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  • Supplemental Files 2012 ARRL Handbook

    Supplemental files are included on the CD-ROM. They include additional discussion, additional

    projects, full-size PC board etching patterns, program examples and other useful information. Most

    template packages are available as PDF files and you can open them by clicking the file name in the

    table below. All of these packages are available on this CD-ROM in the Supplemental Files directory.

    OpSupp refers to the PDF Operating Supplement.

    Note: Some supplemental files are not in PDF format. Those are not linked below. You may find

    these in the CD-ROM Supplemental Files directory.

    Chapter Description File Name


    Electrical Fundamentals

    Thermistors in Homebrew Projects by Bill Sabin, W0IYH, from Nov/Dec 2000 QEX

    Thermistors in Homebrew Projects.pdf


    Analog Basics

    Large signal behavior of BJT and FET amps, from 2009 Handbook

    Large-Signal Transistor Operation.pdf

    Spreadsheet to calculate and display freq response Frequency Response Spreadsheet.xls

    Cathode ray tube theory, from 2009 Handbook Cathode Ray Tubes.pdf

    LTSpice files for basic transistor circuits LTSpice Simulation Files Chap 3 folder


    Digital Basics

    Project: interfacing to parallel port, from 2009 Handbook

    Interfacing to the Parallel Port.pdf

    BASIC routines for parallel port interface various in Parallel Port Files folder


    RF Techniques

    Introductory Smith Chart discussion, from 2009 Handbook

    Reflections on the Smith Chart.pdf

    LTSpice files for resistors, capacitors, inductors with parasitic components

    LTSpice Simulation Files Chap 5 folder

    Tuned Networks from 2009 Handbook by Bill Sabin, W0IYH

    Tuned Networks.pdf

    6 Computer-Aided Circuit Design

    The Dangers of Simple Usage of Microwave Software by Rohde and Hartnagel

    Dangers of Simple Usage of Microwave Software.pdf

    A general paper on using simulation at RF by Ulrich Rohde, N1UL

    Using Simulation at RF Rohde.pdf

    Mathematical stability issues with RF simulations by Rohde and Lakhe

    Mathematical stability problems in simulation programs.pdf


    Power Supplies

    12-V, 15 A power supply article by Ed Oscarson, WA1TWX, from Oct 1992 QST

    12 V 15 A power supply article.pdf

    Feedback and update for the 12 V 15 A supply, Mar 1993 QST

    Revisiting the 12 V Power Supply.pdf

    12-V, 15 A power supply PCB template 12 V 15 A power supply template.pdf

    13.8 V 5 A power supply PCB template 13.8 V 5 A power supply template.pdf

    28 V High Current Power Supply project from 2009 Handbook

    28 V High Current Power Supply.pdf

    28 V High Current Power Supply PCB template 28 V power supply PCB template.pdf

    Dual Output Power Supply by VE3ERP, from Nov/Dec 2008 QEX

    Dual Output Power Supply.pdf

    Four Output Bench Supply by Larry Cicchinelli, K3PTO, from July 2009 QST

    Four Output Bench Supply article.pdf

    Four Output Bench Supply support files Four Output Bench

  • Micro M+ PV Charge Controller from 2009 Handbook Micro M+ PV Charge Controller.pdf

    The Series Regulator Power Supply by Bill Sabin, W0IYH, from May 1991 QEX

    Series Regulator Power Supply.pdf

    Series Regulator Power Supply PCB template Series Regulator PCB template.pdf


    Oscillators and Synthesizers

    Oscillator Design Example Optimized for Phase Noise and Power by Ulrich Rohde, N1UL

    Optimized Oscillator Design - Rohde.pdf

    Nonlinear Approach to the Calculation of Oscillator Phase Noise by Ulrich Rohde, N1UL

