Supernatural Horror Movies. 80's Technology is highly prized, and music is an obsession. While we try

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Text of Supernatural Horror Movies. 80's Technology is highly prized, and music is an obsession. While we...

  • 2.0 A Post-Apocalyptic Role Play and Battle Game Club

    Original Concept and Rules by Dominick Prince ©2017-2019 All Rights Reserved

    All Original Content, SICKND RP System, and Characters are the property of Dominick Prince or their Contributor.

    References to existing properties are not a challenge to trademark or ownership. Any existing mechanics that have been used are believed to be

    public domain and are used in good faith.

    Contributors: Ezra Moss Kelly. Editing

    Ethan Leitnir. Rules Contributions, Editing Maureen McMonagle. Editing, General Rules

    Barry Nixon. General Rules, Flavor Text Arthur “Bain” P. Owens III. Weapons Construction

    Art: Amber Rose Bendrick. Interior Illustrations

    Dominick Prince: Interior Illustrations

    Special Thanks to Ben Henderson. Motivational Support

    Amanda Martin. Financial Support Corin Prince. Emotional Support

  • About the Game In short Post Pandemic is a Post-Apocalyptic Battle Game with the SICKND RP System, a light weight Role Play System. The game Is designed to fill the gap between fast paced battle games and story driven LARPs. This game is about survival. Food is the most important commodity. There are no mutants and no monsters that aren’t to their core human. Humanity and their capacity for faith and cruelty, and the power of human will are at the center of Post Pandemic. The combat is a fast paced struggle to control as much territory or resources as your faction can. Each battle has meaning and the world around you changes based on your actions with no scripted endings. Control of the world is won by fighting for every inch of ground and every scrap of food. Game runners create locations and NPCs but the players are the story.

    Faith becomes a weapon in the hands of those dedicated to their service of a higher calling. Minor miracles can turn the tide of combat but faith has no prejudice and even those calling on dark masters find something to answer their call. I created this game to be changed and adapted by the players. The Rules are a starting point, and can and will be subject to update. When I say this game is for everyone I mean it, this game only works because of the people who play it.

    Aesthetically the game is highly inspired by 80's and 90's Near Future, Modern Post Apocalyptic, and Supernatural Horror Movies. 80's Technology is highly prized, and music is an obsession. While we try to keep a serious tone with horror elements, these call backs to the inspiration for the game are to keep the world from feeling hopeless. There is fun, even in the darkest moments of human history.

    Mechanics-wise, Post Pandemic is highly influenced by FPS Video games, and we use video game logic a lot in an attempt to limit resources. Obviously you can go buy as many nerf guns as you want out of game, and use Full Automatic guns. But Here “You Can't Carry That Much.” and “I Can't Use That Yet” are used to simulate the game world's resource scarcity.

    I feel any introduction would be incomplete without thanking Stephen King and George Miller who are far and beyond the biggest inspirations for this game. I can’t say enough to thank them.

  • 2033: When the first victims of the disease (Cystic Hemorrhagic Fever, also called The Endless Death, and The Culling) fell ill they had no idea they had anything but the flu. C.H.F. presents with chills, body aches, fever, cough, and headaches. It swept across the world leading the CDC and WHO to believe it was a particularly virulent strain of influenza.

    The second stage was more concerning. Patients then began developing a dark and itchy red rash and dark purple cysts. The cysts were filled with dark sludge like blood with a concentrated version of the disease present inside. The cysts could be drained but any contact with the fluid resulted in contracting the disease.

    Stage 3 was a game changer. The infected fever would increase to a level sufficient enough to cause damage to the brain. Mania and dementia is unavoidable at this stage. The cysts at this point become structurally weaker and can erupt at any amount of pressure. It's hard to keep patients in bed at this point. It seems that they have a desire to wander. They are resistant to most tranquilizers and we have no idea what causes this.

