20 10 MT 15 25 15 25 20 NC 5 30 20 15 15 15 ND 40 10 5 25 20 NE 20 20 15 5 20 20 NH 20 20 20 10 5 20 5 NJ 20 10 10 20 20 20 NY 5 5 10 20 20 20 20 OH 25 15 15 20 5 20 OR 15 5 15 20 15 25 5 PA 10 10 10 10 30 30 PR 50 25 20 5 0 0 RI 13 19 13 25 15 15 SD 5 10 25 15 20 20 5 TN 5 10 20 50 15 0 TX 15 15 5 10 10 15 30 UT 1 20 20 20 15 20 4 VA 75 10 15 VT 15 15 30 10 0 30 0 WA 15 15 20 15 15 15 5 WI 20 10 10 30 30 WV 10 40 10 10 10 10 10 14) What percent (%) of your GIS application development (end-user and/or web) is outsourced? 15) What is the approximate annual amount ($) expended by your agency for GIS application development contracts? 16) What GIS software products are used in your agency? Please list all GIS products used in your agency, including those used for travel modeling, engineering, etc. Your GIS Staff Line of Business Users AK Esri, Oracle, MapOptix, Etch A Sketch All DOT&PF AL ESRI - ArcGIS Suite - ESRI Roads and Highways ArcGIS Desktop - RCE AR ArcGIS, GeoMedia, QGIS, Bentley, Google API Bentley, VISSUM, Google API AZ ArcGIS, TransCAD, Geocortex, CA ArcGIS Desktop/Server, Geomedia, Civil3D, CUBE, TransCAD Maintenance, Planning, Design, Land Surveys, Budgets, Local Assistance CT ArcMap v10.3.1 ArcMap v10.3.1 DC ArcGIS, roads and highways, Xtools, Cityworks, BRM, micro station, trapeze, TOPS (permit system), Protrack (project tracking) FL Esri Platform, Bentley Map, AutoDesk, Viper, Oracle, FSUTMS IA ArcGIS Suite, Geomedia, Guick Terrain Modeler, FME, Geocortex Essentials, Trans CAD, ArcGIS Online ID ESRI Products ESRI Products IL esri Product Suite esri Product Suite IN ArcGIS ArcGIS, TransCad, Road Analyzer, KS Esri, Intergraph, Bentley, FME, MS SQL server, Oracle, TransCAD, Esri, Geomedia, Google, KY ESRI Stack, Bentley, XTOOLS TransCAD, Bentley, Google Earth, ESRI Desktop, Mandli Roadview, LA ESRI Products ESRI, TransCAD, TerraGo MA ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Server ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, TransCAD ME ArcGIS Server, Desktop, Google Earth, DNRgps ArcGIS Desktop Cube, Microstation, Google Earth, AGOL, Delorme Xmap MI ArcGIS, TransCAD ArcGIS, TransCAD MN Esri ArcGIS Stack GeoMoose, Google Earth, Route Builder MO ESRI products Oracle Spatial MS GeoMedia, GeoServer, Apollo, QGIS, Imagine Bentley Map, Webmap, ArcGIS, Apollo, QGIS, TransCAD, VISSIM, CORSIM, SYNCHRO MT Esri, Google, Trimble, Oracle, Agile Assets, Transcad Esri, Google, Trimble, Oracle, Agile Assets, Transcad NC Esri ArcGIS Esri ArcGIS, Google, TransCAD ND NE GeoMedia Pro, GeoMedia Webmap, GeoCortex, Terra Share, Arc GIS, Google, MicroStation Same as Staff and Global Mapper, Transcadd , Geopak NH ArcGIS, Oracle NJ ESRI NY Esri Esri OH esri ArcGIS esri ArcServer OR ArcGIS, FME & GeoMedia Pro, Python JSAPI Web App Users, Planning, Geo-Enviro, Asset Mgmt PA GeoMedia, Arc GIS, Oracle Spatial, Arc GIS On-Line GeoMedia, Arc GIS, Arc GIS On-Line PR ArcGIS RI Esri, AutoDesk VueWorks, Esri SD ESRI ESRI TN all ESRI and Intergraph platforms Geomedia, ArcGIS, ArcGIS Explorer, TransCAD, Image Station, OrthoPro, Microstation TX ESRI, AutoCAD, TransCAD, Microstation Google Earth, ESRI UT Esri ArcGIS Desktop, Arc Server, Geodatabase, Online, Web App Builder, and ArcPad ArcGIS Online Linear Bench, Google VA ArcGIS Suite, Bentley Suite, Google for Work, Oracle Spatial ArcGIS Suite, Bentley Suite VT Esri, Trimble, Bentley, Safe Esri, Trimble, Bentley, Safe WA ArcGIS: desktop, server, online, mobile and many extensions ArcGIS: desktop, online, mobile and many extensions WI ArcGIS, Bently, AutoCAD, Trimble, Google, lots of COTS solutions, too many to list IT, Remote Sensing, Design, Maintenance, Construction, Planning WV Esri ArcGIS, MicroStation Esri ArcGIS, MicroStation 17) Which relational database management system (RDBMS), if any, do you use to maintain geo-spatial data in your enterprise GIS? Please check all that apply. Other Responses: AK Excel KY Hadoop MN Postgresql WI we are moving off access 18) Which, if any, spatial data management software do you use in your enterprise GIS? Please check all that apply. Other Responses: IL SQL Server Geometry Data Type KS Oracle Locator MN PostGIS UT GeoServer WA SQL Spatial 19) Approximately