Sunday Morning in Pancakeland

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Pancakeland is a special land where pancakes are eaten morning, noon and night. Every Sunday morning, the King and the Princess of Pancakeland make special pancakes with the secret ingredient. That is, until the secret ingredient runs out. How and where will they get more? Will they ever make the special pancakes for their friends again? “Sunday Morning in Pancakeland” was the first installment in an annual project to showcase the creativity of young children and support literacy efforts around the world. Part of the proceeds of each book were donated to First Book, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide disadvantaged children the opportunity to read and own new books.

Text of Sunday Morning in Pancakeland

  • Sunday Morning in Pancakeland

    By Jaime & James Carlton Brought to life by The PARAGRAPH Project

  • Sunday Morning in Pancakeland

    By Jaime & James Carlton

    Brought to life by The PARAGRAPH Project

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    All rights reserved.

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  • This book began in the mind of a five-year-old and was brought to life with the help of her father and The PARAGRAPH Project. As a company that rejects the notion that only specialized degrees and years of industry experience lead to brilliant ideas, The PARAGRAPH Project was honored to help turn a little girls imagination into a fun storybook that can be shared with people throughout the world. This book is a testament to the creative spirit that lives within all of us. We hope you enjoy it.






    Sea of Earl Grey

    Coffee Ocean

    Bay of Syrup


    Orange Sea




    OF C



  • Once upon a time, in a world where people ate breakfast morning, noon and night, there was a special kingdom called Pancakeland.

    Every home in Pancakeland made pancakes of all sorts. Some were made with fruit, some with spices and some with nuts ... but only one house made them with a secret ingredient.

  • That home was the home of the Pancake Princess and her daddy, the King of Pancakeland.

    They made pancakes every morning. But on Sunday mornings, it was extra special, because then they would invite all their friends over for a special breakfast. A special breakfast of special pan-cakes made with the secret ingredient an ingredient so secret that no one else in the whole kingdom knew what it was.

  • Castle MenuToday:

    Special Pancakes

  • One Sunday morning, the King and Princess went to the kitchen to gather ingredients for their special pancakes.

    When they came to the cupboard where they stored the secret ingredient, a worried look came over their faces. The secret ingre-dient was all gone!

    Oh no, cried the Princess. What are we going to do?

    Fear not, my Princess, replied the King. We shall simply go get some more.

    Get some more? asked the concerned Princess. After all, she thought the secret ingredient was a gift the King received a long, long time ago. It was a secret because no one knew where it came from or how to get more. This was true, but with one exception.

    You see, being the King meant you knew all about your kingdom, including its secrets.

  • The King asked the Princess to prepare herself for an important journey.

    They stopped what they were doing in the kitchen and got ready for a quick trip with my sweet little pip, as the King called it. Off they went by horse and carriage toward the rugged mountains. Soon enough, they reached their destination, at the base of one of the highest mountains. This particular mountain had a peculiar wall of flowers growing on it.

    Here we are, said the King.

    All I see are flowers, said the Princess, staring at the beautiful blossoms.

    The Princess watched as the King walked right toward the thickest part of the flowers and stepped right through them and disappeared.

  • Daddy! Where did you go? exclaimed the Princess.

    Im right here, said the King. Walk where I walked and youll see me.

    Cautiously, the princess stepped where her daddy had. Sure enough, as she stepped into the flowers, the King reached over to take her hand and guide her into a secret cave.

    Wow! A secret cave! exclaimed the Princess with a wide grin.

    This is where we get our secret ingredient, explained the King. But before we get it, we have to ask permission from...

  • ME! growled a giant bear. Who dares entermy secret cave?

    The Princess was frightened and hid behind the King. The King didnt miss a beat and extended his hand to the huge bear.

  • ME!

  • Good day to you Mr. Bear. It is I, the King of Pancakeland, accompanied by the Princess. We ask permission to enter your secret cave.

    Well, Mr. Bear enjoyed good manners and reached out an enor-mous paw to shake the Kings hand ... and the little Princess hand as well.

    Sorry for the growl and surprise. I thought some rude people had entered my cave and I was not about to let that happen, said Mr. Bear. A look of peace came over Mr. Bear. You are more than welcome to enter my secret cave, King and Princess. As well you know how things are done, so business with you shall indeed be fun.

    The King told the Princess how to ask for what they had come for and upon doing so, the Princess turned to Mr. Bear and said, Hello Mr. Bear. I am the Princess of Pancakeland. How do you do?

  • Mr. Bears grin broadened, as he loved good manners. I am very well, thank you. And you, my lady?

    I am well also, thank you, replied the Princess with delight.

    How may I help you today? asked Mr. Bear.

    May we have some of the secret ingredient, please? asked the Princess.

    Of course, you may have as much as you like, said Mr. Bear.

    And so Mr. Bear led the King and the Princess farther into the cave. The three of them stopped when they came to a huge river of molasses that had been flowing through the cave for centuries. Mr. Bear helped the King and the Princess to fill jug after jug with the sweet, sweet molasses.

  • Then they loaded their carriage with as many jugs of molasses as it could carry.

    Once finished, the King asked How much do I owe you, Mr. Bear?

    Mr. Bear replied with a song.

    Whatever you ask,Ill give it for free.

    If with good manners and a smileYou ask it of me.

    Its the secret, you see,for getting the ingredientthat makes pancakes so sweet.

  • They bid each other farewell, and the King and the Princess began their journey home.

    Mr. Bear had given them enough of the secret ingredient to last a long, long time. After putting it away, they were finally able to make the most special pancakes just in time to share with all their friends.

  • The End.

  • Sunday Morning in Pancakeland is the firstinstallment in an annual project to showcase the

    creativity of young children and supportliteracy efforts around the world.

    Part of the proceeds of each book will be donated to First Book,a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide

    disadvantaged children the opportunity to read and own new books. and The PARAGRAPH Project developed theAspiring Authors program to give children an outlet for their imaginations. Every child has a story. With the help of a parent

    or teacher, every child can author and publish professionalquality books at to be shared with the world.

    To learn more about the program and how to getinvolved, visit

    2006 The PARAGRAPH Project. All Rights Reserved.