    Oscillator Phase Noise - Rohde.pdf

    LTSPICE files for G3UUR Swissroll section various in SwissRoll Files folder

    A Grounded-base Oscillator for VHF/UHF by Ulrich Rohde, N1UL

    Novel Grounded Base Oscillator Design for VHF/UHF Rohde.pdf

    A general paper on the design of crystal oscillators by Ulrich Rohde, N1UL

    Some Thoughts On Crystal Oscillator Design Rohde.pdf

    10 Mixers, Modulators and Demodulators

    Modern Receiver Mixers for High Dynamic Range by DeMaw and Collins, QST Jan 1981

    Modern Receiver Mixers for High Dynamic Range.pdf

    Performance Capability Of Active Mixers by Ulrich Rohde, N1UL

    Performance Capability Of Active Mixers.pdf


    RF and AF Filters

    High Performance Passive CW Filter project from 2009 Handbook

    Passive CW Filter project.pdf

    12 Receivers Rock Bending Receiver PCB template Rock Bending Receiver template.pdf

    10 GHz preamp PCB template 10 GHz preamp template.pdf

    Binaural Receiver project from 2009 Handbook Binaural I-Q Receiver project.pdf

    Source files for 2 meter converter by Ulrich Rohde, N1UL

    2 meter converter by



    Companion amplifier for T2 transmitter by Rick Campbell, KK7B, part 1, Feb 2009 QST

    Solid State Power Amps - Part 1.pdf

    Companion amplifier for T2 transmitter by Rick Campbell, KK7B, part 2, Mar 2009 QST

    Solid State Power Amps - Part 2.pdf

    14 Transceivers RockMite transceiver project from 2009 Hbk Rockmite Transceiver Project.pdf

    HEX file for Rockmite Rockmite.hex

    Norcal Sierra transceiver project from 2009 Hbk NorCal Sierra Transceiver Project.pdf

    Norcal Sierra PCB template and construction info NorCal Sierra PCB and addl info.pdf

    Norcal Sierra parts sources spreadsheet NorCal Sierra parts sources.pdf

    HBR-2000 article by VE7CA, March 2006 QST HBR-2000 Transceiver.pdf


    DSP & Software Radio Design

    DSP projects from 2009 Handbook

    DSP Projects.pdf

    files that accompany DSP Projects discussion various in DSP Project Files folder

    DSP sample calculations DSP Sample Calculations.pdf

    files that accompany DSP Sample Calculations discussion

    various in DSP Sample Calculation Files folder

    16 Digital Modes Baudot/ITA2 codes ITA2-CODES.pdf

    ASCII character set ASCII-CHAR.pdf

    PSK31 varicode character set Varicode Used by PSK31.pdf

    MFSK16 varicode character set Varicode Used by MFSK16.pdf

    DominoEX varicode character set Varicode Used by DominoEX.pdf

  • 17

    RF Power Amplifiers

    144 MHz Amplifier Using the 3CX1200Z7 by Russ Miller, N7ART, from 2009 Handbook

    144 MHz Amp.pdf

    4CX1600B HF amplifier project by George Daughters, K6GT

    4CX1600B HF Amp.pdf

    Tuned (Resonant) Networks from 2009 Handbook (for use with MATCH.EXE)

    Tuned Networks.pdf

    MATCH.EXE software (for use with Tuned (Resonant) Networks discussion)

    various in MATCH folder (Windows XP and earlier versions)