how much money ($) is spent annually on all GIS services? Please do not include commas in any amounts. Hardware Software Services Data Other Please indicate type of "Other" expenditure AK 60000 270000 100000 750000 AL AR 70000 100000 250000 25000 AZ 50000 250000 800000 150000 CA 250000 350000 200000 0 0 CT 30000 DC 150000 50000 10000 FL 10000 250000 700000 IA 5000 200000 150000 250000 Contractors ID 400 100000 IL 100000 250000 300000 IN 392500 Software/Server/Data KS 100000 250000 250000 100000 KY LA 300000 120000 925000 40000 MA 0 0 200000 0 400000 Enterprise Agreement ME 10000 100000 0 60000 0 MI 10000 75000 25000 10000 MN 190000 136000 62000 MO 220000 MS 100000 600000 500000 200000 MT 75000 75000 5000 2000 NC ND 50000 100000 NE NH 50000 50000 5000 0 NJ NY 100000 700000 100000 50000 OH 100000 400000 1500000 500000 0 OR 30000 200000 20000 125000 PA 50000 240000 800000 1200 PR 20000 40000 0 0 0 RI 20000 100000 200000 200000 SD TN 100000 500000 50000 125000 State GIS Services TX UT 16000 100000 460000 200000 VA 2000000 1000000 4000000 VT 10000 156200 50000 100000 200000 Model development WA 10000 260000 20000 15000 30000 collaborative operat WI 250000 WV 200000 250000 500000 350000 20) What software product(s) are used by your agency for web mapping applications? What software product(s) are used by your agency for web mapping applications? AK ArcGIS Online, MapOptix AL AR Amazon Web Services (AWS), QGIS, PostgreSQL, PostGIS AZ ArcGIS Online, Geocortex CA ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS Server, Google Earth Enterprise, Google Maps API, Flex API, Voyager CT WebAppBuilder DC Arcgis online FL AGS, AGOL, HTML5, Visual Studio, C# IA JavaScript, GeoCortex Essentials, AGOL ID ArcGIS Online, Flex Apps, Java IL esri JavaScript API, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Server IN ArcGIS for Server, RCE KS ArcGIS online, ArcGISServer, Javascript, Visual Studio KY AGOL, ArcServer, Google Map LA ArcGIS Online & ArcGIS Server MA ArcGIS Online ME MI ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online MN GeoMoose, ArcGIS Server, AGOL MO .NET, FLEX, IOS, Javascript MS GeoMedia Webmap, GeoServer, Apollo MT ArcGIS Online, Oracle Spatial, Google Maps API, Geoserver, ArcGIS Javascript API NC Esri ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online ND ArcGIS Server,Javascript API,Latitude Geographics, .NET NE GeoCortex, GeoMedia Webmap, Arc GIS Server NH ArcGIS Online, Flex NJ In House - ArcServer, ArcGIS Online NY ArcGIS Server, Latitude Geocortex Essentials OH esri ArcServer OR ArcGIS Server PA Arc Server, GeoMedia Web Map, Arc GIS On-Line, Google Maps PR ArcGIS Server RI VueWorks, ArcGIS Online SD TN Google map API, Geomedia Webmap, ArcGIS Online TX ESRI ArcGIS Online, Custom Apps UT ArcGIS Online, OpenLayers, Google VA ArcGIS Online, Custom Silverlight, Custom Javascript VT Esri and Latitude Geocortex WA ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Server, and JavaScript WI ArcGIS API for JavaScript and Goolge Maps API WV Esri ArcGIS 21) GIS data and services consolidation have become issues in many transportation agencies. What is your agency's status regarding GIS data and services consolidation? Other Responses: IN consolidate all across state agencies MN Agency/Enterprise is, not all offices. MT Resides in 2 primary offices ND not consolidated NJ We are developing a data warehouse PA None VA None of the above WI we have central data center Continuing Legend / Responses Our agency consolidated GIS data across all/some offices Our agency consolidated GIS services across all/some offices Our agency consolidated both GIS data and services across all/some offices We are in the process of consolidating We have considered consolidating but have not move forward with it at the moment Other (please specify) 22) If your agency has consolidated GIS data, services or both, what was/were the primary reason(s) for this? If your agency has consolidated GIS data, services or both, what was/were the primary reason(s) for this? AK Efficiency AL Communication AZ Centralize control and governance CA Efficiency, cost savings, consistency CT organization DC Easier to manage, cheaper cost for all FL One FDOT, Data