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Supermarket Savvy. More Nutrition for Your $ Arizona Nutrition Network January 30, 2009 Sharon Hoelscher Day, CFCS Area Extension Agent, Family & Consumer Sciences University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. What do families spend??. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Supermarket Savvy More Nutrition for Your $Arizona Nutrition NetworkJanuary 30, 2009

    Sharon Hoelscher Day, CFCSArea Extension Agent, Family & Consumer SciencesUniversity of Arizona Cooperative Extension

  • What do families spend??How much did you spend the last time you went to the grocery store?How much do you spend on all food?Per person per monthFamily for a month

  • Cost of Eating HealthyBillions around the world eat on $1/dayFood Stamp - SNAPArizona average $112.38/month per person$3.73 per day per person$271.88/ Arizona SNAP household/month$9.06 per day per AZ SNAP householdAverage American spends $7/dayParker-Pope, New York Time, Nov. 3, 2008AZ DES, Oct. 2008

  • Cost of Eating HealthyLow-Cost - month1 Adult = $195Family 4 = $666.30Thrifty Plan - month1 Adult = $ 154.90Family 4 = $525.80$17.53/dayLiberal - month1 Adult = $307.20Family 4 = $1016.90Moderate - month1 Adult = $239.80Family 4 = $821.20

    USDA Official Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home Nov. 2008

  • Eating Healthy in the MediaDollar a Day - couple in CA Stamp ChallengeMichigan Governor tried $5.87/dayOregon governor ate on $3/dayParker-Pope, New York Time, Nov. 3, 2008

  • Cost of Eating HealthyLow income or high school or less educationMore likely to consider food price importantConsidered fresh fruits & vegetables too expensiveConsumed less energyConsumed less milk and non-starchy vegetablesDrank more sweetened fruit drinksMore likely to add fat to vegetables & fried meatMore likely overweight plus health problemsBowman, Qualitative & Quantitative Assessment of Community Based Nutrition Programs, June 2006

  • Price of a Calorie

    $1.76 for 1000 Kcalories energy dense junk foods Cost Increased 1.8 percent in 2 years$18.16 for 1000 Kcalories low energy, high nutrition foodsCost Increased 19.5 percent in 2 years

    Drewnowski, Univ. of Washington, 2007Journal of Amer. Dietetic Assoc.

  • Eating Healthy in the MediaEating localEat more plants to save the world!Slow foodOrganicsVegetarians, Vegans & pescetarians

  • Barriers to Good NutritionMoney and . . . ???Break into groups of 3 and brainstorm for 5 minutesWhat are other barriers to good nutrition for the SNAP families you work with?How can we overcome those barriers?

  • Barriers & SolutionsLack of storageLimited cooking skillsLimited cooking equipment & utensilsPoor refrigerationLimited transportationTime squeeze with jobsVary by communityOthers . . .

  • Usual Suspects . . . Cook from scratchUse coupons wiselyPurchase fruits & veggies in seasonPlan meals with nutrition in mind!!! Cost 2 week recipes - pdf file

  • Supermarket SavvyShop the perimeterLimit items from the middle of the storeBuy more single ingredient foodsStore brandsQuality & nutrition similar to national brandsLimit processed foodsAnything in a box

  • Store Brand vs. NationalFrys Foods, January 2009

    PeanutButterPricePrice per oz.Sodium mg - 2 TKCalories2 T Fat gramsKroger2.99/ 18 oz16.6 cents15019016Jiff2.79/ 18 oz15.4 cents15019016LauraScudder3.69/ 16 oz23 cents12021016KrogerNatural2.89/ 16 oz18.1 cents12019016

  • Store Brand vs. NationalFrys Foods, January 2009

    Chunky Beef StewPricePrice per servingSodium mg Fat grams

    Campbell3.39 / 2 servings$1.689007Store Brand1.50 / 2 servings75 cents7408Progresso1.77 / 2 servings88.5 cents4802Homemade$3 - 4.506 servings50 - 75 cents2002

  • Shops the specialsPlan meals around sale specials Especially expensive itemsMeat and milkStock up on canned produceChoose low cost proteinRice, beansEat more plants, less meat

  • Freezing Meat on SaleIts safe to freeze meat or poultry directly in its supermarket wrapping but this type of wrap is permeable to air.Unless the food will be used in a month or two, over wrap these packages for long-term storage using airtight heavy-duty foil, (freezer) plastic wrap or freezer paper, or place the package inside a (freezer) plastic bag.

    USDA Food Safety & Inspection

  • Freezing Meat on SaleAt 0 degrees F, frozen foods remain safe indefinitely, but quality decreases.Frozen raw ground meat maintains optimum quality for 3 to 4 months.Larger pieces of meat like steaks or chops maintain optimum quality for 4 to 12 months.The safest way to thaw meat is in the refrigerator on a plate on the bottom shelf so it doesnt drip on other foods.USDA Food Safety & Inspection

  • Cost of ProteinHow much is needed for 20 grams?3 eggs3 oz chicken or ground beef2 cups milk3.5 oz cheddar cheese2 cups cooked rice1 cup soybeans3 oz tuna4.5 Tablespoons peanut butter1.5 cups beans10 slices of bread

    What is Protein?, G. LauritzenUtah State U. Cooperative Extension

  • Cost of ProteinFrys Foods, January 2009

    MarketUnitPrice per UnitCost 20 gm ProteinEggs, Lgdoz2.1052.5 centsPeanut Butter18 oz.2.7943 cents1 % milkgal2.5031 centsChicken breastlb1.7735.4 centsCheddarCheeselb3.5076.5 cents

