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1 SUNWARD CHRISTIAN ACADEMY PROSPECTUS 2 Sunward Christian Academy Mission Sunward Christian Academy was established to conduct and maintain a Christian Independent School for Biblical based education, maintaining the highest possible academic standard. Vision To be a school that will grow in stature and favour with God and the community and to develop every child in our care to his or her full potential and calling for Christ. 3 Introduction After the Lord gave Pastor Jan van der Westhuizen the vision to start a Christian School in this area, Sunward Christian Academy was established in 2000. Pastor van der Westhuizen is the Principal and founder. We opened the school in faith and thank God for the 14 years that we could serve our community in Boksburg as a non-profitable organisation. As a Christian school we train the whole child according to Proverbs 22:6. Our aim is to build a Godly character into each of our learners. Christian Education is the salt of the earth. We pray for our learners and equip them daily to be the light of the world, that God called us to be. Sunward Christian Academy is a non-profit organisation. We are registered as an Article 18 organisation. This means that all donations to the school are tax deductible. Should you like to have more information on this, dont hesitate to contact our Administrator. We trust that the Lord will provide bigger and better premises within the next year, with sport grounds, etc. Sunward Christian Academy is an e-school. The Grade 4 12 learners work on tablets as well as hard copies on certain subjects. The junior learners also work on school tablets to get familiar with this technology and have fun. Importance of school diary: Parents must read and sign daily. All special events and dates are indicated in the diary as well as all school holidays and exam tables. Changes will be notified in writing. Reminder: All Grade 4 12 learners must complete a Study Method Course at R500. This may be paid off over 5 months. Every year your child will receive a refresher course free of charge. 4 SUNWARD CHRISTIAN ACADEMY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS - 2015 TERM 1 Start (Educators) Monday 12 January 2015 Start (Learners) Wednesday 14 January 2015 Close on Friday 27 February 2015 TERM 2 Start on Monday 9 March 2015 Close on Friday 17 April 2015 Easter Weekend Close Thursday 2 April 2015 Start on Tuesday 7 April 2015 Human Rights Day Saturday 21 March 2015 TERM 3 Start on Tuesday 5 May 2015 Close on Friday 7 August 2015 Midterm Break Close on Friday 26 June 2015 Midterm Break Start on Monday 6 July 2015 Workers Day Friday 1 May 2015 School closed Monday 15 June 2015 Youth Day Tuesday 16 June 2015 TERM 4 Start on Tuesday 8 September 2015 Collect reports before 10:00 Thursday 3 December 2015 Teachers finish on Wednesday 9 December 2015 Close on Wednesday 23 September 2015 Start on Monday 28 September 2015 Midterm Break Close on Thursday 22 October 2015 Midterm Break Start on Tuesday 27 October 2015 Important: Please ensure that all holidays are booked only in school holidays. 5 General Information SCHOOL HOURS The school commences at 07:45 for all learners. Grade R 13:30 Grade 1 & 2 13:45 Grade 3 14:15 Grade 4 12 14:30 On Fridays all learners finish at 13:00. Please note that when the year end exams commence, ALL learners will be released at 12:00 every day for transport reasons. You will be notified in writing when the exam starts. The school expects from parents to make appropriate arrangements for their childs transport or aftercare. See diary for details. Contact details: Telephone number: (011) 896-1276 / 082 824 1652 Fax: (011) 913-2507 Website: E-mail address: Banking details: Sunward Christian Academy ABSA Bank Account number: 4049422295 Branch code: 630342 http://www.sunwardchristian/ CARE OF TABLETS Our school is an e-school that works on tablets for most of our subjects. Extreme care should therefore be taken with the tablets. It has come to our attention that many of the students are careless with their tablets and use them for purposes other than their school work. We would like to request that you take the time to explain to your child/ren that these tablets are expensive. They are for school use only and should be treated with high care as the school can not be held responsible for tablets that are blocked, broken and abused. These tablets are designed specifically for school use and any other applications/ games etc loaded on the tablets will affect the tablets performance and slow it down. No games and downloads are allowed on school tablets. We can not take responsibility for slow tablets if the tablet has other applications loaded on it besides what is necessary for school work. The children need to