    250 W solid state amplifier files -- PCB artwork, parts lists, photos

    various in 250 W Solid State Amplifier folder

    3CX1500D7 HF amplifier files -- PCB layout, Pi-L values spreadsheet

    various in 3CX1500D7 Amplifier Project folder


    Transmission Lines

    Ferrite choke measurement by Jim Brown, K9YC

    Measuring Ferrite Chokes.pdf



    K8SYL's 75 and 10-Meter Dipole by Sylvia Hutchinson, K8SYL, from Jul 2002 QST

    K8SYL dipole.pdf

    An All-Copper 2 Meter J-Pole by Michael Hood, KD8JB, Antenna Compendium Vol 4

    Copper J-pole.pdf

    WA5VJB's Cheap Yagi for LEO Satellites Cheap Antennas - LEO Satellites.pdf


    Component Data and References

    BNC crimp-on installation guide

    BNC Crimp-On.pdf

    N crimp-on installation guide N Crimp-On.pdf

    Miniature lamp specifications Miniature Lamp Guide.pdf

    TV deflection tube specifications TV Deflection Tubes.pdf

    Properties of common thermoplastics Thermoplastics.pdf

    Step attenuator construction details Step attenuator.pdf


    Construction Techniques

    Surface Mount Technology Part 1 - April 1999 QST by Sam Ulbing, N4UAU

    SMT by N4UAU - Part 1.pdf

    Surface Mount Technology Part 2 - May 1999 QST by Sam Ulbing, N4UAU

    SMT by N4UAU - Part 2.pdf

    Surface Mount Technology Part 3 - June 1999 QST by Sam Ulbing, N4UAU

    SMT by N4UAU - Part 3.pdf

    Surface Mount Technology Part 4 - July 1999 QST by Sam Ulbing, N4UAU

    SMT by N4UAU - Part 4.pdf

    Deluxe Soldering Station from 2009 Handbook Soldering Station.pdf

    A No-Special-Tools SMD Desoldering Technique by Wayne Yoshida, KH6WZ, Aug 2009

    SMD Desoldering.pdf


    Station Accessories

    Trio of Computer Interfaces PCB template

    Computer Interfaces template.pdf

    Support files for SWR Monitor by Larry Coyle, K1QW Coyle - SWR Monitor

    Tandem Match project from 2009 Handbook Tandem Match.pdf

    Switched attenuator project from 2009 Handbook Switched Attenuator.pdf

    Remote power controller project from 2009 Handbook Remote Power Controller.pdf

    ID-O-Matic code and support files various in ID-O-Matic folder


    Test Equipment & Measurements

    (Gate-Dip Oscillator folder) N1AL GDO PCB artwork

    GDO PCB Artwork.eml

    (Gate-Dip Oscillator folder) QST articles

    A Modern GDO the Gate Dip Oscillator QST May 2003

  • Add-Ons for Greater Dipper Versatility QST Feb 1981.pdf

    The Art of Dipping QST Jan 1974.pdf

    What Can You Do with a Dip Meter QST May 2002.pdf

    What Can You Do with a Dip Meter [Feedback] QST May 2002.pdf

    (Hybrid Combiners folder) QST article

    Build a Return Loss Bridge QST Sep 1997.pdf

    (Logic Probe folder) Supporting photos and graphics for Handbook project

    (RF Power Meter folder) Supporting files for Kaune Handbook project

    (RF Voltmeter folder) QST and Handbook articles

    Compensated RF Voltmeter - Mar/Apr 2001 QEX.pdf

    Compensated RF Voltmeter - 2011 Handbook.pdf

    (RF Sampler folder) RF Sampler Construction details RF Sampler Tech Corr for July 2011.pdf

    (RF Step Attenuator folder) QST article

    RF Step Attenuator Bramwell QST June 1995.pdf

    (Tandem Match folder) QST articles

    An Updated Tandem Match KI6WX QST Jul 1993.pdf

    Tandem Match Corrections KI6WX QST Jan 1988.pdf

    The Tandem Match KI6WX QST Jan 1987.pdf

    (Transistor Tester folder) PCB artwork and layout graphics for Handbook project

    (Two-Tone Oscillator folder) PCB artwork and layout for Handbook project

    ARRL Lab Two-Tone Oscillator.pdf

    Cathode ray tube theory, from 2009 Handbook Cathode Ray Tubes.pdf


    Troubleshooting and Maintenance

    Dip meter sources

    Dip Meter Sources.pdf

    Crystal controlled signal source PCB template Xtal signal source template.pdf

    AF/RF signal injector template Signal injector template.pdf

    27 RF Interference Simple Seeker project from 2009 Hbk Simple Seeker.pdf

    Active Attenuator project from 2009 Hbk Active Attenuator.pdf

    Active Attenuator PCB template Active Attenuator template.pdf

    CEA self-help guide, What To Do if You Have an Electronic Interference Problem

    What To Do if You Have an Electronic Interference Problem CEA.pdf

    Adapting a Three Element Tape Measure Beam for Power Line Noise Hunting project by Jim Hanson, W1TRC, May 2007 QST

    Tape Measure Beam for Power Line Hunting - W1TRC.pdf

    A Home-made Ultrasonic Power Line Arc Detector by W1TRC, April 2006 QST

    A Home-made Ultrasonic Power Line Arc Detector - W1TRC.pdf

    Ultrasonic Arc Detector Update by Jim Hanson, W1TRC (Stray June 2006 QST

    Ultrasonic Arc Detector Update - W1TRC.pdf

    A Simple TRF Receiver for Tracking RFI by Rick Littlefield, K1BQT, March 2001 QST

    A Simple TRF Receiver for Tracking RFI - K1BQT.pdf



    Electric Current Abroad booklet from US Dept of Commerce

    Electric Current Abroad.pdf

    29 Assembling a Station

    A list of vendors and resources for building remote HF stations by Rick Hilding, K6VVA

    Remote Station Resources by K6VVA.pdf

  • OpSupp

    Image Communications

    Educational robot ATV setup details by Mark Spencer, WA8SME

    various in BOE-BOT Project folder (chapter reference change only)

  • The ARRL HandbookIntroduction to the CD-ROM Edition Using this CD-ROMFull-Text Searching

    Front MatterCover ICover IITable of ContentsForewordThe Amateurs CodeSchematic SymbolsGuide to ARRL Member ServicesAbout the ARRL US Amateur Radio Bands

    Chapter 1--What is Amateur (Ham) Radio? Contents1.1 Do-It-Yourself Wireless1.2 Joining the Ham Radio Community1.3 Assembling Your Station1.4 Hello, World! --Getting on the Air1.5 Your Ham Radio "Lifestyle"1.6 Public Service1.7 Ham Radio in the Classroom1.8 Resources1.9 Glossary

    Chapter 2--Electrical FundamentalsContents2.1 Introduction to Electricity2.2 Resistance and Conductance2.3 Basic Circuit Principles2.4 Power and Energy2.5 Circuit Control Components2.6 AC Theory and Waveforms2.7 Capacitance and Capacitors2.8 Inductance and Inductors2.9 Working with Reactance2.10 Impedance2.11 Quality Factor (Q) of Components2.12 Practical Inductors2.13 Resonant Circuits2.14 Transformers2.15 Heat Management2.16 Radio Mathematics2.17 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 3--Analog BasicsContents3.1 Analog Signal Processing3.2 Analog Devices3.3 Practical Semiconductors3.4 Analog Systems3.5 Amplifiers3.6 Operational Amplifiers3.7 Analog-Digital Conversion3.8 Miscellaneous Analog ICs3.9 Analog Glossary3.10 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 4--Digital BasicsContents4.1 Digital vs Analog4.2 Number Systems4.3 Physical Representation of Binary States4.4 Combinational Logic4.5 Sequential Logic4.6 Digital Integrated Circuits4.7 Microcontrollers4.8 Personal Computer Interfacing4.9 Glossary of Digital Electronics Terms4.10 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 5--RF TechniquesContents5.1 Introduction5.2 Lumped-Element versus Distributed Characteristics5.3 Effects of Parasitic Characteristics5.4 Ferrite Materials5.5 Semiconductor Circuits at RF5.6 Impedance Matching Networks5.7 RF Transformers5.8 Noise5.9 Two-Port Networks5.10 RF Design Techniques Glossary5.11 References and Further Reading

    Chapter 6--Computer-Aided Circuit DesignContents6.1 Circuit Simulation Overview6.2 Computer-Aided Design Examples6.3 Limitations of Simulation at RF6.4 CAD for PCD Design6.5 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 7--Power SuppliesContents7.1 The Need for Power Processing7.2 AC-AC Power Conversion7.3 Power Transformers7.4 AC-DC Power Conversion7.5 Voltage Multipliers7.6 Current Multipliers7.7 Rectifier Types7.8 Power Filtering7.9 Power Supply Regulation7.10 "Crowbar" Protective Circuits7.11 DC-DC Switchmode Power Conversion7.12 High-Voltage Techniques7.13 Batteries7.14 Glossary of Power Supply Terms7.15 References and Bibliography7.16 Power Supply Projects

    Chapter 8--Modulation Contents8.1 Introduction8.2 Analog Modulation8.3 Digital Modulation8.4 Image Modulation8.5 Modulation Impairments8.6 Modulation Glossary8.7 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 9--Oscillators and SynthesizersContents9.1 How Oscillators Work 9.2 Phase Nosie9.3 Oscillator Circuits and Construction9.4 Designing an Oscillator9.5 Quarts Crystals in Oscillators9.6 Oscillators at UHF and Above9.7 Frequency Synthesizers9.8 Present and Future Trends in Oscillator Application9.9 Glossary of Oscillator and Synthesizer Terms9.10 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 10--Mixers, Modulators and Demodulators Contents10.1 The Mechanism of Mixers and Mixing10.2 Mixers and Amplitude Modulation10.3 Mixers and Angle Modulation10.4 Putting Mixers, Modulators and Demodulators to Work10.5 A Survey of Common Mixer Types10.6 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 11--RF and AF Filters Contents11.1 Introduction11.2 Filter Basics11.3 Lumped-Element Filters11.4 Filter Design Examples11.5 Active Audio Filters11.6 Quartz Crystal Fitlers11.7 SAW Filters11.8 Transmission Line Filters11.9 Helical Resonators11.10 Use of Filters at VHF and UHF11.11 Filter Projects11.12 Filter Glossary11.13 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 12--Receivers Contents12.1 Introduction12.2 Basics of Heterodyne Receivers12.3 The Superheterodyne Receiver12.4 Superhet Receiver Design Details12.5 Control and Processing Outside the Primary Signal Path12.6 Pulse Noise Reduction12.7 VHF and UHF Receivers12.8 UHF Techniques12.9 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 13--TransmittersContents13.1 Introduction13.2 Early Transmitter Architectures

    13.3 Modulation Types and Methods Applied to Transmitter Design13.4 Modern Baseband Processing13.5 Increasing Transmitter Power13.6 Transmitter Performance and Measurment13.7 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 14--TransceiversContents14.1 The Transceiver Appears14.2 Early SSB Transceiver Architecture Capabilities14.3 Modern Transceiver Architecture and Capabilities14.4 Transceiver Control and Interconnection14.5 Transceiver Projects14.6 References

    Chapter 15--DSP and Software Radio Design Contents15.1 Introduction15.2 Typical DSP Systems Block Diagram15.3 Digital Signals15.4 Digital Filters15.5 Miscellaneous DSP Algorithms15.6 Analytic Signals and Modulation15.7 Software-Defined Radios (SDR)15.8 Notes and Bibliography 15.9 Glossary

    Chapter 16--Digital ModesContents16.1 Digital "Modes"16.2 Unstructured Digital Modes16.3 Fuzzy Modes16.4 Structured Digital Modes16.5 Networking Modes16.6 Glossary16.7 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 17--RF Power AmplifiersContents17.1 High Power, Who Needs It?17.2 Types of Power Amplifiers17.3 Vacuum Tube Basics17.4 Tank Circuits17.5 Transmitting Device Ratings17.6 Sources of Operating Voltages17.7 Tube Amplifier Cooling17.8 Amplifier Stabilization17.9 Design Example: A High Power Vacuum Tube HF Amplifier17.10 Solid-State Amplifiers17.11 A New 250-W Broadband Linear Amplifiers17.12 Tube Amplifier Projects17.13 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 18--RepeatersContents18.1 A Brief History18.2 Repeater Overview18.3 FM Voice Repeaters18.4 D-STAR Repeater Systems18.5 Glossary of FM and Repeater Terminology18.6 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 19--Propagation of Radio SignalsContents19.1 Fundamentals of Radio Waves19.2 Sky-Wave Propagation and the Sun19.3 MUF Predictions19.4 Propagation in the Troposphere19.5 VHF/UHF Mobile Propagation19.6 Propagation for Space Communication19.7 Noise and Propagation19.8 Glossary of Radio Propagation Terms19.9 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 20--Transmission LinesContents20.1 Transmission Line Basics20.2 Choosing a Transmission Line20.3 The Transmission Line as Impedance Transformer20.4 Matching Impedances in the Antenna System20.5 Baluns and Transmission-Line Transformers20.6 Using Transmission Lines in Digital Circuits20.7 Waveguides20.8 Glossary of Transmission Line Terms20.9 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 21--AntennasContents21.1 Antenna Basics21.2 Dipoles and the Half-Wave Antenna21.3 Vertical (Ground-Plane) Antennas21.4 T and Inverted-L Antennas21.5 Slopers and Vertical Dipoles21.6 Yagi Antennas21.7 Quad and Loop Antennas21.8 HF Mobile Antennas21.9 VHF/UHF Mobile Antennas21.10 VHF/UHF Antennas 21.11 VHF/UHF Yagis21.12 Radio Direction Finding Antennas21.13 Glossary21.14 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 22--Component Data and ReferencesContents22.1 Component Data22.2 Resistors22.3 Capacitors22.4 Inductors22.5 Transformers22.6 Semiconductors22.7 Tubes, Wire, Materials, Attenuators, Miscellaneous22.8 Computer Connectors22.9 RF Connectors and Transmission Lines22.10 Reference Tables

    Chapter 23--Construction Techniques Contents23.1 Electronic Shop Safety23.2 Tools and Their Use23.3 Soldering Tools and Techniques23.4 Surface Mount Technology (SMT)23.5 Electronic Circuits23.6 Mechanical Fabrication

    Chapter 24--Station Accessories Contents24.1 A 100-W Compact Z-Match Antenna Tuner24.2 A Microprocessor Controlled SWR Monitor24.3 A 160- and 80-M Matching Network for Your 43-Foot Vertical24.4 Switching the Matching Network for Your 43-Foot Vertical24.5 An External Automatic Antenna Switch for Use With Yaesu or ICOM Radios 24.6 A Low-Cost Remote Antenna Switch24.7 Audible Antenna Bridge24.8 A Trio of Transceiver/Computer Interfaces24.9 A Simple Serial Interface24.10 USB Interfaces for Your Ham Gear24.11 The Universal Keying Adapter24.12 The TiCK-4 -- A Tiny CMOS Keyer 24.13 The ID-O-Matic Station Identifcation Timer24.14 An Audio Intelligibility Enhancer24.15 An Audio Interface Unit for Field Day and Contesting

    Chapter 25--Test Equipment and Measurements Contents25.1 Test and Measurement Basics25.2 DC Measurements25.3 AC Measurements25.4 RF Measurements 25.5 Receiver Measurements 25.6 Transmitter Measurements 25.7 Miscellaneous Measurements25.8 Construction Projects25.9 References and Further Reading25.10 Test and Measurement Glossary

    Chapter 26--Troubleshooting and Maintenance Contents26.1 Test Equipment26.2 Where to Begin26.3 Testing Within a Stage26.4 Typical Symptoms and Faults26.5 Troubleshooting Hints and Maintenance26.6 Components26.7 After the Repairs26.8 Professional Repairs26.9 Repair and Restoration of Vintage Equipment 26.10 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 27--RF InterferenceContents27.1 Managing Radio Frequency Interference27.2 FCC Rules and Regulations27.3 Elements or RFI27.4 Identifying the Type of RFI Source27.5 Locating Sources of RFI27.6 Power-line Noise27.7 Elements of RFI Control27.8 Troubleshooting RFI27.9 Automotive RFI27.10 RFI Projects27.11 RFI Glossary27.12 References and Bibliography

    Chapter 28--SafetyContents28.1 Electrical Safety28.2 Antenna and Tower Safety28.3 RF Safety

    Chapter 29--Assembling a Station Contents29.1 Fixed Stations29.2 Mobile Installations29.3 Portable Installations29.4 Remote Stations29.5 References and Bibliography

    Space CommunicationsContentsAmateur Satellite History Satellite Transponders Satellite Tracking Satellite Ground Station Antennas Satellite Ground Station Equipment Satellite Antenna Projects Satellite References and Bibliography Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) Communication EME Propagation Fundamental Limits Building an EME Station Getting Started with EME EME References Glossary of Space Communications Technology

    Digital Communications ContentsSound Card Modes Packet Radio The Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System (APRS) PACTOR High Speed Multimedia (HSMM) Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) D-STAR APCO-25 HF Digital Voice EchoLink, IRLP and WIRES-II Glossary of Digital Communications Terms Bibliography and References

    Image Communications Contents Fast-Scan Amateur Television Overview Amateur TV Systems ATV Applications Video Sources Glossary of ATV Terms Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) Overview SSTV Basics Analog SSTV Digital SSTV Glossary of SSTV Terms Bibliography and References

    2012 HF Transceiver SurveyAdvertisingIndexAbout the Included CD-ROMCover IIICover IVSupplemental FilesCompanion Software


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