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SUPER EGO Lookbook autumn winter 2013

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SUPER EGO by FBInc is street wear for me

Text of SUPER EGO Lookbook autumn winter 2013

  • L O O K B O O KA W 1 3

  • 3The SuperEgo makes up a large part of your subconscious. It is the part of you that makes you conform to particular rules, that

    makes you "behave". It judges you, criticizes you, and makes you feel bad when you do something "wrong". It is what makes you

    feel guilty and ashamed. It is your "inner critic" or "inner judge"... But what about your INNER STYLE????

    HistoryWhat defines you?? Only you can answer that question! But one thing we do know, is that you know your own style!! Your

    "inner style" tells you what to wear, and only to wear what makes you feel good and look good. Your personal apparel is the first

    impression of you. That is why you always want to appear your very best! This is why we strive to design and develop our

    collection to perfection. We know your personal apparel is important to you!! So wear it proudly!!!

    Philosophy/conceptSuperEgo is a vintage denim brand for the "everyday" guys who wants to look at their very best. The collection is inspired of the

    very best "street fashion" of europe. This is why we always carry high-end fashion collections, so that you always can be sure, you

    are wearing high-end fashion items. SuperEgo is clothes you can feel good in, relax in and have the right attitude in!!

    CollectionThe SuperEgo denim collection is a huge range of 5-pocket jeans, twisted jeans and detailed jeans. We put our souls into making

    the very best fits, washes and detailes on your denim, so they get the right look, and so you can wear your SuperEgo denim

    proudly. We use hand-picked garments on all our tops, which givet our garments and collection a very fine and casual authentic

    look. The easy-going look combined with all the details and hand picked garments makes the SuperEgo collection very unique

    and easy to wear!!



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    .. your personal apparelis the first impression

    of you!

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    ... Super Ego is clothes with the right attitude

    so wear it proudly!

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  • Fashion Brands Inc. l l [email protected] l +45 97 92 24 55