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    SENIOR PASTORDr. Bishop Richard G. Clark


    Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!

    The next day John saw Jesuscoming toward him, and said,

    Behold! The Lamb of God whotakes away the sin of the world!

    John 1:29


    Bishop Richard G. Clark

    Sunday MorningWorship, Fellowship,And The Word Experience

    Ebenezer Church Memphis: 1807 John Paul Drive, MemphisOfc:901-744-0788 Website:

    Worship Location:1807 John Paul DriveI-240 and Lamar LoopMemphis, TN 38114

    At 10:00 AM

    Come be a part ofSomething GREAT!!

    Join Us For A Live Worship

  • Sunday Morning

    Ebenezer Church Memphis: 1807 John Paul Drive, MemphisOfc:901-744-0788 Website:




    at Ebenezer Baptist Church

    InvocationWelcome Guest

    Vision StatementSong of Praise

    Seed Time & HarvestSong of Praise



    Order of Service

    Join Us For A Live Worship


    Worship in the Word 7am TuesdaysSunday School-Equip-U 9am Sundays

    Live Worship Opportunities

    You are Invited With Love

    It always seems impossible, until its done.-NELSON MANDELA

  • Ebenezer Church Memphis: 1807 John Paul Drive, MemphisOfc:901-744-0788 Website:

    1. I will make every effort from this point forward to attend church on time and on a regular basis. I will not just attendchurch on Sundays. I will make every effort to attend and participate in bible study, Intercessory prayer and Equip U aswell as any other events that the church may have.

    2. I will faithfully participate and support my church financially (tithes and offerings), spiritually, socially and physically.I will accept that it is spiritual disobedience to attend another church service on Sunday mornings other than my ownchurch.

    3. I will be faithful to my personal ministry to God and to the church, even others around me are not.

    4. I will commit now to never letting my giving be an after thought, I will plan, prepare and purpose in my heart that Iam going to do my very best for my GOD and The KINGDOM at all times.

    5. I will respect my pastor and support the vision that God has given him, even when I may not understand. I will notcomplain to my pastor or to others about the ministry until I am accountable myself.

    6. I will take pride and honor my church home at all times. I will place my church and my church familys agenda aboveany other church. I will not serve or help somewhere else when I wont serve or help at home first.

    7. I will not bring competition to my church by scheduling personal events on the same date and time as my church does.

    8. I will never listen, spread, or repeat any form of gossip about my church, my church family, or my pastor whether Iknow it to be true or not. For I have come to realize that gossip never helps anyone in the end.

    Our Church Creed

  • For the Word Have I Hid In MineHeart That I Might Not Sin Against You

    MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Ebenezer Baptist Church isto bring the lost to Christ, teach them to be faithful, and equip themto be fruitful. To lift up and magnify the name of Jesus Christ by beingspirit-filled, morally good, academically pre-pared, socially involved,and doctrinally sound.

    VISION STATEMENT: We exist as a church to glorify God by makingdisciples of all people; disciples who manifest their maturity byexalting God in worship, by edifying and equipping believers forservice, and by evangelizing non-believers.


  • Litany

    Leader: I am an heir of Jesus Christ he died that I might live, and rose that I might have the abundant life. I refuse to go back, get discouraged, beg, borrow or steal when my Father is rich in houses and land.

    Church: Read my lips, I woke up with an attitude, I wont be stopped, doors can close, phones might not ring, but the truth is I am walking into my wealthy place. I dont need a ride, or to be dropped off; because the ground I stand on is Holy ground

    Leader: My God is ready to promote me above all that stand in my way. My way is up, My future is bright, My finances are overflowing, My symptoms are cured, and my living is not in vain.

    Church: I wont accept hand me downs, yes thats right Im too good for that. For I am a blood bought child of the King. I am refuting and refusing leftovers when I can eat from the Kings table.

    Leader: I reject being second fiddle to anyone anymore, or any longer when my bible tells me that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

    Church: Yes, Im through with low living and routine thinking. I am the head and not the tail. Now go tell that. Im aggressive and motivated by my past, I will not repeat it because Ive already out lived it.

    Leader: Today is my day, the weeping is over, and my joy starts now. With or without you I am headed straight past yesterday and in to my tomorrow. If you cant handle that, thats your fault and your problem.

    Church: I been held back, held down, and held up long enough. My destiny is calling, and Im going to answer. I aint mad at you and dont you be mad at me, Because I have had enough and taken all I am going to take, The buck stops here.

    Leader: And speaking of bucks pay me what you owe me, and give me whats mine, and I will be about my Father s b business. The day is not over, so dont count me out, because the next time you see me ; Ill be the one walking in my future.

    All: So you see it is about me now, and you know what thats the way I like it. So ready or not here I come; because you guessed it right Im blessed like that.

  • Tithes and Offerings

    1. Find where you are on the chart (your weekly income AND giving)2. Move one back to left to grow 1% in 2014

    For the Love of Money is the root of all evil (1 Tim 6:10)