be responsible with their tablets and treat them with great care, not to damage the exterior as you will be held responsible for the fees to repair or replace the tablet as the students cant go without their tablets. We have received the following pointers from our suppliers with regards to the handling of the tablets to ensure longer use: - Charge tablets at home only. - DONT use your tablets when on charge - Use your tablet only when FULLY charged - DONT tamper with the USB charger port - DONT create any passwords or patterns (the tablets cant be repaired with lost passwords) - DONT delete anything if you are not sure what it is - Download an anti virus application for your tablet - Should your child need a charger, we will provide it at R120 each. Kenton will visit the school once a week to pick up and drop off tablets for repair. **Learners and parents must ensure that there is a back-up plan for when tablets are out of order as the school does not take responsibility. The learner can arrange for copies or a back-up tablet must be bought. Sunward Christian Academy will take NO responsibility and all queries must be directed to Youngtech. You can phone Dean on (011) 892 5432. They are situated in Leeuwpoort Street opposite the Spar. We thank you for your co-operation in this matter. Name of learner: _________________ Grade: ______ Parents signature: ______________ 7 ACADEMIC CURRICULUM Sunward Christian Academy is a member of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) as well as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) PRE-PRIMARY GRADE RR Learners that are 4 or 5 years old are welcome to apply for this grade. Allow your child to learn through playing. This program is designed to enhance our little ones skills before they are ready for Grade R. GRADE R (the year the child turns 6) Activities are structured to develop the whole child in an informal way. Children develop creativity and fine motor co-ordination through creative activities. Music and drama are regular activities. Language is enhanced through theme discussions, story-telling, rhyme and song. Outdoor play strengthens gross motor, balance and ball skills. In Grade R preparation for the more formal teaching of Grade 1 takes place. Readiness for handwriting includes pattern making, cutting, drawing and colouring. A concrete approach to mathematics is introduced. Incidental reading and phonemic awareness are some of the many school readiness skills presented. A school readiness test will be administered before admission to Grade 1 - CAPS applied. FOUNDATION PHASE GRADES 1, 2 & 3 From a firm foundation in Grade R, our pupils move easily into a more formal and structured academic programme. Emphasis is placed on the teaching of literacy and mathematics. However, there is an emphasis on Life Skills as in physical education, music, art, computer skills, environmental appreciation and technology lessons. Second language communication is introduced in Grade 1. Learners transferred from other pre-primary schools will be assessed. The CAPS curriculum was introduced in 2012. Grade R Graduation 8 INTERMEDIATE PHASE GRADES 4 6 Intermediate phase introduces a subject teaching approach. A variety of subjects are taught such as English (first language), Afrikaans (first additional language), Mathematics, Bible, Life Skills, Social Science and Natural Science/Technology. The CAPS curriculum for this phase was introduced in 2013. SENIOR PHASE GRADES 7 9 The Academy adopts a subject teaching approach preparing the pupils for the Senior Certificate Examination set by the IEB. The Academy offers English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, EMS, Life Orientation, Technology, Arts & Culture, Natural Science and Social Science. Accounting is introduced with EMS in Grade 8. Grade 9 learners must realise that they have to qualify with at least 65% for Mathematics to be able to take pure Mathematics and Science in Grade 10. Pure mathematics is also a requirement for Accounting - CAPS Curriculum introduced in 2013. FURTHER EDUCATION AND TRAINING GRADES 10 12 The Academy offers the following subjects: English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Life Orientation, Business Studies, Bible Education, Economics OR Tourism, Physical Science OR History and Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy. The NSC final examination of the Independent Examination Board (IEB) is written after the completion of Grade 12 CAPS Curriculum introduced 2013. The IEB has made a decision that should you take pure Mathematics, it is compulsory to take write Mathematical Literacy as an eighth subject. This is to the learners advantage as Mathematical Literacy normally generates more points for university. 