consistency and cost savings IA Getting ready for enterprise data governance (There is no such thing as GIS data, only Data) ID Efficiency, performance, customer service IL Consistency and access IN Cost and efficiency of delivery KS Efficiency KY Perceived savings. LA GIS Data Sharing MA One system of record ME Concentrate expertise, streamline workflows MI eliminate duplication of effort MN Efficiencies of scale, staff MO Enterprise RDBM MS Cost Savings and Data Integration MT N/A NC Efficiency and Cost NE Data and Resource Sharing, Reduce Duplication, Save Dollars, Save Server Space NJ Cost, data integrity and shared knowledge/experience NY Statewide IT consolidation is a work in progress OH Standardization OR Cost savings, reduce data duplication, data consistency PR Same updated database for all users SD made sense TN Improved efficiency, better management TX Ease of Data Sharing and Standards creation UT Consistency, sustainability and efficiency VA N/A VT Authoritative data and single source WA Efficiency WI cost savings WV ERP Implementation 23) If your agency has not consolidated GIS data, services or both, what is/are the primary reason(s) for this? If your agency has not consolidated GIS data, services or both, what is/are the primary reason(s) for this? AK Politics AZ Retain Subject Matter expertise in specialized business areas; State Statue DC N/a ID N/A KS Tradition MO N/A MT Different Skill Sets ND Currently there is no desire to consolidate NY Lack of bandwidth to remote users PA Agencies prefer control VA N/A VT Issues are complex, minimal interoperability, insert limerick here 24) Is there an effort to consolidate GIS data, services, or both across all/some state government agencies? Comment Responses: AK Consolidation efforts are just beginning IN Completed last year through GIO LA Consolidated IT also has GIS NJ Also hoping to conform to GFN Naming NY A work in progress VT Vermont has a collaborative GIS system0 WA State agencies collaborate on some efforts and share data and map services Continuing Legend / Responses Just GIS data Just GIS services Both GIS data and services There is an effort to consolidate ALL Information Technology, including GIS There is an effort to consolidate ALL Information Technology, EXCEPT for GIS No effort at this time 25) Please specify the level of roadway(s) maintained as part of your agency's digital road base map. Comment Responses: ID but not dual carriageway IN All certified public roads MO RR's and all publically accessible roads NJ Locals available but not maintained. NY NYS Streets maintained outside of NYSDOT VA VGIN/VDOT collaboration Continuing Legend / Responses A digital road base map is not maintained or used by our agency Only U.S. and State highways (i.e. US and State signed routes) U.S., State, and county routes (i.e., U.S., State and county signed routes) All public routes (i.e., all signed routes plus local streets) 26) Is the data distributed outside your agency? Other Responses: AZ no restrictions for non-commercial NJ Depending on Data type Continuing Legend / Responses Yes, it is distributed free of charge (e.g., via the agency website or state geo-data clearinghouse) Yes, it is distributed free to other government agencies or data partners for non-commercial purposes Yes, it can be purchased (e.g., directly from the agency or from a state geo-data clearinghouse) No, it is restricted to internal agency use only 27) Does your agency have any formal data sharing agreements with any other public agencies or private data providers? If yes, please list with whom in the Additional comments. Comment Responses: AK Southeast Alaska GIS Library AR State Police - Crash Data DC We have a CC.0 data sharing policy FL Agreement with all Fl Plublic Entities ID Idaho Fish & Game, LHTAC KS thru NG911, every PSAP and local gov age KY Waze, Louisville Government, ME Maine Office of GIS, Maine GeoLibrary MN Parcel Data, select imagery MO LiDAR sharing with other state agencies MT Montana Natural Heritage Program OR Cities & Counties TN State GIS Office, Dept. of Env. & Consv. TX TNRIS, Railroad Commission UT Public agencies and Google VA VGIN, DMV WA State/Local agencies, and more. WI some