Surgery cares about models

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    Dear readers,Imagine you open your novel download application

    on your beautiful, well-designed, high-tech, colorful, multisemiotic, pluripotent, panperi-idiopathic, perpen-dicular, brilliant, auto and hetero-aggressive, fantastic communicator cell phone and start to read the text of the following fundamental follow-up file: the legacy sounds for the sponge in search.

    The logos is the lay back now perception feeling. Beach sand in the city. Water wave full miller. Pleb the web. Bag the rag. Chester the chest. X-ray free bay. Read to seed. Amazon glitters the book shell. Sensing the now through your mood happens as being. In order to achieve a bet-ter imagination, your senses order the perceived impres-sions in the form of models. This is creation. Evolution is a working model and does not contribute to make things easier.

    Yeah, shouts out loud the Xamaican Arawak Indian, Hi barbecues, we are discovered, we are part of the evo-lution. After a short pause the monkey pedigrees out in the central park: What if things are completely different, and we made it to be here without any evolution? We just made it to be here by chance, without an underlying sys-tem of order? Thrown out like the seeds of the farmer? The taste of a world fits into the space of a banana. Think to allow it different.

    Thinking works and operates with signs, this is, as you will, another model. Who the shell (Venus?) deliv-ered signs and codes? Models serve to process the signs into order to serve a better orientation within the being (Fig. 1). Being is perceived individually and translates into the universal form by the means of the models.

    Orthopedic surgeons know and tell: Models are proth-esis, nothing is perfect, except the fact that our per-ception stops after death (these words name the most striking model). We reason in the form of questions and self-conversation. Well taken. Answers form the models. Seems logical. Stopping to ask equals to stop the process of modeling being and leads to isolation and loss of well being. Dig out. This is the essence underlying any dis-ease. Conceptually, within the frame of model thinking, the essentials of being are space and time. Being is per-ceived as space and time within the context of our mood. Mood continuously tunes the sound of our senses. Noth-ing else can be spoken about in terms of words. YouTube gives birth to the sound. Press enter and listen.

    What remains to accept is that we have to reside within the frame of our perception and have to prove our mod-els continuously. This should be the must for academ-ics in Europe and abroad. How far will you have to go to be abroad? Silly question, isnt it? Unbritish? Cyni-cal? Irish? Pot the top. Smoking prohibited in PubMed. Why ask? In our country and elsewhere we are afraid of those, who stop to ask questions, who stop to prosper, who become silent, dark and dead, who are isolated as frightful crowds feeding the greed of the leaders and are operated in remote within their inadmissible power games leading to separation, war, and destruction (Syria, Egypt, Turkey). Within the operator systems those within the desperate crowd find their perfect justification for their individual mindset, characters, personalities and frustrations. This is why they became crowd. This holds also fact for the leaders. This is why she or he became leader. It is not a question of value, it is a matter of fact. Name it as you will. Academic and any politics seem to be a necessary mischief. When you are not afraid of being misused to justify your personal qualities, then step out into the ringing circle of self representation. Play power and politics! If you care, then you step out to find time to reason about the only and most important question for

    Eur Surg (2013) 45:237238DOI 10.1007/s10353-013-0228-6

    Surgery cares about modelsF. M. Riegler

    F. M.Riegler()Manometry Lab & Department of Surgery, Medical University Vienna, Waehringer Guertel 1820, 1090 Vienna, Austriae-mail:

    Published online: 5 October 2013 Springer-Verlag Wien 2013

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    you and for your patients: what means being? Going in line with the legacy of our ancestors, all that you per-ceive collects into existence as representations (dream, reality, world, universe) of the underlying essence shar-ing one single characteristic: being (Fig.2). Based on that physicians should reevaluate their medical catego-ries. What means health and well-being for you and for your patients? How would you define health within the disease system? Whom serves the so-called health sys-tem? The owner or the client? What keeps it alive: health or disease? Maybe the answer to these questions indi-cates what the real essence of politics should be about. Life style moves. Temples order columns and bars, sound and pause, manifest the physical forms of perception: gas, liquid, and solid. The anus takes it all. The heat forms it all. The light directs it all. Since ever, manifestations orchestrate in concert, reveal to us, run the rivers, flood the sea, shadow the shore line, blue the sky, darken the moon, cloud thy thought, mingle the stars, hide the shine and it all develops within your mind. The individual becomes unimportant. The eyeball contains it all. Close your eyes and sound it all. Fold your hands to protect the smiling diamond.

    It takes courage to ask the essential questions. It takes passion to find the answers. It takes wisdom to under-stand that there are more questions than answers. Invest 1015min per day (for example during a morning walk

    exposed to the positive energy of the birth of a new day) to ask the essential: what means being, for you? Maybe this elicits a process of reasoning, which may contribute to improve your life quality, self-esteem, and tune of your mood. Let us start with the basics: define, what affects your well-being, define your well-being, what you need for well-being, wipe out the causes for the impairment of your life quality and productivity. Balance out to be satis-fied and happy. Discontinue to copy habits, values and desires of others (cars, diamonds, diseases), be you, live simply. The autumn leaf reveals the story of all winter, spring, and summer. Anatomy models the landscape for the surgeon. Being is all about YOU. Prosper and enjoy the colors of YOUR season.

    Acknowledgement The author thanks his patients for taking their time to teach him how to decode stories, symptoms and signs to develop a working model describing the essence of dis-ease: health.

    Conflict of interestThe author declares that there is no conflict of interest.

    Fig. 2 Light and shadow contour human being. Based on our experience we create an individual imagination, i.e., model, to complete missing optical information. (Image obtained in Szeged, Hungary, using iPhone technology)

    Fig. 1 Optical biopsy of the synagogue in Szeged, Hungary. The pan-cultural architecture embedded within the green of the trees and the blue of the sky serves as a model for ori-entation within our being. Thus it delivers a tune of security and halt and speaks out what it stands for. (Image obtained in Szeged, Hungary, using iPhone technology)

    Surgery cares about models