    Stage 4 the infected become dangers. The Fever has broken but the mental damage is intact. Patients start to bleed from their mouth, eyes, ears and anus. Their blood is extremely contagious. C.H.F. has a 98% mortality rate at this stage. The 2% survivors are already brain damaged and develop violent dementia like delusions. The infected are dangerous but far from zombie like creatures of movies and books. These people have some idea of who they were. Tool use and speech is not beyond them, though it is often insane ramblings or half remembered memories. Though rare these poor people do exist. The Dead are often more dangerous. Those who succumb to the disease remain virulent well after death. The rotting of the corpse pressurizes the blood in the cysts, making them landmines of infection set off at the lightest touch.

    The Military could do nothing. So many of the soldiers were infected before anyone knew something was wrong. There were no purges. While some weak barricades were attempted the world died quick, whimpering in it's sick bed, or screaming and raving like mad men. The Infected walk the streets of dead cities like custodians of rot, keeping watch over a world they no longer understand.

  • 2045: (Game Year One) Less than 1% of the world’s population remains unaffected. Animals were not immune to C.H.F. Food is scarce and many people have turned to raiding or worse. In the woods, militias have started devolving into tribal communities. Some people have tried building new town far away from the corpse filled cities. Infected have claimed these once great metropolitan areas as their own and what few healthy humans remain hide in forests and mountains in small bands or growing communities. But the threat of infection still is ever present. Who knows when the day will come that the disease will come riding in on the winds to finish what it started.

    2046: Forces from North Eastern Canada moved south along the eastern sea board. At first no one thought they were a threat until 2046 Église de la tempête (Translated: Church of the Storm. Commonly Called The ET in the south) sacked Utica, NY, in which Survivors were making headway in clearing out a section of suburbs. To Call them a War band wouldn't be fair. They are an organized army of Lawless who's “join us or die” mentality makes them a threat to anyone who they come in contact with. They burned the city, and everyone who resisted to ash. Their unimpeded march south lead them to Scranton, PA which met with the same fate, except for a select area that is now functioning as forward command. Lead by a psychopathic Faithful, Boya, and His Right Hand Man Tabarnak, The ET has left a trail of fires, and corpses in their wake.

    The ET has began scouting Harrisburg, PA. However something successfully repelled them from(or Scared Them out of) the City. Infected is the most likely cause, however rumors of something worse, or an equally terrifying War Band has taken up residence. The ET are extremely tight lipped at this point.

    2047: (Current Year): Tensions between the factions are at an all time high. Not only are The ET sending scouts further south, The Outsiders are growing into a considerable force that has shifted power all over the area. Reports have been circulating that The ET is even interested in clearing out Three Mile Island Power Station. Though currently they don't have the numbers, and the power station is infested with infected.

    And this is where you come in...

  • Welcome to the end of the world

    The World of post pandemic

    The world Ended in 2033. The 2030's didn't look much different than they do today in 2019. The same sports were popular, though teams have moved and changed names. Most civilian weapons haven't changed much, glocks and ar15s are still popular choices. Advancement in warfare has mostly been at the military level. The chaos that followed the Endless Death could fill its own book many times over.

    In 2047 The world is in complete ruins. The only people who still live in the cities are the infected, who insanely protect their territory. There is no super tech. The Internet, and cell service hasn't worked for years. People have ruined and heavily repaired gear from 2033 and before. There is a smattering of military gear, but it's not much more advanced than it was in 2019. People stick to the wilderness where the chances of infection are the lowest. Coming in contact with an infected, or their corpses is a death sentence that few are willing to risk in a vain attempt at reclaiming the old world. Not that they even have the numbers to do so.

    Think of worlds represented in The Stand, The Original Mad Max, or The Walking Dead and you're in the ball park. The World hasn't been dead so long people have forgotten what civilization used to be, though for sure there are kids alive who know nothing but this world.

    Food, fuel, and other salvage are the most important resources. People work hard to keep generators going, and their cars running. Electric vehicles are almost non-existent without reliable ways to charge them, though rumors of groups taking over power stations have been circulating.

    Origins of Disease

    No one knows for sure where The Endless Death came from. Many nights have been spent around a fire sharing theories, whispering stories tha