counties for parcels 28) Please specify, if any, those geo-spatial databases that are maintained by your agency and routinely shared with other state agencies or disseminated to the public? Please specify all that are applicable. Other Responses: AZ LRS - Road Centerline MO Traffic Data NJ Datasets are shared, not entire database PA School Districts WA Too many to list... 29) What other sources do you routinely use to obtain geo-spatial data that you don't maintain yourself? Please check no more than two. 30) Over the past year, where has your agency benefited the most from geo-spatial technology? Please check no more than two. Other Responses: AK HPMS, Crash, Traffic, Bridge, M&O IN ALRS integration 31) Over the past year, where has geo-spatial technology proved most costly and difficult to implement? Please check no more than two. Other Responses: MN Lidar, AVL NC LRS Upgrade to Roads & Highways 32) Where do you see geo-spatial technology adding the most value to your agency in the future? Please check no more than two. Other Responses: TX Data Sharing 33) Does the roadway transportation data include source data from local governments? 34) Does your data include commercial data? Comment Responses: IL HERE MN Google and Bing MO MPO's UT Google, Here WA Esri and TomTom 35) Does your agency share a GIS road network with your States E911 system? If not, do you plan to do so in the future? 36) What activities, if any, within your agency take advantage of commercial IT cloud-based GIS or geospatial services/technologies? What activities, if any, within your agency take advantage of commercial IT cloud-based GIS or geospatial services/technologies? AK ArcGIS Online, Traffic Server AL Field Crew use ArcGIS Data Collector - ArcGIS Online AR Our traveler information website - AZ none at this time CA GIS Library, Open Data Initiative CT None DC Web mapping, FL TopoCloud, web applications IA Public information portals using AGOL ID Using Collector App and ArcGIS Online IL ADA data collection, access and ROW permits, PLS monuments, project status, public access to data and maps, inter-agency sharing. IN ArcGIS Online implementations KS Dev environments KY Public facing mapping, mobile data collection, LA ArcGIS Online - Planning and Inventory MA ME Data Collection using ArcGIS Online and iPad Collector App MI ArcGIS Online MN ArcGIS Online - moving more this way with collector apps. MO historic document retrieval MS MT ArcGIS Online and Geoserver NC ND NE None NH Statewide Asset Data Exchange System (SADES) NJ In the GIS Unit, we are only investigating cloud usage at this time. We usually work along with other state agencies on ventures such as cloud technologies. NY OH Traffic System Data Storage OR Travel Speed, Traffic & Bike Travel Data PA Arc GIS On-Line PR Non for the moment RI SD Vision - iVision from Fugro TN TX ArcGIS Online for Geospatial Data Hosting - Statewide Planning Map and Open Data. Amazon ArcGIS Server for Straight Line Diagram Tool UT Project Management, STIP Funding, Planning, Public Involvement, Asset Management, Safety VA The House Bill 2 application (infrastructure project planning and prioritization) ArcGIS Online/GIS Collector - ADA program, MS4 program, Outdoor Advertising program VT Asset management and mobile data acquisition, open data portal, RTK WA We use ArcGIS Online to present data through the use of WebApps, Story Maps, and to promote the use of our ArcGIS Server map services. WI ArcGIS Online, Blue Beam WV ArcGIS Online 37) Please describe any efforts to use geospatial technologies that take advantage of mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets? Please specify "None" if there are no efforts. Please describe any efforts to use geospatial technologies that take advantage of mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets? Please specify "None" if there are no efforts. AK Esri Collector, Survey123 AL HPMS and Roadway Inventory Field Crews use Ipad and ArcGIS Data Collector AR ArcGIS Collector - starting to use this to collect many assets around the state. AZ none at this time CA Beginning investigation of mobile data collection for asset data collection. CT None DC ArcGIS collector for asset