9 EXTRA-MURAL CURRICULUM SPORT Sunward Christian Academy uses the services of professional coaches that undertakes all our sports activities. Leagues are organised against other Christian schools, e.g. netball, soccer, cricket and as well as cross country. Please note that sports classes are compulsory to all learners unless we have doctors letter on file. No colourful civies are allowed on sports days, but only the school sport uniform. Learners from Sunward Christian Academy playing soccer against another Christian school. Junior Cricket League 10 KARATE Karate classes are presented on Thursdays. CULTURAL Chess Hip-Hop dancing Guitar lessons Outreach Correctional Services, Old Age Homes and Childrens Homes Open Doors Underground Youth Bible distribution SPECIAL EVENTS / INFORMATION Information Evenings Career Day Educational Excursions Spring Day Valentines Day Prestige Evenings (awards evenings) Guitar lessons Tourism Trip to Portuguese Islands 2013 (MSC Opera) 11 Annual Prestige Evening Gr R Graduate 2014 Prestige Evening Venue 12 Parents evenings and meetings (compulsory to attend) Fun days * Refer to school diary for dates Anti-Bullying Presentation Grade RR and R Concert & Graduation Evening 13 This school strives to walk the extra mile to support our learners in the areas needed. We offer the following: Tina Cowley Reading School for English and Afrikaans reading and spelling. Neuro-therapy Brain profiles Study skills (compulsory for all Grade 4 12 learners) Administered in January SmartMaths has franchises on the school premises, as well as in other areas of the East Rand. Please contact the school for further information. AFTERCARE The school offers an aftercare facility that operates during school terms only, from 14:30 17:30 (strictly). The centre will be closed on public holidays. Late pick-ups will be charged an additional fee of R30 for every 15 minutes after 17:30, payable on the day on collection of the child. A light lunch is supplied and homework is done. Contact Mrs Jo Muller at 071 839 2551. A representative from Wits University who exhibited at our Annual Career Day. 14 MERITS AND DEMERITS Sunward Christian Academy has a merit/demerit system. Pupils behaviour will be monitored. Good behaviour will be rewarded and unacceptable behaviour will be followed up. A disciplinary committee will manage this system which will be explained in detail to parents. DISCIPLINARY ACTION Sunward Christian Academy has a Code of Conduct in place for disciplinary measures. Parents and learners will be expected to sign it on the day of registration. The code of conduct will be revised once a year and parents and learners will be expected to sign it on the day of re-registration. CO-OPERATION OF PARENTS It is not possible to run any school successfully without the co-operation of parents. Their input and support is vital and welcomed. Our Code of Conduct is based on the considerable experience of a number of quality schools together with the professional experience of long serving, dedicated teachers. The school management expects all parents to: Attend as many Parents' Days and Meetings as possible. This will keep you up to date and enable you to participate in certain Academy matters and decisions. Offer to volunteer for certain activities, however humble. Your assistance will alleviate the load on teachers and involve you more directly. Do not hesitate to contact the Principal for an appointment should you wish to discuss anything in the Code of Conduct or other matters concerning the Academy. Do not contact staff members at home on Academy matters. They are entitled to privacy. Make appointments with teachers at a time convenient to them either before lessons begin or immediately after the final period. Teachers may not receive visitors during class. If unable to keep an appointment, attempt to notify the teacher in good time. Inform the Academy immediately of any change of address, telephone number, personal details or contacts, however temporary. The Academy may need to contact you urgently! Inform the Academy of any trauma or emotional disturbance in your child's life. Knowing a problem exists often helps to understand out-of-character behaviour. Qualified staff members may be able to help. If at any time you feel your child has been victimized or treated unjustly, contact the Principal immediately, to get all the facts. Do not vent your anger in public. This gives a wrong impression which is both damaging to the Academy and the Parent Body. Try not to criticise or undermine a teacher in front of any student. This will result in a negative attitude and non-productivity. It is the student who suffers most, not the teacher. The matter, however trivial it may seem, must be brought to the Principal's attention, investigated and dealt with in a dignified manner. Check and sign homework