  • Cost of ProteinFrys Foods, January 2009

    MarketUnitPrice per UnitCost 20 gm ProteinBeans -canned15 oz can44 cents44 centsTuna6 oz.79 - 1.7739.5 - 88.5 centsLean Gr. beeflb2.9960 centsPork choplb2.5062 centsRound roastlb2.9960 cents

  • Store Brand vs. NationalFrys Foods, January 2009

    TomatoSauceSizePriceSodium mg

    Store Brand8 oz15 cents280Store Brand8 oz25 cents290Hunts8 oz50 cents370Del Monte8 oz69 cents240

  • Store Brand vs. National

    PuddingPricePrice per oz.sugar gramsKCalories CA mgKrogerInstant1.29/ 4 servings32 cents + milk 7.8 cents18150 Less if Skim milk150KrogerInstant1.19/ 6 servings20 Cents + milk 7.8 cents18150Less if Skim milk150Hunt mini-pack.88/ 4 servings22 cents16130100Jell-O1.28/ 4 servings32 cents + milk 7.8 cents18150 - Less if Skim milk160

  • Healthy Foods Under $1OatmealEggs - half dozenKalePotatoes sweet or whiteApplesBananasParker-Pope, New York Time, Dec. 29, 2008

    BeansButternut squash in seasonBroccoliWhole grain pastaMilkRice

  • Healthy Foods Under $1Canned PumpkinBeetsCarrotsSpinach & dark greensTunaUA WorkLife Connection 2008Parker-Pope, New York Time, Dec. 29, 2008

    TeaSweet potatoesYogurtCanned tunaTofuFrozen berriesMORE

  • Save on SnacksBuying one less bag of chips weeklySave $2.50 - $3.80 per week$130 - $198 in a yearMake your own popcornLow cost, high fiber, whole grain

  • Save on ProduceBalance conventional vs. organicFruit & vegetables in seasonLook for low sodium cannedFrozen fruits and vegetables have similar nutrition to fresh and can be much less expensive

  • Fresh vs. Frozen

    Frys Foods, January 2009

    Straw-berriesPrice$/ServingKCaloriesFresh$1.50 / lb37.5 cents23Frozen$3 / lb75 cents40Frozen$8.493 lbs70 cents40

  • Fresh vs. Frozen vs. Frozen

    Frys Foods, January 2009

    PeachesPrice$/ServingCaloriesFresh$1.99 / lb66 cents36CannedStore Brand$1.19 / 3.5 servings34 cents50CannedLt Syrup$1.49 / 3.5 servings42.6 cents30Frozen$3 1 lb33 cents50

  • Fresh vs. Frozen vs. Canned

    Frys Foods, January 2009

    Baby carrotsPrice$/ServingSodiummgFresh$1 / lb25 cents0Frozen.97 - 16 oz1.88 - 16 oz24 cents47 cents00Canned.77 -15 oz1.17 - 15 oz19 cents29 cents350 - 420

  • Fresh vs. Frozen vs. Canned

    Frys Foods, January 2009

    BroccoliPrice$/ServingSodium mgFresh$1.25 / lb25 cents0FrozenStore$2 = 11 servings97 cents - 16 oz18 cents24 cents00FrozenPictsweet$1.50 - 16 oz47 cents0Frozen Steam pkg$4.493 servings$1.50390Frozen w/sauce$1.88 2 servings50 cents390

  • Fresh vs. Frozen vs. Canned

    Frys Foods, January 2009

    Green BeansPrice$/ServingMg sodiumFresh2.2950 cents0Frozen$2 - 11 servings1.50 - 5 serving18 cents

    30 cents0

    0Canned.771.1719 cents29 cents400390

  • Think your Drink!!Purchase high nutrition drinksMilk100% juiceBuy a reusable water bottle and fill with tap water instead of buying bottled water SAVE $4-6 / week$298 - $312 / year

  • Barriers into solutionsTurn less healthy foods into healthier onesRamen noodles - 15 cents for 2 servingsBUT 880 mg sodium and 190 calories/servingUse half the seasoning packetAdd canned or frozen vegetablesAdd left over chicken or canned tuna for entreComplete meal

  • Keep a grocery listSaves gas money on extra supermarket tripsReduces impulse purchasesEasy access in kitchenStay flexible for salesDivide into groups of 3Pick 2 stores and select food a day under $10

  • Savings ExamplesSave gas for extra trip driving 6 miles to store$1 - $2Save on impulse purchase$1.50 bottle of soda$2.80 1 lb. crackers$4.79 for twelve 1.25 oz Cheeze Its Mini packs

  • Reduce food wasteMoney is tossed when food is tossed!$1 - $10 per week of the trash!$52 - $520 per yearBuy only what you need!

  • Reduce food waste

    Reuse it in menus more often serve more salads; add to sandwiches, tacos or enchiladas; make wrap sandwichesEating your lettuce before it gets tired and needs to be tossed!

  • Savings ExamplesToo many mashed potatoes? Reduce the amount madeRecycle in a day or two as potato patties, shepherds pie, potato soupBananas too ripe?Recycle in banana bread or smoothies

  • Dont Shop HungryExtra costs of hunger $1.40 candy bar to tide you over until you get done$1.50 bottle of sodaIf ONLY once per week, totals$150 in year

  • Pack lunches and snacksIt can be as simple as a peanut butter sandwich and piece of whole fruit

    Or, leftovers from last nightSave $5 1$5/week

  • Choose convenience foods wise