collection/updates FL All new applications development is mobile friendly. AcGIS Collector is being used for multiple projects. IA Leveraging GeoCortex Essentials, AGOL and Syrvey 123 ID Data collection, verification with collector app, HPMS verification IL ADA data collection, access and ROW permits, PLS monuments, project status. IN Field data collection / maintenance KS Field data collection KY Public Facing Maps, Pollinator Plot Inspections, Pavement Evaluations, Asset Inventory, Rail Crossing, KY Utility Relocation Tracking, Waze Integration LA Terrago Edge - NFIP Flood Mapping Arc Collector MA Asset collection and inspections ME Use/location-based access of data in the field and GPS Field Data Collection (identifying, finding and/or inventorying assets) MI ArcGIS Online Collector MN AGOL - Collector apps. Android/IPad/Windows MO Traveler Information Map with mobile application, urban ITS systems MS Stormwater Inspection Signalized Intersection Inventory Asset Data Collection MT ArcCollector Projects NC ND NE Bridge Inspection, Railroad Crossing Inspection, HPMS Sample Section Data Collection NH Statewide Asset Data Exchange System (SADES) NJ We have multiple projects investigating use of tablets and smartphones for field verifications and location services.NY New web applications are responsive and may be used from phones or tablets. Working towards field applications OH Asset Data Collection OR Collector for ArcGIS, Tripcheck Mobile, Asset Mgmt. Inventories PA LRS location identification App Local road data collection Local bridge data collection Roadside condition collection PR Field data inventory mobile technology integration for HPMS RI VueWorks Mobile for field data entry SD We are currently in the process of retiring the Trimble handhelds and replacing with iPads, smart phones and other mobile devices. Slope management, sign inventory and inspection, guardrails, roadway lighting, etc. are a few of the inventories in the process of migration. TN Sign field inspections, Outdoor Advertising Enforcement, any field inspection or monitoring activity. TX Custom mobile apps for Roadway Maintenance activities using iPhones and iPads. UT Drainage data collection, Maintenance management VA ArcGIS Online/GIS Collector - ADA program, MS4 program, Outdoor Advertising program VT Field data collection, business intelligence WA Highway Activity Tracking System (HATS), Stormwater Feature Collection, Construction site monitoring (for Archaeological sites), and more. WI structures, asset management WV Field Data Collection & Verification 38) What research is needed in geospatial data and technologies for transportation? What research is needed in geospatial data and technologies for transportation? AK Efficient field collection methods for LRS based features AL AR AZ defining what is need for minimum capability standards for GIS in DOT's CA CT Unsure DC Crowdsourcing workflows/approaches to help states improve transportation data quality. FL Implementing LiDAR for future data collects. IA ID cost effectiveness, cloud hosting IL IN Making big data useful i.e. extracting value from point clouds, INRIX for metrics and modeling KS Core Data models for DOT and State Government Services KY 3D Asset Integration, CADD/GIS Integration, LA Engineering Applications MA ME Low-cost, accurate GPS data access and collection/update with easy integration into enterprise information systems. National standard/service/source for reporting road/bridge/multimodal traveler information - providing one-stop shopping to nation-wide travelers. MI Field data collection and LRS integration for storage and reporting MN Lidar Cheaper. AVL low cost. Big Data Analytics for centerlines and numerous other themes. MO Location analytics for flood frequency and roadway fatality hot spots. MS MT Integration between CADD and GIS and enterprise architecture implementation NC Open source solutions ND NE New Advancements in Imagery vs. LiDAR NH NJ NY OH OR Best Practices for building GIS applications and standardizing data fields and definitions PA ROI Models Determining and using roadway geometries for crash analysis DOT flood preparedness and mitigationPR Real time data process and reports trough radar technology and mobile GPS RI Curb ramp inventory for ADA compliance, Site address LRS creation, Industry Standard Data Models SD TN There is virtually no, true integration of GIS and CADD. A lot of wasted time and effort as a result. 