diaries. If too little homework is given or your child says often that there is no homework - check with the teacher. Be conscientious about providing letters when your child is ill and a doctor's certificate after an absence of more than three days. Remember that a letter is also required if a test or examination is missed. Such dates are often written in homework diaries or printed out by the Academy. Personal coaching of your child while taking part in sporting activities is not done. If your child has the natural skills for any specific sport activity, the school suggests that you speak to a recognised sports club in Boksburg. Our goal is to encourage happy, enjoyable participation by pupils, involvement by parents and healthy competition. Winning is not the primary goal. 15 CLASSROOM COURTESIES AND PROCEDURES Neglect of homework is a most serious offence. Work left at home will be considered not done. Zero marks will be awarded for work not handed in on time without excuse. Work missed while absent must be caught up as soon as possible. If homework cannot be completed because of personal circumstances, a note from a parent is expected, addressed to the Administrator Mrs. Loureth van der Westhuizen. Learners will line up quietly outside a classroom (where relevant) before a lesson and be invited by the teacher to enter. In the High School, blazers may be removed with the teachers permission. Learners will wait for the teachers greeting before being seated. If a teacher or visitor enters a classroom or approaches the pupil seated outside, the learner will stand and greet the teacher or visitor. Learners are expected to make an active, positive contribution to lessons. Questions will be asked after a hand is raised and acknowledged by the teacher. Learners will move about the classroom on a teachers instruction or after the learners request is granted. Eating or drinking in class is not permitted. At the end of a lesson, learners will wait quietly for homework to be given (where relevant), remain seated and will be dismissed by the teacher. Learners will move quickly and with a due sense of decorum (dignity and quietness) between classes. 16 Code of Conduct Teachers Pledge I promise: To be professional and committed in my approach and attitude by: Welcoming each child to my classroom Teaching with enthusiasm and dedication Preparing meaningful "material" Setting and maintaining high scholastic standards Being punctual in attendance and in my tasks Always keeping parents informed of their child's welfare and progress To be loyal to the school in all aspects Parents Pledge I promise: To be a partner and supporter in my child's educational development by: Setting a worthy example Disciplining, teaching and developing life skills and Biblical values Ensuring total adherence to school rules and values Encouraging self respect and an enthusiastic attitude Ensuring my child's respect of his/her peers, school and community To be loyal to the school in all aspects Pledge of the Pupil I Promise: To use every opportunity to learn and to give those around me the same opportunity by: Obeying all school rules and taking care of the facilities provided Taking total responsibility for my actions both good and bad Being loyal to my school, teachers and fellow pupils Showing respect to those around me in the way I speak and behave Being hard working and positive towards my schoolwork and homework Not taking, damaging, or destroying anything belonging to someone else Attending school regularly and punctually Being an active, enthusiastic member of the school Striving for excellence academically, culturally and in sport To be loyal to the school in all aspects 17 GENERAL APPEARANCE OF LEARNERS We want the school, which includes the Governing body, the staff members, the parents and the learners to identify themselves in a positive way with the school. For this reason it is important that learners commit themselves to the following codes regarding their general appearance. The school expects a learner to wear his/her full uniform as prescribed at all times Learners are always to be dressed in complete school uniform when travelling to and from the school and when attending assemblies or special school functions Boys o Hairstyles should be neat, clean, off the collar, ears and face. Hairstyles should be conservative and hair may not be coloured or gelled. o No jewellery of any kind may be worn Girls o Hairstyles must be conservative, neat, clean and off the face. Hair may not be coloured and long hair must be neat and either in a ponytail or in a plait o Jewellery Only signet rings and one sleeper (gold or silver) in each ear o Cosmetics Only deodorant is acceptable. o Nails should be clean and short Personal hygiene is to be of a high standard, wear a clean shirt every day School blazers for High School learners are compulsory and should be worn under all circumstances If a learner receives honours he/she needs a blazer to attach the scrolls The school does not take responsibility for lost cell phones, therefore the school recommend that learners do not bring cell phones with them to the school This school should always be proud of the way that our learners present themselves and behave in a way that a Christian should 18 Behaviour of learners The following codes for behaviour are laid down by the school to inform learners how to behave in the school, to equip learners with the knowledge and the skills which are required from responsible citizens and to develop a culture of discipline amongst learners. This code is not aimed on punishment, but on positive discipline and to enhance constructive education. Learners must treat all staff members and their fellow learners with great respect No back chatting to educators or prefects will be allowed If a learner is not satisfied with the treatment he/she receives, he/she should make an appointment to see the educator or the prefect in private to discuss the matter No fighting, swearing or bullying will be allowed Forming or belonging to gangs will not be allowed The possession of dangerous objects such as knives, guns etc. is not allowed The possession or use of alcohol, drugs or smoking is not allowed Disrupting a class or instigating other learners negatively is not allowed Homework is part of learners daily responsibility and must be done regularly Absentees without a valid reason and a letter from the parent is not allowed Learners should behave in the same manner outside the school as in the school DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURES This process is necessary to protect the interest of learners, other parties concerned and the property of the school. The school will do their best to ensure that disciplinary steps be in accordance with the infringement and be consistent. Therefore the following measures will be taken: A. For minor infringements: o Verbal or written warnings o Detention during breaks o Suspension of privileges o Informing parents to assist in disciplinary action B. For major infringements such as: Behaviour that put the safety of other people in danger o No warning o Suspension for one week or dismissal Behaviour that violate the rights of other people o One warning o Suspension for one week o Dismissal 19 The possession of dangerous weapons o No warning o Suspension for one week or dismissal The possession of narcotics, alcohol or drugs o No warning o Dismissal The possession of cigarettes o One warning o Suspension for one week o Dismissal Fighting, assaulting, bullying, racism and victimizing o One warning o Suspension for one week or dismissal Vandalizing school property or property of teachers and other learners o No warning o Suspension for one week or dismissal Stealing or the possession of stolen goods o No warning o Suspension for one week or dismissal Continuously breaking school rules o One warning o Suspension for one week o Dismissal Any kind of disrespect towards any staff member o One warning o Suspension for one week o Dismissal Sexual harassment of any kind, etc. o No warning o Dismissal Absenteeism without a valid reason and without a letter from parent o One warning o Suspension for one week o Dismissal C. Accidental damage of school property: Parents will be held responsible to replace objects broken by their children. o Parents will be billed for the replacement or repair of such object 20 PPAARREENNTTSS CCOOMMMMIITTMMEENNTT TTOO BBEE RREETTUURRNNEEDD TTOO SSCCHHOOOOLL I realise that Parents Evenings are compulsory and undertake to attend to show interest in my child. We will attend school functions regularly (only a valuable written apology will be accepted). Phone calls from the school will be answered promptly. The school will be notified immediately when our address or phone numbers change. Our childs homework will be checked and my childs diary will be signed every day. We undertake to pay our childs school fees regularly and understand that the school reserve the right to educate him/her further. We will continuously take notice of our childs progress and will communicate with the school if necessary ( this includes news letters) We will have a healthy relationship with the school and undertake that we will under all circumstances protect our school from any negative remarks. We undertake to settle our account when our child leaves the school. We commit ourselves to the above commitments and acknowledge that we have received a copy of this document. __________________ Parents Signature Date: _____________ 21


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