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Surface drive presentation from France Helices without video

Text of Surface Drive System Ii (Sds)0112 (No Video)

  • 1. SURFACE DRIVE SYSTEM (SDS) 2012.France Helices

2. About France Helices

  • Founded in 1977
  • Manufacturer of:
    • The original Surface Drive System
    • Propellers
    • Rudders
    • Zinc anodes and accessories
    • Shaft Lines
    • Bearings

01/26/12 3. Naval Engineering

  • Product development
  • Calculation study
  • Pre-project
  • Detailed project
  • Study, approval, solutions
  • Project management
  • Commissioning
  • Project feasibility
  • Commissioning management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Launching, sea trial upon request

01/26/12 4. Manufacturing

  • Having our own foundry with a capacity of 3.5 tons for NI-BR-AL, iron, bronze, manganese, stainless steel, aluminium materials, ensures that we can manufacture within a specific time limit and in doing so, achieve the utmost in quality.
  • Our workshop, equipped with a wide range of the latest technology, allows us to manufacture all kinds of parts conforming to ISO tolerance specifications and to operate under the watchful eye of quality control organizations.
  • France Helices production capacity allows the manufacture of shaft-lines up to 10 meters length, and CNC machine milling up to 4.5 X 2 X 1.6 meters.

01/26/12 5. Surface Drive System Advantages

  • 15 % speed increase over stern drives
  • Tremendous steering capacity at high speed ( U-turn in less than 2 boat length)
  • The ability to use the boat in shallow water
  • The guaranty of performance
  • The reduction of maintenance cost (Especially over water jets)
  • The possibility to carry out general maintenance without requiring specialised engineers.
  • The small amount of spare parts to keep in the inventory
  • A world-wide assistance in 24 hours for spares or technicians.

01/26/12 6. Is a Surface Drive Advantageous for my Vessel?

  • It depends on the following factors:
    • Surface drives operate best at top speeds over 35 knots
    • Use of the vessel (Patrol, Interceptor, Dive, Ferry, Yacht)
    • Hull Type (Planning hull)
    • Engine Power
    • Gear Box type

01/26/12 7. The SDS Package

  • Each SDS surface drive is based on the same assembling principle.
    • The drive is a mechanical package that transmits the engine power to the propeller.
    • The SDS surface drive is composed of 7 main parts.
  • The steering cylinder
  • The trim cylinder unit
  • The body
  • The lower sphere unit
  • The thrust box unit
  • The shaft
  • The propeller

01/26/12 8. SDS Diagram 01/26/12 9. France Helices SDS Sizes 01/26/12 10. SDS Weight Table 01/26/12 11. What makes the SDS different?

  • France Helices has over 100 years of propulsion experience
  • Every SDS is designed to meet an application and vessel target speed (Using our unique, sophisticated software).
  • Every project begins with a resistance calculation. France Helices is the only surface drive manufacturer that does this.
  • France Helices designs and manufactures our own propellers. No sub-contracting.
  • Highest possible quality of manufacture. All alloys are thoroughly tested and all units are computer and visually inspected multiple times before shipping.

01/26/12 12. Screw Selection

  • France Helices manufactures the proper screws for each SDS quoted
  • The screw is designed with the SDS
  • Vessel target speed tolerance is within 1%.
  • All propellers comply with ISO 484 Class S

01/26/12 13. Quality

  • Standard warranty is 12 months from date of vessel commissioning. A special extended 18-month warranty is available at minimal cost.
  • Propeller thrust 100% guaranteed.
  • Vessel speed (within 1%) guaranteed under certain conditions.
  • 24 hour service.

01/26/12 14. Multiple control options 01/26/12 15. Class Approved 01/26/12 16. Comparison vs. Others 01/26/12 17. Locations Around the World 01/26/12 18. Contact Us

  • For a FREE, no-obligation quote, contact us:

01/26/12 France Helices Asia Marine Propulsion Pte., Ltd. 10 Anson Rd., #26-04 International Plaza Singapore 079903 Attn: John Miele +63-917-872-7988 [email_address] View our blog at: