Supplement G— AWS Performance QualificationTest — AWS Certified Welders, welders, AWS QC7-93 Supplement G welder certification, welder AWs Performance Qualification Test

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  • Supplement GAWS PerformanceQualification Test

    AWS QC7-93 Supplement G

  • Keywords AWS Certified Welders, welders, AWS QC7-93 Supplement Gwelder certification, welder A W s Performance Qualification Testqualification

    AWS QC7-93

    Standard for

    AWS Certified Welders

    Developed byAWS Qualification and Certification Committee

    Under the Direction ofAWS Education and Certification Council

    Approved byAWS Board of Directors

    AbstractThis Supplement G to AWS standard QC7-93 describes testing administrated by Accrediled Test Facilities to therequirements of AWS QC 4, Standard for Acreditation of Test Facilities for AWS Certified Welder Program.

    American Welding Society550 N.W. LeJeune Road, P.O. Box 351040, Miami, Florida 33135

  • Statement on Use of AWS Standards

    AH standards (codes, specifications, recommended practices, methods, classifications, and guides) of the AmericanWelding Society are voluntary consensus standards that have been developed in accordance with the rules of theAmerican National Standards Institute. When AWS standards are either incorporated in, or made part of, documentsthat are included in federal or state laws and regulations, or the regulations of other governmental bodies, theirprovisions carry the full legal authority of the statute. In such cases, any changes in those AWS standards must beapproved by the governmental body having statutory jurisdiction before they can become a part of those laws andregulations. In all cases, these standards cany the full legal authority of the contract or other document that invokes theAWS standards. Where this contractual relationship exists, changes in or deviations from requirements of an AWSstandard must be by agreement between the contracting parties.

    International Standard Book Number: 0-87171-411-6

    American Welding Society, 550 N.W. LeJeune Road, P.O. Box 351040, Miami, Florida 33135

    1993 by American Welding Society. All rights reservedPrinted in the United States of America

    Note: The primary purpose of AWS is to serve and benefit its members. To this end, AWS provides a forum for theexchange, consideration, and discussion of ideas and proposals that are relevant to the welding industry and theconsensus of which forms the basis for these standards. By providing such a forum, AWS does not assume any duties towhich a user of lhese standards may be required to adhere. By publishing this standard, the American Welding Societydoes not insure anyone using the information it contains against any liability arising from that use. Publication of astandard by the American Welding Society does not carry with it any right to make, use, or sell any patented items.Users of the information in this standard should make an independent investigation of the validity of that information fortheir particular use and the patent status of any item referred to herein.

    With regard to technical inquiries made concerning AWS standards, oral opinions on AWS standards may be rendered.However, such opinions represent only the personal opinions of the particular individuals giving them. Theseindividuals do not speak on behalf of AWS, nor do these oral opinions constitute official or unofficial opinions orinterpretations of AWS. In addition, oral opinions are informal and should not be used as a substitute for an officialinterpretation.

    This standard is subject to revision at any time by the AWS Qualification and Certification Committee. It must bereviewed every five years and if not revised, it must be either reapproved or withdrawn. Comments (recommendations,additions, or deletions) and any pertinent data that may be of use in improving this standard are requested and should beaddressed to: Director of Qualification and Certification Department, AWS Headquarters. Such comments will receivecareful consideration by the AWS Qualification and Certification Committee and the author of the comments will beinformed of the Committee's response to the comments. Guests are invited to attend all meetings of the AWSQualification and Certification Committee to express their comments verbally. Procedures for appeal of an adversedecision concerning all such comments are provided in the Rules of Operation of the Technical Activities Committee.A copy of these Rules can be obtained from the American Welding Society, 550 N.W. LeJeune Road, P.O. Box 351040,Miami, Florida 33135.

  • Personnel

    AWS Qualification and Certification Committee

    C. E. Pepper, ChairmanJ. F. Harris, 1st Vice Chairman

    L. P. Connor, SecretaryE. M. Beck*W. F. Benke

    E. R. BohnartH. Chapman

    H.F.Clark IIA. L. CollinP. R. Evans

    H. W. GoserW. L. Green*

    J. E. GreerM. L. Houle*

    W. H. KennedyR. E. Long

    S. P. MartinR. D. Messer

    A. L. PetroskiR. R. Picard

    S. L. RaymondT. Schlafly*S. W. Scott

    R. M. SimonsW. F. Urbick

    R. F. WaiteR. K. Wiswesser

    F. G. DeLaurier, Ex-OfficioD. W. Dickinson, Ex Officio

    J. C. Paprilan, Ex-Officio

    Oak Ridge Nat'l LaboratoryCenterior EnergyAmerican Welding SocietyLaw Engineering IncorporatedFord Motor Sterlin PlantMiller Electric Manufacturing CompanyConsultantFluor Daniel, IncorporatedConsulting EngineerB&W Nuclear Service CompanyStupp Bros. Bridge and Iron CompanyRetired, Ohio State UniversityMoraine Valley Community CollegeConsultantCanadian Welding BureauConsultantGeneral Dynamics Land SystemsExxon ChemicalValmet Paper MachineryASEA Brown BoveriNational Training FundAISCWestinghouse Hanford CompanyWashington Public Supply SystemWelding Management ConsultantsConsultantWelder Training and Testing InstituteAmerican Welding SocietyOhio State UniversityOhio State University

    ' Advisor


  • AWS Certification of Welders/Welding Operators Subcommittee (QCE)

    R. K. Wiswesser, ChairmanJ. H. Balch

    H. ChapmanH. F. Clark, II

    A. L. CollinD. H. Delk

    P. R. EvansH. W. GoserR. L. Harris

    R. E. LongR. D. MesserJ. S. PdwlukC. E. Pepper

    A. L. PetroskiL. C. Pratt

    S. L. RaymondM. L. SlatonW. E. Strate

    IV. F. Urbick

    Welder Training and Testing InstituteNational Pipeline Welding SchoolConsultantFluor Daniel IncorporatedConsulting EngineerUnited States Air ForceB&W Nuclear Service CompanyStupp Bros. Bridge and Iron CompanyConsultantConsultantExxon ChemicalWestern Nevada Community CollegeOak Ridge National LaboratoryValmet Paper MachineryIngalls ShipbuildingNational Training FundThe Pritchard CorporationStrate Welding Supply CompanyWelding Management Consultants


  • Foreword

    (This Foreword is not a part of the Supplement G to AWS QC7-93, Standard for AWS Certified Welders, but isincluded only for information.)

    The standard to which this Supplement applies contains the criteria for AWS Certified Welder Program and the AWSNational Registry of Welders. Listing on the AWS National Registry of Welders is at the option of the individualwelder.

    This Supplement G should be used in conjunction with AWS QC7-93, Standard for AWS Certification of Welders.This Supplement is not a standard unto itself and shall be considered only as a supplementary part of AWS QC7-93.

    This Supplement G specifies requirements intended to provide an alternative ioi manufacturers and contractors tocertify welders. Manufacturers or contractors may continue to conduct their own welder qualification programs as theyhave in the past, unless otherwise defined in contract documents.

    Comments and suggestions for the improvement of this standard are welcome. They should be sent to the Secretary,Qualification and Certification Committee, American Welding Society, 550 N.W. LeJeune Road, P.O. Box 351040,Miami, Florida 33135.

    Official interpretations of any of the technical requirements of this standard may be obtained by sending a request, inwriting, to the Director of Qualification and Certification Department, American Welding Society. A formal reply willbe issued after it has been reviewed by the appropriate personnel following established procedures.

  • Table of ContentsPage No.

    Personnel . iiiForeword... v

    Gl. Scope G-lGl.l Program.. G-lG1.2 Exclusion G-lG1.3 Safety Precautions G-l

    G2. Definitions G-l

    G3. Responsibilities Regarding AWS Certified Welders G-lG3.1 Employer's Responsibility G-lG3.2 Employer's Obligation G-2G3.3 AWS Responsibilities G-2G3.4 Test Facility Responsibility G-2

    G4. Provision for Testing G-2G4.1 Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) G-2G4.2 Acceptance Criteria G-2G4.3 Test Facilities G-2

    G5. Qualification Test Requirements G-2G5.1 Test Control G-2G5.2 Test Responsibilities < ; G-2G5.3 Qualification G-2

    G6. Performance Test G-3G6.1 Identification G-3G6.2 Verification G-3G6.3 Safety Equipment G-3G6.4 Material and Equipment Check G-3G6.5 Fit-Up G-3G6.6 Assembly Control G-3G6.7 Positioning G-3G6.8 Examination and Testing Methods and Acceptance Standards G-3

    G7. Retests G-3G7.1 Immediate Retest G-3

    G7.2 Retest After Further Training or Practice G-3

    G8. Documentation of Welder Performance Qualification G-3

    G9. Period of Effectiveness G-3

    G10. Identification/Certification Documents G-4Gil. Maintenance of Certification G-4

    G12. Renewal of Certification G-4

    G13. Revocation G-4


    QC-WF3A Maintenance of Certification


  • Supplement GAWS Performance Qualification Test

    Gl. Scope

    This Supplement to the AWS QC7-93, Standard forAWS Certified Welders, provides a welder certificationmethod not specifically based on a code but which maybe acceptable for various codes. The rules for perform-ance qualification are as defined by the applicable spec-ification referenced in the WPS or as defined by theemployer in the WPS or accompanying documentation(acceptance crite

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