3D data is becoming increasing prevalent but 3D GIS seriously lags behind CADD in its application. TX Big Data and LRS Open Source and LRS LiDAR for Asset extraction and roadway characterization UT 3D web visualization with real time update capabilities VA The future of linear referencing... how to transition to purely spatial (culture/tradition change) VT Fleet-based remote sensing and data analytics, big data, temporal linear reference and event management WA WI cloud and mobile WV System Integration 39) Would your agency be interested in hosting a GIS-T Symposium within the next few years? Comment Responses: AK Yes AR Yes AZ Yes FL Yes KS Yes MN Yes MT Yes NY Unfortunately we have inadequate resources SD Retirement looms large on the horizon, so any decision would be made after I am gone. VA Yes VT We hosted in 2014 and will wait a few decades. 40) Please identify 3 GIS for transportation-related technology focus topics, industry challenges, evolving technologies, integration topics, etc. in which you would be interested in hearing about in one of the future Roll Call Roundtable discussions at the Symposium. Roundtable Topic 1 Roundtable Topic 2 Roundtable Topic 3 AK Mobile LiDAR-based roadway data collection Lessons learned from organizations that have implemented data governance Implementation of open data AL LIDAR Feature extraction AZ National Addressing Standard CT Web Mapping Applications Data Stewards DC Crowdsourcing Asset management standardizationBridging the gap between bridge data and GIS (yes. That was an intentional pun. I hope you enjoyed that) FL Use of drones LiDAR Mapping Cloud GIS Services IA Enterprise Information Management (Data Governance) ID ESRI R&H Business System Integration Mobile IN UAS and field data collection KS UAS Geodetic control, low distortion projections, surveying/gps integration Data Governance, Metadata, predictive analytics, visualization, business intelligence and user experience KY Real time big data. ARNOLD Collection on locally maintained roadways. Retro-reflectivity compliance strategy LA External Business Systems and the Enterprise GIS Best Recommendations for Successful Implementation of Roads & Highways ME UAV or UAS data collection and data management (not vendor-specific) Low-cost, accurate GPS data access and collection/update with easy integration into enterprise information systems. National standard/service/source for reporting road/bridge/multimodal traveler information - providing one-stop shopping to nation-wide travelers. MI Enterprise Asset Management Data Warehousing Methods for Meeting Federal Requirements MN Asset Management LRS integration patterns, and accuracy improvement of LRS geometry. Big Data Analytics MO Statewide, leaf-off, orthoimagery collection through pooled interagency funding Data storefront development and best practices Freight, safety transportation funding trends MT Open Data Sites Mobile Data Collection Options Esri Roads and Highways adoption or other alternatives NC Open Source GIS Vendor Management NE IT/GIS Consolidation Imagery vs. LiDAR OH LiDAR Data Governance IT cloud-based GIS or geospatial services OR Using GIS Technology across different platforms When to use something like a JavaScript GIS application vs. ArcGIS Online WebApp Builder Data Warehousing Tools for GIS PR LIDAR Technology Real Time Data Collection Transportation Data Models TN Merge of Transportation geometry with 911 geometry True CADD/GIS integration 3D GIS applications in Transportation TX Statewide Transportation Data Sharing and Enterprise Databases Project tracking for non-roadway transportation projects (rail, ferry, etc.) How are states using/integrating Big Data UT CADD and GIS integration to support asset management, 3D design and visualization Effective spatial data governance, including best practices for x,y and LRS data sources Interagency partnering for data sharing and government efficiency VA Enterprise Data Management and GIS - governance, data integration, and data accessibility Real world uses for mobile devices and UAVs - facilitating and integrating near real time data collection Data Quality Management and the Highway Performance Monitoring System / Data Quality Management and the Traffic Records Assessment VT Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and remote data acquisition Transportation Data APIs and end-user/consumer self-service, open data Temporal linear reference system management and event analysis WA Conflation of big probe data to road geometry, as events. Transportation project prioritization solutions. WI GIS Mobile GIS Cloud Addressing/ GeoCoding WV System Integration Asset Management Roads & Highways Implementation 41) The GIS-T Symposium Planning Committee wishes to provide workshop topics that are relevant and useful to the GIS-T community. Please provide any workshop topics or ideas that you would like the Committee to include in a future workshop program. The GIS-T Symposium Planning Committee wishes to provide workshop topics that are relevant and useful to the GIS-T community. Please provide any workshop topics or ideas that you would like the Committee to include in a future workshop program. AK HPMS (field data collection, integration, QA/QC, reporting...) CT How to have data owners take responsibility of their data. DC Crowdsourcing ID Ability to use dynamic segmentation events in ArcGIS Online for program planning; best practices with ArcGIS Online; how to calculate GIS use (financially). KS R statistics, tableau, cartographics, Watson analytics, risk based asset management KY Big Data; CADD/GIS Integration; Intro workshop for leveraging Cloud resources (Scaling resources, back end processing, etc.). LA HPMS Updates is always good FHWA and Federal Requirement Discussions Census Cooperative Efforts ME Establishing UAV/UAS/drove program MI Federal Requirements, LiDAR, Field data and LRS. MN See question 40 MO State map production in GIS Transportation Data Storefront best practices NC Vendor Management NE Data Governance, Project Management OR 1. ArcGIS Mobile application development 2. FAST Act Requirements PR HPMS Basic, Standard, and Advanced Workshops TN Mobile GIS Aspects of open data/data privacy TX Custom Web Applications - HTML, JavaScript, ArcGIS Online. Enterprise Geospatial Database trainings (Roads and Highways) UT A cost benefits comparison of COTS vs Custom development VT Entry level open source tools and applications WI AGO, Collector, Open Source, Cloud service providers WV System Integration 42) Please provide any additional information or comments desired; include any additional topics/questions that you would like to see added or changes you would like to see incorporated into this survey. Please provide any additional information or comments desired; include any additional topics/questions that you would like to see added or changes you would like to see incorporated into this survey. AK With state budgets growing ever-tighter we'd like to see GIS-T investigate technology that would allow remote access to the entire conference. KY A more abbreviated survey. Don't limit to 2 choices in questions. Sometimes more apply. Perhaps rank order instead. ME Are you using UAV/UAS/sUAS/Drones to collect data? Do you contract the work or own/operate your own device(s)? MN That's all for this year. MO Comprehensive! The survey summary will be a great tool. OR Conferences with an intermodal emphasis PR Workshops on the Integration between Transportation and Land Use Planning UT It would be helpful to include a description of services when asking for $ spent, differentiating between consultants and FTEs. It may be useful to separate development from configuration to help capture the influence of COTS tool. Maybe a question about the % of $ spent on COTS and custom development? VT Mark, it would be great to have last year's answers preloaded, providing a point of beginning WA Many of the survey questions require research. Please make the survey questions available as a standalone document so that users can be better prepared to answer the survey questions.


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